Season one:
The nine characters who appear as series regulars in the first season all work in the fictional Seattle Grace Hospital. Five of the characters are interns: Meredith Grey portrayed سے طرف کی Ellen Pompeo, who is in a romantic relationship with her attending Derek Shepherd, and is the daughter of the renowned surgeon Ellis Grey, who now suffers from Alzheimer's; Cristina Yang portrayed سے طرف کی Sandra Oh, an extremely competitive intern who befriends Meredith and begins a sexual relationship with Preston Burke; Izzie Stevens portrayed سے طرف کی Katherine Heigl, an ex model who struggles to be recognized as a doctor; Alex Karev portrayed سے طرف کی Justin Chambers, an arrogant intern who initially irritates his colleagues, and George O'Malley portrayed سے طرف کی T.R. Knight, a unsecure intern with a lack of confidence, who develops a crush on Meredith. The interns are mentored سے طرف کی their resident Miranda Bailey portrayed سے طرف کی Chandra Wilson, a disciplined woman who is nicknamed "The Nazi". The surgical program is lead سے طرف کی the Chief of Surgery Dr. Richard Weber portrayed سے طرف کی James Pickens Jr.. In his employ are Preston Burke and Derek Shepherd portrayed سے طرف کی Isaiah Washington and Patrick Dempsey respectively. Guest stars include Meredith's mother Ellis, portrayed سے طرف کی Kate Burton, and nurse Olivia Harper, portrayed سے طرف کی Sarah Utterback, who serves as a love interest for George and Alex.

A hard day's night(Pilot):
Meridith Grey(you need to know her the whole دکھائیں is about her) is a first-year surgical resident/intern at Seattle Grace Hospital. There, she is introduced to what will become her "home away from home" for the اگلے seven years, along with fellow interns Cristina Yang, George O'Malley, Isobel "Izzie" Stevens and Alex Karev. The first three and Meredith are assigned to a senior resident doctor Dr. Miranda Bailey, nicknamed "The Nazi" because of her blunt attitude and strict way of handling hospital procedures. Two attending doctors, Dr. Derek Shepherd (a handsome, flirtatious man) and Dr. Preston Burke (who is ready to make the interns cry), oversee most of the surgical procedures and have the interns follow in their ways. The chief surgeon is Dr. Richard Webber.

The night before Meredith's first دن on the job, she sleeps with Derek (not knowing where he worked) after meeting him in a bar. The اگلے morning, Meredith asks him to leave, only to see him hours later at Seattle Grace as the Attending Neurosurgeon. Meredith is very uncomfortable about the situation because she does not want personal matters to get in the way of her career.

Preston asks George to be the first intern to perform a surgical procedure. He does well, but when a small mistake causes the patient to bleed profusely, George freezes and Preston takes over. This in turn labels him as 007 سے طرف کی the other interns, with Meredith noting to a clueless Izzie that George is figuratively licensed to kill. In another case, George makes the mistake of promising the wife of a man who is going to have open-heart surgery that he will be okay. However, the condition was worse than what was expected and the man died. Meredith has to deal with a young girl, Katie, who is having seizures, but the reason is unknown. After Derek asks the interns to research potential explanations, Cristina and Meredith find the answer in the form of an aneurysm. As a reward, Derek asks Meredith to stand in and watch the Katie's operation. Cristina is furious because she feels that Derek is playing پسندیدہ towards Meredith.

Later, Meredith tries to convince Derek that he should give the spot to Christina. Derek disagrees and tells Meredith that them sleeping together should not get in the way of her getting opportunities in the OR. After the surgery and the end of their first shift, Meredith and Christina reconcile.

After her first 48 hours (the typical first shift for first-year residents) at the hospital, Meredith tells her mother, Dr. Ellis Grey, about what went on. However, Ellis does not understand what Meredith is saying because she has Alzheimer's disease.

The First Cut is The Deepest:
Two interns place their careers into jeopardy when they each do something they know they shouldn't. When Meredith visits the maternity ward, she notices that a newborn is discolored and looks unhealthy overall. Meredith enters the nursery without any permission from a Pediatric Attending یا Resident. After looking at the baby's chart, she feels that the baby may have a مزید serious condition then what the pediatric intern may think. She mentions this to Preston, who eventually performs surgery on the baby. Preston scolds her for stepping outside of her territory. Izzie has to help a Chinese woman who came into the hospital with a few minor cuts. However, the Chinese lady doesn't speak English, so Izzie has a difficult time communicating with her. Frustrated, Izzie turns to Christina for help but Cristina tells her that all the Chinese she knows is the menu from Mr. Chow's and besides, she is Korean. The lady motions for Izzie to come outside with her, where she meets the child of the lady who has a much مزید serious condition. Since the child does not have a green card, she is afraid that she will go to jail. Izzie then steals a suture kit and some medicine from the supply room. She returns back to the Chinese lady and her child to treat her forehead laceration. Izzie tells them to come back and secretly page her in a week to the same spot so that she can check the wound. The Chinese lady thanks her and tells her to go back inside so that she wouldn't get in trouble.

Alex is reassigned to Miranda, who has him shadow Cristina for the shift. Alex and Cristina have to deliver weekend lab results to patients, which later turns into a competition for who can finish delivering them the fastest with all the family hugging and thanking obstacles. George is assigned to the code team and most of his patients die, which puts him into a depressed state. Christina mentions to him later in the locker room that majority of code patients are very near death even before they can get there.

A rape victim is admitted to Seattle Grace and, upon surgery, the doctors discover that she bit off her attacker's penis. Since Meredith identified the penis, she has custody to watch over it until the police come to take it into evidence. The attacker eventually comes to the hospital and is detained سے طرف کی the police after he recovers from his surgery.

After talking with Dr. Webber, Preston realizes that both he and Derek were promised the job of chief surgeon upon Dr. Webber's retirement. Dr. Webber says that Preston had the job in the bag, but various things, such as performing only to par of what is expected of him, having a cocky attitude and a god complex, have changed his mind

This is also where Meridith Puts up a flyer which reads, "Roommates wanted. Two nice rooms with shared bath available immediately, close to Seattle Grace. Near coffee shop, public transportation, shopping, and convenient to almost everything. Non-smokers only please, no pets & absolutely no بش supporters need apply. All applicants will need to have credit check completed. First & last month's rent plus a deposit is required to اقدام in."(Super important it leads to two great friendships well three)

Winning The Battle Losing The War:

When the annual bicycle messenger race takes place in Seattle, the hospital emergency room fills with an assortment of injuries, causing the interns to compete for the most severe cases. Meanwhile, Derek and Burke compete for the Chief of Surgery position, and while Derek continues to pursue Meredith romantically, a male patient flirts with George

No Mans Land:
Cristina's encounter with a former nurse, now a patient at Seattle Grace, changes her forever; Derek and Meredith treat a construction worker who has miraculously survived an injury but is now faced with tough decisions about his future; and a patient recognizes Izzie from a lingerie ad, which makes her the subject of hospital gossip

Shake Your Groove Thing:
An exhausted Meredith thinks she may have made a mistake during surgery, which could jeopardize her career. Izzie's plan to throw a party for her boyfriend goes completely awry when she can't stop inviting people, and ends up unable to attend anyway. Alex deals with a patient who is addicted to painkillers, and very stubborn about getting them. George's patient's complaints stem not from continued smoking but from a mistake made in surgery five years پہلے at Seattle Grace. Meredith and Derek have sex in a car, and are caught سے طرف کی Dr. Bailey. Cristina and Burke also have sex in the on-call room

If Tomorow Never Comes:
Alex gains the trust of Annie, a nervous patient with a 70 pound tumor, only to lose it all when he offends her later when she overhears him saying things about her tumor. Derek chooses Meredith to assist with an elderly Parkinson's patient who could have surgery to cure his disease, but Bailey disapproves of their relationship and is determined to make Meredith suffer, saying it's just "For the sake of balance". Tensions escalate between Burke and Shepherd.

