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breaking dawn part 2
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This Jacob and Bella تصویر might contain درمیان, درمیان درخت, ڈگلس ایف آئی آر, لگام پاتھ, لگام سڑک, لگام دینا راہ, and بند روڈ.

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 "What about me?"
"What about me?"
Lets think back to New moon,pretend Bella didn't "Cliff dive" off a cliff so Alice wouldn't think Bella was dead.So Edward wouldn't almost expose himself as a vampire.So Bella and Jacob could spend a longer time together.
The Winter snow that shined like dimounds,like some one I knew of.Edward still didn't come back,me still having the dreams.Spending time with Jacob really helped me not think of the negative.

I lied on my بستر waiting for Jacob like a کتے waits for there owner to come back after a long period...
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Sorry I wrote this then I deleted it so I had to start over was it good enough to start over please comment
( some contect taken directly from new moon)
We rolled down the windows, letting the icey night air blow through the car, hoping it would help mike. I curled my arms around my legs to keep warm.
"cold, again?" Jacob asked, putting his arm around me before I could answer .
"You're not?"
He shook his head.
"you must have a fever یا something," I grumbled. It wAs freezing I touched my fingers to his forehead and his head was hot.
"Whoa, Jake -- you're burning up!"
" I feel fine" he shrugged "fit...
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 Hmmm did Jake fall Victim of Bella's Reflexive power یا is his love for Bella so strong that even though he imprinted it shine's threw, let me know your opinions int he تبصرہ section
Hmmm did Jake fall Victim of Bella's Reflexive power or is his love for Bella so strong that even though he imprinted it shine's threw, let me know your opinions int he comment section
seems like things are heating up!!!!.....Hope آپ enjoy this Chapter.......i expect some shock from some of my reader lollllll :)

“Bell, please, we can be doing this” I said. She dropped her head in disappointment and sat on a nearby table.
“Jacob, I love آپ and I always have, I want to keep my distance from آپ but I can’t, I don’t want to come in between your wife and son, but Jacob آپ have to understand me it’s really, really hard to stay away from someone آپ love” she کہا as she whipped her tears.
I walked over to her and placed my hands on the edges of the میز, جدول leaving...
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Seems like things are steaming up lol :) here's chapter 47

Megan killed him but George doesn’t want to hear that she did it” کہا my father.
“Does Keila know?” I asked.
“No, she doesn’t know, and I would love for آپ to keep it to yourself.” He said.
“Okay I will dad” I said. He took a deep breath, “I’m not suppose to tell آپ this but you’re my son” he paused “Wolf can indeed fall for Vampires even if they imprinted, it’s a weakness we have for them, before it was to weaken our defense when we were at war with them so we can find it hard to kill a beautiful woman...
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Here's Chapter 42.......Hope آپ guys Enjoy it......... :)

“Yeah speaking about that I saw him اگلے to a silver BMW to a few days back, he didn’t noticed me but he was talking to someone in it, he was bent over leaning in the window, but I didn’t think too much of it” کہا Leah.
I sat up straight and rested my head on my knuckles. “Have anyone of آپ guys picked up any scents” I asked.
“No, we haven’t” answered Paul.
“These doesn’t add up, he showed up out of nowhere and is talking secretly to someone………are آپ guys thinking what I’m thinking?” I said.
“If your...
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Chapter 41.......hope آپ guys enjoy it :)

Leah was the first to cry she and Keila were great دوستوں along with Emily.
“I’m going to tear his head off!” I overheard Leah shout.
“You and me both” I heard Adam say, Adam was very protective of his sister مزید so now since Halian was born.
“I don’t agree with violence but on this one, I agree on a comeback” I overheard Carlisle say.
“We have to be smart on this one, he lingers around listening to conversation’s he could be around here somewhere listening to us now, he did this for a reason I just don’t know why” I heard Sam...
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Sorry for the delay, here's Chapter 38, hope آپ enjoy it :)

Sam began to look frustrated. He crossed his arms and glanced at me “What do آپ think Jake?” he asked.
“I don’t know, I understand both parts, plus she’s Halian’s daughter she has his honesty, seniority, and loving دل like he does” I said.
“Yeah but her mother’s desire to kill” کہا Paul.
“She’s Keila’s cousin she hate’s her mother for abandoning her, I agree with Sam having her as a pack member will be a benefit to us” I said. My eyes quickly glanced at the pack’s expressions, I could tell they didn’t...
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Heyyy, here's Chapter 35, hope u like it :)

“Nothing, I can’t just stop سے طرف کی and say hello to my brothers” he کہا with an evil smirk.
“You didn’t come here to say hello, so what is it that آپ want” I کہا as I gripped my knuckles tightly.
“I can’t just stop سے طرف کی and say hello” he کہا as he chucked I noticed he his eyes make way to Emily. The pain was still in his eyes.
“Hey Em” he said.
“Chester” she replied.
“Is that why آپ came here, to see if she is still with me” کہا Sam as he walked towards him. But Chester remained silent.
“She is, where married” he demanded....
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Here is Chapter 32........Hmmmmmm, maybe some mystery's are sloved....maybe not lollll....hope u enjoy.

