On the Island of Torture
A/n: before I start please understand this might be cruel to آپ but to my friend, *and fp sis* this is like Christmas and our birthdays combined! And yep it’s dedicated-to IsabellaMCullen یا as آپ may call her Bree, Breegles, یا Breeanne! But me? I call her: Blee, Bleegles, Bleeanne, and Bleagle…so from: Skittlez to: Bleeanne! Have a torturous day…mwahahahahaha! *evil grin* Enjoy!!

Chapter One:
Back to the Basics
~Story Start~
I turned off my phone and put in the plastic container that was on the moving bar things. I was 7 months pregnant but looked about 9. I felt ready to pop. The OBGYN doc کہا that my baby was just big. And I didn’t argue. I just nodded and کہا ‘ok’. I was leaving to go to Hawaii. My cousin, Lucille Kathy کہا before the baby was born I should go on a vacation. I hesitated but finally decided it was only fair for me to enjoy myself. So I was going to. And I was aloud to bring friends. So I chose Bianca. And she had to choose Fitz. So I would be taking Fitz on the plane and Sav because I’d come close to him too. Anyways I was getting cleared first and they had to lift up my شرٹ, قمیض to make sure that my stomach wasn’t fake-which it wasn’t-and anyways He lifted it up too far and he saw my bra. He didn’t put my شرٹ, قمیض down until like 10 منٹ later! It was so embarrassing. And Sav, Bi, AND Fitz were standing RIGHT there. I shook off the anger and went and sat down to wait for my friends. They got checked and zipped when it was Fitz’s turn the metal detector thing started going berserk! It was beeping and booping and going crazy. The security guard ran over to Fitz and started patting down his pockets. He must’ve found something because he said, ‘Aha!’ and walked over to the control pantalets یا whatever that dude was that lifted pregnant women’s stomachs and stared at there breasts. I couldn’t resist the urge to peek at whatever was the ‘aha’ item. It was a pocket knife. I groaned and realized it was the same weapon that he’d stabbed one of my best friend’s boyfriends, Eli, beside the wall. It scared the crap out of him and Clare and everyone who went to Degrassi High. Especially Clare and Snake, our principal. He’d gone berserk (like the metal detector) and done something totally rash. We’d gotten uniforms after Spring break. And that was everyone’s punishment. Especially for Alli. She was a total fashionista and wore everything from her brother, Sav’s, “rock on” ring to her big گلابی diamond encrusted hoops that dangled from her ears almost every day. She was Clare’s best friend and my very good friend. She leaned on me whenever bad boy Eli Goldsworthy entered Degrassi territory with his sexy looks and black fingernails. Clare was attracted (almost) immediately. Not quite, though. She still wasn’t over my boyfriend and her ex, KC. And then he broke up with me after realizing I wasn’t getting an abortion. All was good now because I was focused on my baby boy. Yeah, a boy. I needed to know the sex of the kid because…I just needed too. I’d wanted a girl but آپ know how things go. آپ get a boy when آپ want the girl; آپ get the girl when آپ want the boy. At least it wasn’t twins یا triplets because I’d either be 2x یا 3x bigger than I already am. This would be WORSER!!!!
After the lecture to Fitz we finally got on the luxurious plane. I can’t believe Lucy had done this all for me. But she had and that I was grateful for. And we boarded on this big ole’ plane. And down the رن وے we went. I turned off my cell and then I started listening to the ipod. I sang along and then I felt Bianca (who was sitting beside me) nudge my arm. I ripped the earphones out of my ears and heard the pilot say, “Um. Sorry passengers. We seem to be experiencing some technical difficulty…” And BOOM!!!!! The engine died….