The Self Destruct Button:
Derek and Meredith try (unsuccessfully) to be discreet as they spend the night together at Meredith's house, but their haggard appearance speaks volumes to everyone—including Bailey, who warns Meredith to end the relationship. George suspects an anesthesiologist of drinking on the job but is reluctant to speak up about it, Alex treats a former schoolmate who finds honor in self-mutilation, Izzie has to deal with a patient who won't let his girlfriend go, literally, and Cristina seems to be battling a case of the flu which reveals its true nature with a couple of positive pregnancy tests.

Save Me:
Meredith grows increasingly dissatisfied with the unknown details of Derek's life. Meanwhile, Alex treats Devo, a patient (of Jewish descent) whose religious beliefs jeopardize her chances for recovery; Izzie contemplates reconnecting with her estranged mother; Zoey, a pregnant woman in her 40s who's been diagnosed with cancer, disagrees with Cristina's medical advice; and the interns are mystified سے طرف کی Cable, a patient who's being treated for seizures and who thinks he's psychic

Who's Zoomin Who?:
An outbreak of the sexually transmitted disease, Syphilis affects several members of the hospital staff, including George, quickly resulting in the nickname, "Syph Boy." As the rumours grow and مزید staff are affected Chief Webber is forced to call a meeting which includes a محفوظ sex demonstration.

All staff who have engaged in unprotected sex with another member of staff are urged to be tested. As a long line of staff waiting to be tested forms on the floor, both Preston and Cristina and Derek and Meredith discuss the exclusivity of each of their relationships and whether یا not they need to be tested.

Meanwhile, the chief secretly battles problems with his sight while performing surgery. Later he reluctantly confides in Derek who says he will organise further testing and keep it quiet. When it is later revealed that the chief will need surgery, Meredith and Derek find a surgical team to operate on the chief in secret.

Izzie and Cristina treat a heavy drinker with liver disease and excess fluid in his abdomen. While the two are performing surgery to drain the excess fluid, the patient dies of cardiac arrest on the table. Izzie and Cristina feel responsible, even when Bailey tells them it was not their fault and discuss doing an autopsy with his wife and daughter who cannot agree. Thinking that the wife wanted an autopsy but was reluctant to fight with her daughter and wanting to clear their names, Cristina and Izzie decide to perform an unauthorised autopsy.

This is discovered سے طرف کی Bailey who has to inform his wife and daughter. When the family hear that an unauthorised autopsy has been performed, then initially intend to sue the hospital, however, when they find that his death was not caused سے طرف کی his drinking but سے طرف کی Haematomachrosis, a hereditary blood condition. They realise that the discovery may have saved the life of the daughter and sign the autopsy consent form.

Burke treats Bill, an old college friend whose medical diagnosis of being a sterile hermaphrodite, raises some سوالات regarding his heavily pregnant wife's actions. Burke then faces the difficult decision of whether یا not to tell his friend that the baby his wife is carrying isn't his. After talking to Bill's wife, he decides that as his doctor, he has a responsibility to tell him.

Towards the end of the episode, George makes it up with the nurse he has been seeing and realises that she caught the syphilis from Alex and not from sleeping around. This makes him angry with Alex who has been teasing him throughout the episode about the syphilis.

Meredith struggles to juggle her professional and personal commitments, still guarding the secret that her famous mother is battling Alzheimer's disease. Then, just as Meredith opens up to Derek about her mother's illness and the two grow closer, trouble arrives in the form of Addison Shepherd, Derek's wife
(and yay Addison Montgomery(Kate Walsh becomes a regular watch for her)

Season Two
The season two continues from where season one left, Derek's estranged wife Addison arrive at Seattle for business but decides to reconcile her relationship with Derek. From this point Derek decides to try repair his relationship with his wife leaving Meredith devastated.[2][3] Other stories include, Izzie and Alex's relationship, George's final اقدام on Meredith and his relationship with orthopedic surgeon Callie, Miranda Bailey's pregnancy, Cristina's relationship with Burke that develops very quickly, and the arrival of دل patient Denny Duquette who develops a relationship with Izzie and eventually proposes to her, before his condition gets worse and he dies.

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head:
As Meredith and Cristina are discussing their woes in the local bar, the bartender, Joe, passes out on the floor and is rushed to Seattle Grace. It turns out that he needs various operations, requiring a very expensive standstill surgery. Since Joe is not able to pay for the procedure, George manages to find a loophole in the hospital system which will allow for his surgery to be paid for in full.

Meanwhile, it is explained that Derek's wife Addison came to Seattle because Dr. Webber asked her to come and perform a special operation. Addison requests that Meredith be the intern that will work with her, which obviously brings many problems. It is eventually revealed that Addison was the one who cheated on Derek first (with Derek's best friend, Mark), not the other way around as season one's finale left viewers to assume. However, after learning this, Meredith still does not forgive Derek.

Dr. Webber is still recovering from surgery, and asks for George to be his "eyes and ears", reporting anything he knows back to Webber. George sees and hears much مزید than he desires yet is reluctant to tell the chief about anything going on that may cause further distress. Preston is appointed as temporary chief surgeon because Dr. Webber feels that he does not let any personal issues get in the way of his career.

Cristina tells Meredith that she is pregnant, but does not say who the father is. Meredith later finds out that Preston is the father. Preston asks Cristina to make up her mind about their relationship. Cristina plans to tell Preston about the baby, but when Preston breaks off their relationship (because of what Dr. Webber told him about his work ethic), she decides not to.

Izzie and Alex's personal bond grows closer as he shows a مزید emotional side to himself that he does not normally display. Izzie sees this and finds it attractive

Enough Is enough(No مزید Tears):
As Preston continues to head the surgical team while Dr. Webber is still recovering, Mrs. Webber cuts her vacation short to come and care for her husband. Even though he isn't particularly happy about her presence, he makes the best of the situation. Addison Shepherd is still lurking around the hospital, which causes tension in her relationships with both Derek and Meredith.

