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Surah An-Nas

1. Say, "I seek refuge in the Lord of mankind,

2. The Sovereign of mankind.

3. The God of mankind,

4. From the evil of the retreating whisperer -

5. Who whispers [evil] into the breasts of mankind -

6. From among the jinn and mankind."

Surah Al-Falaq

1. Say, "I seek refuge in the Lord of daybreak

2. From the evil of that which He created

3. And from the evil of darkness when it settles

4. And from the evil of the blowers in knots

5. And from the evil of an envier when he envies."
posted by truth76
1. Those who reject (Truth), among the People of the Book and among the Polytheists, were not going to depart (from their ways) until there should come to them Clear Evidence,-

2. An messenger from Allah, rehearsing scriptures kept pure and holy:

3. Wherein are laws (or decrees) right and straight.

4. Nor did the People of the Book make schisms, until after there came to them Clear Evidence.

5. And they have been commanded no مزید than this: To worship Allah, offering Him sincere devotion, being true (in faith); to establish regular prayer; and to practise regular charity; and that is the Religion...
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