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 Ramadan پیپر وال
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پیپر وال
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This Islam پیپر وال might contain سائن ان کریں, پوسٹر, متن, چاکبورڈ, نشانی, تختۂ چاک, غروب آفتاب, and طلوع آفتاب.

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Kufr in Islam: what is it and what are it’s types :

Learning about Kufr is an essential part of Muslim’s knowledge about his faith. Without knowing Kufr, آپ cannot do justice to Tawheed. Kufr is used in the Glorious Qur’an for people who cover up یا hide the truth. It also uses this word to point out those who denied the favors of Allah سے طرف کی not accepting his Dominion and Authority. Therefore Kufr is the opposite of Imaan یا Disbelief in Allah and a Non-Believer is called Kaafir.

A person can be categorized as Kaafir یا Murtadd (meaning apostate) if the following twelve beliefs یا actions...
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