Cristina and Meredith both express a great deal of bitterness toward their past doctoral flames (Preston and Derek, respectively). However, as their work shifts progress, it seems as though they begin to see the happier sides to their men. Even George is having love life issues of his own. Several times he is teamed up with nurse Olivia, with whom he had previously had a relationship. In the end, though, he admits to her that he doesn't see them together in the future, and that he likes "another girl" (Meredith).

Meanwhile, a car crash brings a couple and their son to the hospital. The other driver involved in the accident dies, and the husband will die as well unless he can have a liver transplant. The only possible donor is his son, but he is unsure if he wants to make that donation because of the way his dad abuses his mother. Alex is able to talk (and relate) with him. Eventually, the son chooses to make the donation, but he asks his mother to leave his father and inform the cops of the situation.

Meredith deals with an unusual surgery of a man who has blocked bowels. He doesn't say what caused the blockage, but X-rays reveal the heads of ten Judy Dolls (similar to Barbie dolls) lodged in his bowels

Make Me Lose Control:
Havoc strikes Seattle Grace when Meredith's mother, Dr. Ellis Grey, is brought to the hospital for having possible diverticulitis. No one at Seattle Grace knew of Dr. Grey's Alzheimer's disease, but after her visit, everyone now knows. George is assigned to her case but cannot help her much because she thinks that he is her ex-husband, Thatcher. There is a possibility that Dr. Grey actually has liver cancer, but that comes up negative. At the same time, Alex is dealing with a patient who has an extreme blushing problem and wants to have surgery to have that fixed. However, there is a chance that many other after effects will occur. Fortunately, none of them do.

While Cristina is in the operating room with Preston, she collapses on the floor. Miranda and Izzie rush her into another operating room, where Addison, who is still at Seattle Grace, performs surgery on her. Cristina has problems with her pregnancy and she will have to lose her baby. It is obvious Preston still has feelings for Cristina, because he is highly concerned for her. He also finds out about the baby سے طرف کی looking on the "Upcoming Surgeries" board and sees Cristina's information.

At the end of the shift, Meredith cracks under all that has gone on during that دن and eventually tells Derek that she misses him and it is hurting her. She delivers this news to him only after he and Addison seem to be getting along much better than they had been before.

Alex and Izzie's relationship goes to bigger heights as she defends him in front of the others. She claims that "he is really sweet once آپ get to know him

Deny,Deny Deny:
Cristina is still recovering from her surgery while receiving a visit from her caring, yet annoying, mother. Cristina refuses to abide سے طرف کی the doctor's orders and stay in bed, so she takes it upon herself to be helpful around Seattle Grace. She helps herself to a patient file of Izzie's and determines that the patient is taking medicine so that she can receive medical treatment. At first, Izzie and Preston do not believe Cristina's theory, but after the patient's urine turns blue (which is an effect of the medication that she had been taking), their feelings change.

Cristina also has to deal with Preston in regards to the baby. He asks her for her reasoning behind concealing the truth. At the same time, Meredith is dealing with the continuing problem of Derek and Addison. Addison gave Derek divorce papers, but Derek is unsure if he wants to sign them. Another relationship is taking to newer heights when Alex asks Izzie on a date. After the date, Alex takes Izzie home. He steps inside for a few seconds. Izzie is waiting for a good night kiss, but Alex hesitates and leaves. Izzie is mad at him. Things turn bad for Alex though when he finds out from Dr. Webber that he did not pass an exam to remain in the Seattle Grace intern program. Dr. Webber, however, will give Alex a سیکنڈ chance to take the test.

Miranda shows a side of herself rarely displayed when a longtime patient of hers comes to the hospital for another procedure. The patient is reluctant to call his parents for fear of worrying them for something that seems very minor. The young man in his late 20s ends up dying in surgery. She spends over ten منٹ trying to revive the young man, but her efforts fail. Miranda makes a phone call to his ہوم and speaks to his mother, who it appears that she immediately remembers, and gives her the bad news in tears

Bring The Pain:
Meredith and Dr. Shepherd have to use مزید than medicine when a young Asian woman’s traditionalist, religious father forbids her to have a life-saving operation unless a shaman is called upon to "retrieve her souls". Meanwhile, George and Alex are forced to perform surgery in a trapped elevator in an attempt to save a patient’s life in which George shows his potential while Alex shuns the challenge, and it is decision time for Derek and the two women in his life

Into آپ Like A train:
As Meredith nervously awaits a final decision from Derek, her fear is interrupted when a train crash brings several seriously injured patients to the hospital, including Bonnie and Tom, a pair of passengers who’ve been impaled on a metal pole. The only way to remove the pole from these two is a very risky surgery where one of the two must be slid back on the pole, مزید than likely causing them to die. Tom, an older man in his 60s, offers to give his life to save Bonnie because he is older and has had a shot at living. Bonnie, an attractive woman in her late 20s, is engaged to be married and waiting for her fiancé to arrive at the hospital. Since Bonnie's injuries are determined to be worse than Tom's, she is the one chosen to be moved on the pole. All the doctors involved in the surgery promise they will do everything they can to try and save both Bonnie and Tom. In surgery, after being removed from the pole, Bonnie begins to crash. Doctors work on her only for a short time before they deem her "unsavable" and turn to help Tom, who has a greater chance of living. As the doctors اقدام to Tom, Meredith stays سے طرف کی the dying Bonnie saying "What about her? We can't just abandon her!" This particular situation becomes very ironic to Meredith's situation with Derek. She feels that she has just been dropped when Derek returns to his unfaithful wife. At the emergency department, Alex is doing sutures but eventually fails to notice a woman bleeding internally which leads to her death. In the mean time, Addison Shepherd sees great potential in Izzie, who must decide whether her loyalty as Meredith’s friend outweighs professional gain

Something To talk About:
Cristina, Izzie and Meredith aggressively pursue the case of Shane, a male patient who seems to have a hysterical pregnancy, which fascinates them and the entire medical staff, and also angers Meredith because everyone in the hospital is not respecting the privacy of the patients. In a parallel situation, many hospital workers whisper continuously about Derek and Meredith and give them little privacy as well. A sheltered young patient inspires Alex to better express his feelings for Izzie. The patient asks Alex to kiss her. Alex goes closer and the patient closes her eyes and puckers her lips. She does not get a kiss, however, but a very good talk with Alex about your first kiss. Alex says that آپ want to have your first kiss with someone really special, a kiss so special آپ do not want to get out of it, even for air. The episode ends with Alex arriving at the bar where Meredith, George, Cristina and Izzie are having a drink - Alex pulls Izzie backwards and kisses her.

