She hurried getting at Ian's place and took her bag with the food and her clothes and rushed getting upstairs. She missed him the whole دن and she recognized that she's acting like a little stalker. She rang the door گھنٹی, بیل and saw Ian opening the door. But he was just wearing his pants and his hair was still wet. He looked irresistible. She sighed. And stood on her tip toes stroking his noes with hers. She could feel the little butterflies in her stomach going crazy. Ian put his arm around her waist and placed his hands on her seat. She giggled when his lips started their way at her left ear and made it to her lips. He gave her a very passionate kiss with their tongues dancing together and his arms getting her tighter. After some time she felt like there was no single place of her body that he hadn't douched since the last 5 minutes.
“Hi” he finally کہا when they broke apart. “What took آپ so long?”
“Surprise.. hihi” she answered. “Going to invite me inside?”
“Sure! Come in. Food is almost ready but I forgot to get some dessert. So tonight it's just Pasta. I'm sorry Honey!”
“Don't worry! I'll take care of it! Be happy about your surprise!”
Ian walked into his room putting a شرٹ, قمیض on while Nina set the table. She recognized the red roses on the table. Her cheeks flushed. “Seems that I'm not the only one with romantic thoughts about tonight!”
She turned to his stereo equipment and searched for music. She opened it and found “Epic Love songs” she laughed. Everybody would think she is kidding if she would tell him about this side of Ian. She closed it again, pressed play and turned the volume down. When she turned back around the lights went off and she saw Ian placing burning candles on the table. She walked over to him.
“Want to شامل میں me Miss Dobrev?”
“With pleasure Mister Smoulderholder”
She sat down on the chair right over him and gave him a smile when he filled her plate with پاستا and her glass with red wine. “Thank you” she said.
While the ate they talked and laughed a lot. At the end of their رات کے کھانے, شام کا کھانا the finished a bit مزید than one bottle of red wine so especially Nina was a bit tipsy.
When he finished cleaning everything up she was sitting on the سوفی, لٹانا watching him the whole time.
“So Mademoiselle Dobrev what's with dessert? آپ کہا آپ would take care of it!”
“And I did while I was in “the bathroom” she giggled.
“What does that mean?”
“It means that we have to go there and enjoy your surprise!”
Ian smiled and he took Nina's hand walking into the bathroom but he stopped when he opened the door because he wanted to turn on the light but Nina didn't want him to because she put her hand on his hand. Then he saw the bath tub filled with hot steaming water and like thousand of leaves of roses and چائے warmers swimming on the water. He smelled rose and then he saw two glasses and a bottle of champagne and a bowl with strawberries and a little fondue filled with chocolate.
“Nina.. this is! I can't believe it! I..”
“Shh.. I just want to end this wonderful evening with آپ because today was so exhausting. And آپ really deserve this!”She smiled at him “so آپ need to get off of your clothes immediately because I'm feeling like I could in there!”
He did as asked and climbed into the bath tub and she followed sitting اگلے to him while filling the glasses with champagne. She turned around and toasted his glass while she کہا “to our love and that we were able to survive these attacks today.. I love you” “I love آپ too”
Both of them finished their drinks and she rested her head on his chest. He was playing with one hand with her hair while the other one goes around her body. She sighed because she was enjoying this so much. The whole دن was so exhausting, lying to everyone about their relationship and not touching him while pretending that she doesn't love him the way she does.
Suddenly he stopped caressing her body because he took one strawberry, dunked it into the melted chocolate and put it in his mouth. “Mmh..delicious!”
“Hey” she turned around “what about me?” He smiled and took another one putting between her lips. She wanted to close her mouth but he interrupted her with his کیڑے, کیڑا and his tongue following the strawberry.
“Mhmm that was interesting. I've never had a سٹرابیری, اسٹرابیری tasted like that” she کہا with a smile on her face.
“haha.. Wait I want to try something”
“What? You're not ruining the moment, aren't you?”
“No no, I'm no. Just close your eyes and enjoy it..”
She did as asked and he dunked his fingers in the chocolate and stroke with over her shoulders and behind her ears.
“Smoulder what are you..?”
“Shh.. Just enjoy it!” And then he licked and kissed the chocolate away from her skin. It must have been an incredible feeling because he felt her cuddling against him مزید and her hands moving to his legs and her fingers clawing into his skin. Then he heard her groaning a little.
“Open your eyes again” he whispered into her ear with his heavy and loud breath.
She turned around and started kissing him. Then she took a bit of the chocolate and put it on his chest and started licking it from his chest. “I can play this game as well Honey!”
He couldn't help himself. This was getting really hot and with her body rubbing against his, he stopped thinking. He put his hands on her back and let them going down until they're resting on her seat.
“I'm not sure if I'm doing this right.. What do آپ think? What if..” she smiled very perky and put some chocolate around her mouth..
He put his hands in her hair and caressed it. She smiled at him and slid up to his face and started kissing his mouth. He could taste the hot chocolate on her lips.
When they were lying in بستر just before falling asleep she snuggled on him with her head resting on his shoulder. He was playing with her hair and stroking her cheek. She was nearly sleeping but she had to tell him one مزید thing.
“We need to tell it everyone. یا at least we need to go somewhere where we don't have to pretend like we don't care. I need to go somewhere where I can snuggle up on آپ somewhere except of your یا my place! I want to دکھائیں our love.”
“I know. I understand you. But what if we're going step سے طرف کی step? Being مزید and مزید together in public so that we're preparing everyone for our relationship because آپ know that if we're going to make it public we can't go back and there won't be a quiet سیکنڈ in public anymore.”
“Yeah I know.. But your idea sounds good. Let's do it..”
“Ok, sleep tight Honey!” Ian put a kiss on her forehead and it didn't take much time until both of them fall asleep.
He smiled while he thought about that night. It was one of their best nights together.
“Hey Baby what took آپ so long?” Nina gave him a kiss on his cheek. They were at the Coachella Festival and they did it all like Ian suggested. They started their “preparing-mission” with مزید holding-hands and مزید giving-kisses on each others cheek.
“Dreaming about آپ Honey” he whispered into her ear. They sat down in front of some friends. Nina was wearing one of Ian's hats and sunglasses which were way to big but Ian thought she was still beautiful – مزید than beautiful. She took a sip of her drink put it down besides and then laid her head down at his left shoulder. He put his left arm around her and started caressing her body. Now it the moment “Kings of Leon” were playing and Ian was smiling. Nina loves that band but he still thinks there not so good. But he has to admit they're ok. Nina was مزید and مزید climbing on his body so he closed his eyes. Gave her a kiss on her forehead and then he started falling in a light sleep. This was just the way he wanted to spend his holidays.