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Ok so here's chapter one. I hope آپ all like it! All rights belong to (c) Susan Hill.


Three months ago, his grandmother died, and then they had moved to this house.
'I will not live there again, until it belongs to me,' his father had said. Though the old man lay upstairs, after a سیکنڈ stroke, and lingered, giving no trouble.
The boy was taken up to see him.
'You must not be afraid,' his father said, nervously, 'he is a very old man, now, very ill.'
'I am never afraid.' And that was no مزید than the truth, though his father would not have believed...
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Hey! Here's chapter 2! Enjoy!


'Some people are coming today,' کہا Joseph Hooper, 'now آپ will have a companion.'
For he had been much impressed سے طرف کی the graceful letters of Mrs Helena Kingshaw, سے طرف کی their honesty and lightness of tone, and سے طرف کی her voice over the telephone, later. She was widowed, she was thirty seven, and she was to become what he had termed and informal housekeeper. There would be Mrs Boland for the cleaning and some cooking.
'Perhaps آپ might agree to come for the summer, just at first,' he had written, 'to see how آپ and your boy...
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