Let It Be:
Derek and Addison Shepherd’s professional relationship is challenged when their دوستوں from Manhattan come to Seattle Grace seeking a radical, preemptive operation to avoid breast and ovarian cancer. Sav's husband can't seem to give her the support she needs, and this reflects on the situation between Addison and Derek. However, when she goes for the surgery, her husband does come to support her through the surgery. Meanwhile, George can’t understand why a patient who fell five stories doesn’t seem happy to have survived; an elderly gentleman makes a difficult decision upon learning that his wife has only a few months to live; Cristina and Burke try to have a “normal” date, and Chief Webber is disappointed سے طرف کی Bailey’s fellowship decision -- until he learns her reasons: that she is pregnant

Thanks for The Memories:
The Thanksgiving holiday is مزید difficult for the interns and residents than any of them is willing to admit, as Izzie plans a big رات کے کھانے, شام کا کھانا at Meredith's—but it remains to be seen who among the invited guests will actually دکھائیں up. Meredith sneaks off to the hospital, Alex doesn't turn up and George endures the O'Malley tradition of hunting turkeys with his less-than-sophisticated family. George is rather hurt when his brothers say he isn't a real doctor when he explains that interns observe most of the time. Later on, when his brother accidentally shoots their father, George realizes that his brothers weren't the ones making him feel stupid—he was the one making them feel stupid. As George's dad says, one of his brothers is a dry-cleaner, the other one works in a post-office and he himself drives a truck, while George is a surgical intern.

Derek and Dr. Webber arrive at the hospital, saying they'll go ہوم in a minute, when they intend on staying at the hospital.

Meredith treats a patient who's been in a vegetative state for 16 years but finally wakes up to find that his family has moved on. Alex doesn't turn up to help Izzie out either—he is at the hospital as well. Cristina and Burke do turn up, however, when they find Izzie doesn't know how to cook (she claims she is an excellent baker, but she doesn't cook) and is still attempting to make Thanksgiving dinner. Burke helps her out, proving himself to be an excellent chef, and Cristina storms out of the باورچی خانے, باورچی خانہ asking Burke to give her the keys of his car, making an excuse that she needs to go buy some liquor, something she has been complaining about since she arrived. But, she ends up going to the hospital herself. When Burke and Izzie get talking while preparing the meal, Izzie says that she just likes Thanksgiving because finally they get a دن off their duties. They work 18-hour-shifts all سال and finally on this day, they get to be normal people. No one lives یا dies under their watch. Although no one except Burke helps Izzie out, eventually Alex, George, and Cristina come back to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner, while Meredith goes to Joe's bar and meets a one-night stand

Much Too Much:
Meredith is mortified when her “one night stand” shows up at the hospital suffering from priapism and needing medical attention. Izzie, Addison and Derek are assigned to a case where a woman carrying quintuplets (all females) is overwhelmed سے طرف کی numerous medical issues as she navigates her high-risk pregnancy. Alex’s shortcomings frustrate Izzie, especially when she catches Alex and Olivia having sex, when she needs Alex to help deliver her patient's quintuplets. On the other hand, Alex again shows his incompetence in treating one of his patients سے طرف کی administering the wrong dosage. Cristina سوالات Preston wondering why he would leave a key to his house for her. Cristina then shows Preston where she lives, which she is reluctant to do at first, as the two of them are quite different. The episode ends with Izzie's patient's babies being delivered سے طرف کی the doctors

Owner Of A Lonely Heart:
Cristina Yang has little sympathy for Constance Ferguson, a prison inmate who jeopardizes her health just to get out of solitary confinement. Meanwhile the interns all keep careful watch on the family of premature quintuplets with a variety of serious health challenges, Izzie’s anger at Alex reaches boiling point, and Dr. Addison Shepherd decides to teach Izzie a very painful lesson which she too once received from Dr. Webber. She wants Izzie to know the consequences of being too attached to her patients

Grandma Got Ran Over سے طرف کی A reinDeer:
A young boy needs a دل transplant but doesn't seem to want it, and an argument over his treatment exposes major philosophical differences between Burke and Cristina -- he's spiritual, she's not. Burke won't operate on the boy until his mind accepts the heart, because he believes the body will reject it if he doesn't. Cristina, though not a believer, makes a connection with the kid over their shared skepticism, and gets the boy to want the heart. Meanwhile, when the interns rally to help Alex prepare to re-take his exam, Izzie feels betrayed (after all, Alex just cheated on her). Meredith has to remind Izzie of the true spirit of the Christmas holiday; and despite a reconciliation with his wife, Derek isn’t in a festive mood. Shepherd performs brain surgery on the patriarch of a mixed Jewish/Christian family who discuss celebrating Chrismukkah

Begin To Begin:

Dr. Webber enforces an 80 گھنٹہ per week maximum rule for the interns. Meredith is sent ہوم for working too long of a shift. She does laundry and then goes to visit her mother at the nursing home—where she finds Derek. Derek wants to help Ellis, but Meredith doesn't want his help. Derek needs Richard to intervene. Izzie seems to be getting over Alex when she shares an undeniable chemistry with Denny Duquette, a patient awaiting a دل transplant. Bailey goes to retrieve Denny's heart, taking Cristina along for the ride. Meanwhile George and Addison treat Bex, a young teen with a tumor pressed against what they believe is an ovary, but later discover is a testis, making her a hermaphrodite. She talks to George about how she feels different from everyone else. Her parents don't want her to know about the testis, but George forces them to tell her. After talking to George, she asks for scissors and George cuts her hair, implying she chooses to live life as a boy. Her mother comes in and takes the scissors from George and cuts Bex's hair herself, implying she's okay with Bex's decision.

Tell Me Sweet Little Lies:
The truth is in short supply as Meredith and Cristina lie to each other about the status of their relationships. Cristina is angry with Derek since he has Meredith calling him McDreamy again. Cristina 'kinda' moved in with Burke. George is دیا the unpleasant task of discharging an elderly patient who refuses to leave the hospital despite no longer being sick. A competitive eater named Yumi Miyazaki is presented with a tear in the lining of her esophagus. Alex is so nervous about the results of his exam that he eventually asks Izzie to open them for him (he passes

Break On through:
Amidst a strike سے طرف کی the nurses at Seattle Grace Hospital, Meredith finds an elderly patient short of breath and revives her. However, upon meeting the patient's long-winded دوستوں (June Lockhart, Betty Garrett and Rae Allen), Meredith learns that the patient was not supposed to be دیا treatment, and the hospital must wait for the arrival of the patient's daughter to sign papers ordering the hospital to cease treatment of her mother and allow her to die. Izzie treats a pregnant teenager with whom she has much in common--not only are they both from the same small town, but Izzie reveals that she also gave birth as a teen and encourages her patient to consider adoption, which upsets the patient's mother. Cristina is irritated with the perky new resident, Sydney, and asks for Burke's intervention when Sydney attempts a risky procedure to save a woman's infected leg from amputation. Meredith is initially upset with Dr. Webber for visiting her mother, but following the death of her patient decides that she doesn't want her mother to die alone (this is stated in a tearful conversation she has with Derek in a supply closet, where she went after the overwhelming task of letting her patient die) and allows Webber to continue his visits

It's The End Of The World:
The episode begins with a dream of Izzie, Cristina, Meredith and George in the شاور together. It's George's dream. Meredith refuses to go to work. She has this feeling that she will die. George and Izzie can't get her out of bed, they have to call in Cristina. Once at the hospital, the premonition seems to have some validity. A trauma victim is brought in سے طرف کی a paramedic with her hand still stuck inside him to stop the bleeding. As Alex soon discovers though, her hand isn't the only thing inside of him -- after trying to make a homemade bazooka, he's also got a piece of unexploded ammunition inside of him. This places the hospital on Code Black, which essentially shuts down the surgical wing -- save for the one operation that has already begun: Derek and Cristina operating on the brain of a man who happens to be Bailey's husband.

