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 Cindy 1920x1200
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پیپر وال
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This IU پیپر وال might contain fedora کے, محسوس کیا ٹوپی, homburg, سٹیٹسن, trilby رکھا, فادورا, محسوس ٹوپی, ہومبرگ, سٹیٹساون, ٹرلبی, boater, نامہ, پاناما, پاناما ٹوپی, ملاح, skimmer کے, تنکے کی ٹوپی, بواٹیر, لیگہورن, جہاز راں, پونی, and بھُس چھجّے دار ٹوپی.

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Beauty marks are small spots that appear on the body, most typically on the face, neck and chest so labeled because they are known for adding a unique charm point to ones appearance.

In this فہرست we bring آپ ten idols with unique beauty marks that accent their gorgeous faces. We do warn you: آپ might fall in love with some of these beauty marks یا become extremely envious!

1. f(x) – Sulli
First up on our فہرست is f(x)’s Sulli. She has two distinctive beauty marks on her face—one on her left cheek and another on the tip of her nose. Maybe that’s why they call it a beauty mark: because...
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Source: http://cafe.daum.net/IU/NHRO/12982