'The Angry Monkey Show's starting!!' yelled Gir who took off his dog suit and sat down in front of the TV. Appearing on the screen, was the Angry Monkey.
'I LIKE MONKEYS!' he yelled at the screen. Gir looked up to see his leader, Zim, staring down at him.
'Gir... I... am... trying... TO CONCENTRATE! I'm thinking of ways to get rid of that Dib-Human!' hissed Zim. 'Also, keep it down! The whole world doesn't need to know what you're watching!'
'...What?' asked Gir.
'Ugh, sometimes I wish I knew what was going on in Gir's mind!' Zim grunted.
'I do too!' Gir shouted.

*Inside Gir's Mind*

'Hey! I thought there was a گلابی rubber ball in here too...' thought the lone paper-clip.
'Oh yeah, he escaped... I guess I'm alone,' paper-clip said.
'Hey, I'm here!' yelled the گلابی rubber ball.
'Oh good, I'm not alone anymore! Wanna watch the Angry Monkey through this robot's eye's?' asked the paper-clip.
'No,' answered the گلابی rubber ball.
'Oh... fine then,' the paper-clip said.


'Ugh, actually I don't!' shuddered Zim.
'Aww, the Angry Monkey دکھائیں is over... I wished he exploded!' screamed Gir.
'Yeah... I really don't' Zim said, heading to the toilet.
'I wanna see the Angry Monkey again!!' Gir yelled as he was crying.
'I TOLD آپ GIR, STOP SCREAMING!' yelled Zim.
'Hey, آپ screamed too! I'm going to get a TACOOO!' yelled Gir.
'Again... I don't want to know what's going on in his mind,' Zim thought.