Bailey's husband got into a car accident trying to get to the hospital on time because Bailey was going into labor. Though the bomb squad, led سے طرف کی Dylan Young, wants to clear out the ORs of all unnecessary personnel, Derek, Cristina, and Meredith all insist on staying (Meredith is with the paramedic, Hannah, who's got her hand in the patient). After a chat with George about being "doers versus watchers" (they feel Cristina and Meredith are the "doers"), Izzie decides to ignite things with Alex -- in the supply closet. Richard is trying his best to keep the hospital in some sort of order amidst the chaos, but he's having a tough time. In fact, things degrade quite quickly, most notably when an anesthesiologist leaves Hannah alone with the patient and the bomb while all the other doctors are strategizing with Dylan. Meredith finds Hannah having a nervous breakdown, about to pull her hand out and potentially put them all in danger (not to mention kill the patient whose bleeding she's suppressing). Hannah does pull her hand out and runs away -- but not before Meredith can take her place as the girl with her hand in the explosive patient

(As We Know It):
One of the best ever!!!!
Without her husband سے طرف کی her side, Bailey refuses to have the baby. George works with Addison to convince Bailey to have the baby, and he finally gets through to her. Richard isn't doing so well, though, with the stress, and he suffers an anxiety attack that lures Adele to the hospital.

Dr. Bailey is in labor, and is still refusing to give birth. George helps her out سے طرف کی giving her a little motivation, and ultimately holding her while she delivers the baby. Izzie and Alex have sex again. Chief Webber is under a lot of stress from everything that's been going on, and it is believed that he had a دل attack. However, it proves to be just an anxiety attack. Bailey's husband survives, after going into cardiac arrest. Meredith removes the explosive from the patient and a member of the bomb squad removes it. However the bomb explodes, killing Dylan and his colleague. Meredith is knocked unconscious سے طرف کی the explosion. There is a revival of the "shower scene" from the first part, but with a مزید serious tone: the fully-clothed Izzie and Cristina wash blood off of a stunned Meredith as George looks on. The man who had the explosive embedded in his body also survived. At the end of the episode, Preston and Derek become friends, overcoming their initial rivalry in the series beginning, and call each other سے طرف کی their first names. Cristina says "I love آپ too" to a sleeping Preston. Derek comes visiting Meredith and says "You almost died today," and Meredith tells him that she can't remember their last kiss. Derek tells her she "smelled like lavender" and then leaves.

Dr. Mark Sloan (Eric Dane) arrives in Seattle to try to convince Addison to continue their relationship, and is greeted with a مککا, عجیب الخلقت from Derek, just for flirting with Meredith. Meredith then stitches Sloan where he points out that even though Derek caught him having sex with Addison, he just walked out but flirting with her earned Sloan a punch. Mark apologizes to Derek about sleeping with Addison, which Derek doesn't accept. Despite the tension between the former best friends, Dr. Webber allows Sloan (whom the female interns dub "McSteamy") to assist Derek in a risky surgery to fix a teenage patient with facial tumors that make his face resemble that of a lion. When the patient dies during surgery, Sloan proceeds with the plastic surgery to fulfill the boy's dying wish of appearing normal. Cristina and Preston's relationship is strained when he learns that she still leases her original apartment. Izzie treats a patient with spontaneous orgasms, causing Izzie to satisfy her own needs with Alex. Meredith's mother tells her about having an affair, and after Meredith deals with a cancer victim who is intent on recording angry messages to all those who have hurt him, she confronts her father about the affair. It is the first time she has spoken to him in twenty years. Later, Dr. Webber tells Meredith's mother that Meredith is finding out about their past; due to her Alzheimer's, the elder Dr. Grey thinks that Meredith is still five years old. George is unable to tell Meredith how he feels about her until the end of the episode, when he comes clean and they appear to have sex

What Have I Done to Deserve This?:
Following their sexual encounter, Meredith and George avoid each other at work, and George ends up falling down a سیڑھیاں and dislocating his shoulder. Frequent دل patient Denny is readmitted and grows closer to Izzie, causing Alex to be jealous. Although Bailey is on maternity leave, Addison asks for her treatment after her exposure and allergic reaction to poison oak. George moves in with Burke and Cristina and catches the eye of ortho resident Dr. Callie Torres.

Band-Aid Covers the Bullet Hole:
After Dr. Bailey is called into surgery, Cristina is forced to watch baby Tucker for the remainder of the day. Meanwhile, George and Meredith are still on the outs as she confides in Derek with her problem. Izzie continues to warm up to Denny who is having problems breathing. George and Callie further their flirtations over a teenaged patient who decides to chop off his own finger after Callie refuses to do it for him. Burke shows a preference for living with George over Cristina, and Addison gets a long-awaited admission from Derek that shows some hope for their marriage after all.

When a series of deaths occur at Seattle Grace, the uncanny events bring out the doctors' superstitious sides. Four deaths in the morning implies that three مزید deaths are due for the day. This makes Izzie nervous about Denny's surgery, and a jealous Alex informs Denny of the likelihood of his death, prompting Izzie to completely end their relationship. Meanwhile, Derek and Addison discuss making a مزید permanent living arrangement, and Dr. Webber treats a former sponsor from his alcoholic's anonymous group. Izzie kisses Denny after he survives his surgery.

The Name of the Game:
Bailey worries Dr. Webber is mommy-tracking her and becomes Derek's intern for the day. George begins a relationship with Callie and finds her living in the hospital. Meredith takes up knitting -- and a vow of celibacy. Cristina competes with the Chief during classroom exercises. Burke tries to teach Alex a lesson about bedside manners, but it's a lesson that falls on deaf ears. Izzie tries to get George to اقدام back into the house. George discovers that Addison's patient is Meredith's half-sister. Meredith meets Doc's vet, and takes a shine to him.

Blues for Sister Someone:
Izzie grills George about the personal details of his life. Addison and Alex treat a Catholic woman who is pregnant with her seventh child and wants Addison to perform a tubal ligation during the caesarean section. Burke performs surgery on his musical hero who wants a pacemaker removed as it has ruined his ability to play the violin. Meredith learns from Denny that life is too short to follow the rules, and decides to abandon her knitting and accept a تاریخ with Doc's vet. George moves back in with Izzie and Meredith. Derek finally agrees to have hot sex with Addison.

Damage Control:
A family is involved in a car accident caused سے طرف کی a surgical intern from another hospital. The young pregnant wife has massive injuries and eventually dies, though Alex performs a Caesarean section to save the baby. Derek is angry at Meredith after he sees her at the vet's. Burke is angry at Cristina after she fell asleep during sex the گزشتہ night. George does not stand up for Callie to his roommates and Denny is becoming angry at being stuck in بستر with no end in sight.

