iPhone Air Hotmail (Windows Live میل ای Manager)

cathy009 posted on Aug 12, 2010 at 08:12AM

Still check mails by opening the browser? It’s out!

Still use those damn slow apps to download mails? Now say “goodbye” to them!

Air Hotmail is an application which allows you to manage Hotmail, MSN, Live mails and enables you to receive and send mail anytime, anywhere!

Air Hotmail has a fast speed to get mail, and the MOST IMPORTANT thing is , it supports push, reminding you the arriving of new messages. This function is not available in other apps. It’s unique!

Functions include:
Account: add, open and manage multi-accounts. Set signature and sync time as you want.
Mail: Compose, receive, send, reply, forward, delete, move and check mails.
Send: Cc, Bcc, send photos from your iPhone photo album, reply to all, message to multiple recipients are available.
Contact: Sync with MSN contacts, iPhone contacts and so on.
Labels: Unread, Read, Forward, Reply.

Multi-Accounts: You can manage multi-accounts at the same time. You can open or close account separately.

Receive e-mail: You can receive e-mails.

Compose mails: You can enter email address directly or select address from contact lists or MSN contacts list.

Contact: You can pick up MSN contacts list and buddy information.

Group Email: You can send email to MSN group.

Multi- recipients: Message to multiple recipients is available.

Labels: Unread, Read, Forward, Reply.

Delete: a single-click delete spam easily.

Add attachments: You can add photo files

PUSH: Buy Interface of PUSH function and Password Protection.

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