17 Seconds:
Gunshot victims from a nearby restaurant crowd Seattle Grace and the doctors are fully occupied. Knowing that Derek is mad at Meredith for dating Finn, Addison yells at him in the hallways, not realizing everyone can hear. Meredith asks Callie for advice on bone cancer in dogs. Burke is still angry at Cristina and chooses Alex over her to go with him to retrieve a دل for Denny. When Izzie finds out that Denny is about to not get the heart, she takes the matter in her own hands. As Burke races back to SGH to keep Izzie from doing something drastic, both Burke and Denny wind up in critical situations

Deterioration of the Fight یا Flight Response:
Denny needs a دل یا else. Izzie Stevens and George go crazy trying to get him one. Derek has the life of a friend in his hands as he operates on Burke who has been shot. Burke cannot operate on Denny after Denny's دل stopped and now Denny is in a dire condition. Cristina gets put in charge of Trauma Room 2 and she is worried about Burke.

Burke has been shot and Izzie has just cut Denny's LVAD wire. George, Meredith, and Cristina all wind up helping Izzie keep Denny alive long enough to get moved up the transplant فہرست and get the دل in question. Addison figures out that Richard's niece's (Camille) cancer has unfortunately returned. Bailey and Derek are attending to Burke—and it's Derek who must operate on Burke to help save his surgical skills. Richard and his wife discuss his past affair with Ellis Grey. Meanwhile Alex desperately stalls at Mercy West in order to maintain possession of the donor دل while the rest of the interns struggle with each other in their fear of losing their places in the programs as well as Denny, who makes a surprise marriage proposal to Izzie amidst the madness.

After Bailey discovers the interns and Denny's situation, she helps them کریں تصدیق Denny should receive the heart. Burke decides to have the surgery performed, risking nerve damage. But during his surgery, Derek must perform a wake-up test to check for nerve damage, and he asks Cristina for her help. But Cristina, horrified at the sight of Burke in pain on the table, freezes. Alex travels with Dr. Hahn from Mercy West with the heart, scrubbing in with Dr. Bailey for Denny's transplant. However, after the دل has been inserted, it still does not begin to beat and back in Derek's OR, Burke still cannot اقدام his fingers

Losing My religion(Finale):
Richard tries to get information from Addison about a family member's condition. Callie and George have a talk about his feelings. Meredith and Derek have a talk about their dog, Doc.
Derek and Richard finish Burke's surgery as Denny successfully undergoes his دل transplant. The interns are pulled into Richard's office, and he tells them that, until one of them admits to cutting Denny's LVAD, they must attend to his dying niece, which includes giving her a prom. As they each struggle with their own personal problems, they blow up balloons, hire catering, and decorate. As everyone works around him, Burke unfortunately finds a tremor in the movements of his right hand. Meredith and Derek sadly make the decision to put Doc to sleep. Richard continues to interrogate the interns, one سے طرف کی one, not receiving any direct answer about Denny's LVAD wire, only learning his interns' personal problems instead. Izzie accepts Denny's marriage proposal. Meredith, Derek, Addison, and Finn finally put Doc to sleep سے طرف کی Finn's hand, and they bond slightly, when Addison is paged to leave. Meanwhile, the hospital staff begins to arrive, dressed in full prom regalia.

As everyone dances and mingles, Meredith and Derek escape Finn and Addison to have a heated argument that only turns into a long awaited reunion, which Callie walks in on. Meanwhile, alone in his room as Denny waits for Izzie, he experiences a sudden sense of pain, and he slowly closes his eyes... The scene switches to Izzie, looking quite gorgeous as she makes her way to Denny's room. On her way there, she spots a code team, desperately hurrying in the same direction, the scene cuts. When it comes back, it shows the Chief sitting in the یا Gallery, and Dr. Bailey walking in. He mumbles something to her, and she responds سے طرف کی telling him Denny had just died. The word gets around and one سے طرف کی one, the interns hurry to Denny's room to find a shocked Izzie, lying in بستر clinging to his still form. As they each try and comfort her in any way they can, she tells them he died of an unexpected blood clot that probably caused a stroke, that she had taken longer than usual to get ready, wanting to look perfect for her future husband, and that if she arrived sooner, she could have made sure he did not die alone. Alex emerges out the shadows and talks to Izzie, picking her up and hugging her. Soon, they all leave together and they listen as Izzie confesses to Richard that she was in fact the one who cut the LVAD wire. They only look on as she quits the program, claiming that she cannot be a surgeon. After everyone begins going their separate ways, Meredith remains torn on who she should follow: Derek یا Finn.

Season 3

Time Has Come Today:
The doctors of Seattle Grace help Izzie cope with the loss of her fiancé, Denny, and her decision to quit the internship program. Meredith must decide what the future holds after her hospital liaison with Derek. The Chief is confronted سے طرف کی his wife, Adele (Loretta Devine), after spending the night in his office, and George seeks relationship advice from a surprising source.

I Am a Tree:
Cristina meets Burke's parents, in the most awkward of circumstances, Izzie begins baking to comfort herself, Addison takes a break from her hospital duties and gets drunk, Richard discovers Callie living in the hospital, and a surgical patient lives what may be her last دن to the fullest.

Sometimes a Fantasy:
Cristina tries to help Preston cope with his hand tremor, Izzie attempts to return to the hospital for the first time since she left the program, Alex deals with a patient who has a long history of injuries and believes she is a super hero, and George and Callie’s relationship moves forward.

What I Am:
Addison doubts her abilities as a doctor, Cristina pushes Burke's rehabilitation and Izzie receives the surprise of her life.

Oh, the Guilt:
Bailey treats a young mother battling breast cancer, Derek learns مزید about Mark and Addison's relationship, the interns defend a resident's competence at a hospital staff meeting, and Meredith and Addison examine a couple who find themselves in a rather awkward position.

Let the Angels Commit:
Cristina scrubs in on the rare "humpty dumpty" procedure, much to the envy of her fellow doctors, Alex سوالات his future medical specialty, George and Addison work with a pregnant woman with an unusual dilemma, and Derek receives a surprise visit from his sister.

Where the Boys Are:
The men of Seattle Grace go on a camping trip together, Addison and Callie must team up to work on a patient, Meredith assist Sloan with a procedure unlike any she has experienced, and, suspicious of her حالیہ actions at the hospital, Bailey confronts Cristina.

Staring at the Sun:
The O'Malley Family visits George at the hospital, Meredith is determined to have a مزید positive outlook on life, Derek and Addison strive for a civil relationship, and Richard endeavors to reunite with his wife, Adele.

From a Whisper to a Scream:
A traumatic car accident fills the ER, Cristina has a crisis of conscience about her deceptive teamwork with Burke, and Izzie pushes the boundaries of her probation.

Don't Stand So Close to Me:
حالیہ events strain Burke and Cristina's relationship, Meredith's half-sister, Molly, is admitted to the hospital, and Derek and Mark must work together when two close-knit brothers seek medical help.

Six Days, Part 1:
Part one of a two-part episode. After a successful operation on his heart, George's father undergoes surgery for his cancer, Thatcher Grey visits Seattle Grace in order to see his new granddaughter, and Meredith discovers that Derek has trouble sleeping soundly.

Six Days, Part 2"
Part two of a two-part episode. George and his family must struggle with a difficult decision regarding Harold who is on life support. Meredith learns she shares something in common with her father. Addison regrets an event from her past. Izzie is barred from Heather's surgery after Bailey finds out she paid for the operation.

Great Expectations:
After the Chief announces his retirement, rumors begin to circulate on his departure and successor. Dr. Bailey is ambitious to create a free medical clinic. Two people at the hospital receive an unexpected proposal.

Wishin' and :
The race for the Chief's position is on, as the doctors compete for Richard's affections, a surgical patient endangers the lives of those around her, and Meredith's Alzheimer's-stricken mother, Ellis, experiences a change in her medical condition.

Walk On Water:
Part one of a three-part story arc. A mass trauma situation challenges the interns in many different ways. Richard begins a transition while going through a life change, while Cristina struggles to tell Meredith and the others about becoming engaged to Burke.

Drowning On Dry Land:
Part two of a three-part story arc. Meredith is still under water which no one realizes until Derek finds her coat. Izzie drills holes into a trauma patient's head who is experiencing seizures. George continues to look for a patient's lost son after providing her with false optimism. Alex finds no hope in searching for the pregnant Jane Doe's family as she undergoes surgery.

Some Kind of Miracle:
Part three of a three-part story arc. The interns of Seattle Grace take vigil outside Meredith's hospital room as Bailey and the Chief struggle to revive her. Meanwhile, Meredith is in limbo where she meets up with Denny, Dylan and many other familiar deceased patients from the past. Cristina remedies her grief for Meredith سے طرف کی shopping and Alex continues to bond with the pregnant Jane Doe who remains unclaimed. Ellis Grey goes into cardiac arrest.

Scars and Souvenirs:
The race for chief heats up after a new competitor enters the fray, tensions escalate between Izzie and George, and Callie must reveal a big secret. Meanwhile, Derek treats a patient near and dear to him, while Alex continues his work with Jane Doe.

My پسندیدہ Mistake:
George meets his new father-in-law (Hector Elizondo) (and is in no condition to make a good impression), Alex helps Jane Doe determine how the world will see her from now on, the hospital board begins interviewing the candidates for the Chief's position, and Izzie wrestles with a startling revelation.

Time After Time:
When Izzie's daughter is brought to the hospital for leukemia treatment, Izzie is asked to donate her bone marrow in support. Derek finds that Meredith stands in his way of becoming chief. Marlowe continues to intrude on Burke and Cristina's lives with an impending surgery Burke will perform. Meredith becomes closer to her stepmother (Mare Winningham). Parents claiming to be Ava's come in to identify her but learn she is not theirs.

As the interns of Seattle Grace cram for their upcoming exam, the attendings vie for the Chief's position سے طرف کی tending to the chairman of the hospital board (Mitch Pileggi) after he is admitted as a patient. Meanwhile, Burke struggles to involve Cristina in the wedding planning, things heat up between Addison and Alex, and Derek سوالات his relationship with Meredith.

The Other Side of This Life, Part 1:
Part one of a two-hour episode. After things become too complicated in Seattle, Addison travels to Los Angeles to reunite with old دوستوں from medical school. Meanwhile, Derek must perform emergency surgery on Ava/Jane (Elizabeth Reaser) Doe and Cristina plans her wedding with both her mother and Burke's. This double episode is a backdoor pilot for Private Practice.

The Other Side of This Life, Part 2:
Part two of a two-hour episode. After things become too complicated in Seattle, Addison travels to Los Angeles to reunite with old دوستوں from medical school. Meanwhile, Derek must perform emergency surgery on Ava/Jane Doe and Cristina plans her wedding with both her mother and Burke's. This double episode is a backdoor pilot for Private Practice

Testing 1 2 3:
The interns take the biggest test of their careers, their first-year medical exams, as the residents attend to three injured mountain climbers. Meanwhile Callie’s suspicions of George and Izzie grow, and Cristina struggles to write her wedding vows

Didin't We Almost Have It All(Finale):
Callie and George make a big decision. A successor to Chief Webber is named. A man named Jeff Pope arrives. He is looking for his wife and newborn child. Cristina and Burke's wedding دن has arrived and so have the interns first-year exam results
Meredith tells Cristina that her marrying Burke is a sign that "women like us" can really have it all. Cristina wants to scrub in but Miranda orders her to go ہوم since she's about to get married.

Richard is indignant that as he is still legally Adele's husband, he was not notified that she was in the hospital. Addison finally tells him Adele might be having a miscarriage. Adele comes to and is flustered to see Richard at her bedside but he insists on remaining سے طرف کی her side.

Rina, Joe and Walter's potential birth mother, needs to have her twins delivered immediately. She's upset because she hasn't made a final decision on who to give her babies to and they assure her that it doesn't matter right now. When the babies arrive, they each hold one.

With the fourth hiker, Lonnie, found alive with an axe in his head, Derek demands to know what really happened on the mountain. The three hikers say that Lonnie insisted they climb back down, not up, to camp for the night. Since they were all tied together, when he started down, they all fell. One of the men swung his axe to try to catch a rock, but caught Lonnie's head instead. They insist it was an accident and swear they thought he was dead when they left him behind.

During surgery, Derek discovers that the axe wound is clean, suggesting it wasn't an accident. He tells Lonnie's دوستوں that he knows the axe wound was deliberate and that if they won't tell him the truth, they can talk to the cops. One of the hikers finally reveals what happened: They were so sure Lonnie wasn't going to make it that he tried to put him out of his misery.

Rebecca's husband Jeff Pope shows up at the hospital and has trouble recognizing her after her plastic surgery. Alex demands to know why he didn't come looking for his wife after the ferry crash was all over the news. Jeff says he thought she'd left him. "I didn't look for her when she was missing," he says, "but what's worse is I didn't see her when she was there." He tells Alex he still loves her.

Derek tells Meredith about the pretty woman who offered to buy him a drink last night. He says nothing happened but she wants to know if she should be worried. He tells her, yeah, she should be worried that flirting with that woman was the highlight of his week.

Richard meets with all of the attendings to tell them whom he's selected to succeed him. He thinks Mark only wanted the job to compete with Derek. Addison says she needs the job as a reason to stay in Seattle and because she's 39 and alone. He says that's why he didn't pick her, because she shouldn't need a job to give her a new life. Even though Richard wants to give Burke the job, he says he can't because Burke let him down.

Callie tells George all she can think about is having a baby and George says if she really wants to, they can try.

Mama Burke pressures Cristina into wearing a choker that was worn سے طرف کی "five generations of Burke women" on their wedding day. She says she'd initially thought Cristina was selfish, but that she admires the way she's دیا into all of Burke's wishes. Next, she wants to know what Cristina intends to "do" about her eyebrows, and in a later scene is shown to have both of her eyebrows stripped off. Cristina begs Miranda to let her operate, because she has no eyebrows and no dignity left. Miranda allows her to scrub in for one cut, then sends her off to prepare for her wedding.

Addison asks Burke if he's nervous for the wedding, who says he's excited, but admits he's uncertain about the vows he wrote himself. Addison urges him to practice them on her, Izzie and the nurses. In his vows, he doesn't promise to love یا honor Cristina, saying those are vows for people who are optimistic and hopeful and he is neither of those things. "I am sure," he says. "I am steady." He goes on at rapturous length and when he is done, Addison jokes, "I think I speak for every woman in this room when I say, dump her and marry me!"

Izzie, emboldened سے طرف کی Burke's vows, corners George and tells him because she's his best friend, that if he's in love with Callie, she will do everything in her power to make his marriage work. But she's in love with him and she hopes he's in love with her too. Before he can answer, the other interns enter into the locker room, to prepare for Cristina and Burke's wedding.

In the same scene a nurse arrives with their test results and they all کریں تصدیق that they passed. Derek shows up and stays behind to talk to Meredith. She tells him if he wants to break up with her and see other people, to just tell her he doesn't love her anymore. "I do love you," he says. "You're the love of my life." He can't leave her, but she's always leaving him, so if she doesn't see a future for them, to please end it because he can't. She جوابات that she really needs to go make sure Cristina walks down that aisle.

Alex shares the good news about passing his exam with Rebecca and she tells him she and the baby have been discharged. She tries to get Alex to give her a reason to stay, but he tells her to stay with her husband.

Adele starts to crash and Addison informs her she might have a placental tear due to the accident, and they need to operate on her immediately. Addison saves Adele, but not the baby. Richard rushes in to see how she is and asks if she wants to call someone. Adele reveals that Richard was the father and they tearfully embrace.

At the church, Burke congratulates Derek on being named Chief and he tells him that Richard didn't pick him. Derek confides that he and Meredith might not make it but that today is all about Burke.

Alex sits اگلے to Addison and asks if she wants to grab a drink after the ceremony. "You don't want me. آپ want Ava," she says. He tells her Ava's not Ava anymore and she tells him to go after her.

Miranda is devastated to see that Callie has been chosen for Chief Resident instead of her. George skips the wedding and commiserates with Miranda, who tells him she is sorry that he's failed his exam. He now has two options: walk away from being a resident یا repeat his intern year.

Izzie looks for George in the church and Callie tells her he's going to be late, since it was a big دن for them: She was named Chief Resident and they've decided to have a baby. The موسیقی starts to play and Cristina panics when she realizes that she no longer has her wedding vows written on her hand as she scrubbed in beforehand. She asks Meredith to give her the advice Cristina herself would give if their positions were reversed, so Meredith threatens to kick Cristina's پچھواڑے, گدا if she doesn't walk down that aisle. After a noticeable delay, Burke goes to talk to Cristina and she assures him she's ready. He says he knows she doesn't want to do this, but that she was only doing it because she loves him. And that if he really loves her for who she is, instead of who he wants her to be, he wouldn't be waiting for her at the altar, he would be letting her go. Meredith informs the guests that the wedding is off.

She follows Cristina to her apartment, who realises Burke's most prized possessions are missing, therefore he must have left for good. Meredith helps her tear the choker and the dress off and holds her as she sobs. Alex rushes back to the hospital, but Rebecca is gone. George is joined in the locker room سے طرف کی a fresh batch of interns. The same girl Derek met at Joe's bar introduces herself as Lexie Grey. We find out that in Derek's interview with Richard, he turned down the position of Chief of Surgery.

Season Four:
Kate Walsh Gone Addison Does Not Return!!:(

A Change Is Gonna Come:
Having just returned from her honeymoon with Meredith, Cristina searches for Burke, but he is nowhere to be found. Meredith, Cristina, Izzie and Alex spend their first دن as residents with their own groups of interns. Among the interns are George, repeating his intern سال after failing his exams, as is Lexie Grey, Meredith's half-sister whom she has never met. Now that Derek's relationship with Meredith has reached an emotional impasse, he looks to his fellow doctors for friendship; Bailey wrestles with her place within the hospital now that her former interns رپورٹ to new Chief Resident Callie; and Richard resumes his position as Chief of Surgery.

The residents and interns treat the victims of a massive explosion at an apartment building, while Alex investigates the cause of the accident, Mama Burke (Diahann Carroll) returns to collect her son's things just as Cristina trades her wedding presents in exchange for surgeries, Lexie tries to have a heart-to-heart with an unwilling Meredith, and while Callie is overwhelmed with her duties as Chief Resident, Bailey searches for an outlet for her pent-up leadership skills.

Let the Truth Sting:
Meredith reluctantly helps Lexie with her first surgical procedure, while Lexie helps keep George's "repeater" status a secret from their fellow interns.

The دل of the Matter:
Izzie confides in Alex about George and the reaction is not what she expected, the Chief's niece returns to the hospital where she once had her prom, and Derek teaches Cristina how to be a better resident to her interns.

Haunt آپ Every Day:
Halloween is full of surprises for the Seattle Grace doctors when Ava makes an unexpected visit to see Alex, Meredith thinks her deceased mother is haunting her, and Callie reveals George and Izzie's affair to their fellow doctors.

Kung Fu Fighting:
With his marriage in trouble, the Chief turns to his fellow male surgeons for a "gentlemen's evening," Cristina and Izzie heatedly compete for the same surgery, and the doctors treat two injured finalists from a promotional wedding competition.

Physical Attraction, Chemical Reaction:
George and Izzie's romantic chemistry is put to the test, Mark develops a crush on a fellow surgeon, and Callie's role as Chief Resident is in jeopardy.

Forever Young:
A schoolbus crash floods Seattle Grace with teenagers, Derek goes out on a تاریخ with a fellow doctor, and Meredith sees her father for the first time since her stepmother's death.

Crash Into Me, Part 1:
Part one of a two-part episode. An ایمبولینس crash endangers the lives of the paramedics involved, as Meredith and the Chief work on-site to save them, Bailey treats a patient who refuses her help because of her race, and Ava returns for Alex and meets his other girlfriend in the process.

Crash Into Me, Part 2:
Part two of a two-part episode. Meredith furiously works to save the life of a paramedic trapped inside an ambulance, as her sister, Lexie, holds the life of a patient (Seth Green) in her hands, and Derek must rely on the help of a nurse to save a patient's life.

Lay Your Hands On Me:
Bailey's family faces a medical trauma just as her marriage is falling apart, George receives a very unexpected visit from his mother, and a faith healer wishes to forgo traditional surgery.

Where the Wild Things Are:
Six weeks have passed since Derek started dating Rose, and the new residents are competing in a surgical contest. George and Lexie اقدام into their new apartment...