“How could آپ have lie to me like that” she demanded. She grabbed her daughter “I’m going to my father’s………….Party over” Bella کہا as she walked to her car. Jake and Sam rushed to Edward, Sam picked up the portrait and Jake helped him up.
“Are آپ okay?” asked Jake
“Yeah, I’m fine…I getting use to her outburst” he کہا as he rubbed the back of his head.
“You mean she kick’s your پچھواڑے, گدا often?” asked Sam. Embry and Quil were trying hard to control their laughter....
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 Amanda......(could she really be Halian's long lost daughter?)
Amanda......(could she really be Halian's long lost daughter?)
Hope آپ enjoy chapter 31......still some surpises i have...hope u like it! :)

“This looks like a MTV crib” joked Seth. We all laughed together.
Suddenly the door opens and Renesmee runs towards Jake.
“Uncle Jake” she said. Jake picked her up with ease.
“Hey munchkin” he said.
“I missed you” she said.
“Well I missed آپ too Nessie” he کہا as he placed her back down.
“Hey, آپ found it” کہا Edward as he shook Jakes hand.
“Yeah, it’s beautiful Edward” کہا Jake.
“Please come on in” he کہا to the guys.
We walked in and the house was beautifully decorated. I was scared...
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 Bella and Edward's house
Bella and Edward's house
ارے here's part 30....it contiunes from 29...hope u like it!!! lol

“SAM, WHAT’S GOING ON?!?!” yelled Adam.
Sam scrambled threw pages. I seen him stop, his expression on his face scared me, his eyes widen as he stared at me.
“This can’t be” he کہا as he shook his head.
I began to yell more, Jake and Adam grew مزید nervous.
“WHAT IS IT” yelled Jake has he held on to my hand.
“If this is right……an evil spirit is trying to take control of your son” کہا Sam in a shocked tone.
“WHAT?!?!” Exclaimed Adam.
“Here chant this before it’s too late.” He کہا but I blacked out...
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Hope u guys like part 29.... :)

“Well if she does her baby would could inherit a evil spirit, due to the fact that there weak in the worm” کہا Sam as he read the book.
“Okay then, let’s do it tonight’ کہا Jake. “Great” کہا Sam. The pack was getting ready to leave.
“Where do آپ guys think آپ going?” asked Jake.
“Umm….home” کہا Embry.
“No you’re not; آپ guys are going to help with the window” کہا Jake.
They all turned around in unison and laughed they grabbed their equipment and began to help.

The time was getting closer, Jake transformed and I hoped on his back,...
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 Adam Keila's twin brother.
Adam Keila's twin brother.
Part 27 continues from part 28.....hope u enjoy it :)

Adam followed Adam’s فر, سمور was pure white, to me he was the best looking بھیڑیا of the pack, he was about the same size as Jacob.
Billy, Grandpa George, and my father rushed outside. Brian was on the ground he was screaming off the سب, سب سے اوپر of his lungs, he covered his head with his arms but he could still feel and hear the heavy breath and growling of Adam and Jake.
“Easy Adam, his still your uncle” کہا my father as he walked towards them.
“Jake please,...
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 Keila's Uncle Yaxkin (Brian) Waterfall
Keila's Uncle Yaxkin (Brian) Waterfall
Hope آپ enjoy Part 26.... :) it contiunes from part 25.

“Well, Keila knows what where having, were going to tell everyone tonight.” I کہا as wheeled my father to my car.
We got to my house, I pull up behind an unfamiliar car, it was a 2010 Mercedes benz CL-Class, that car alone is a house, I glanced at the licenses plate “It’s Her uncle Yaxkin” Billy intruded.
“His licenses plate says New York” I کہا as I got out helping him out the car.
“Yeah Keila didn’t tell آپ about him” He کہا as I helped him get in his wheel chair.
“She mentioned him a few times, but she talks...
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 Billy Black
Billy Black
Part 25 continues from Part 24....hope آپ enjoy

“Nice to meet آپ too” I کہا as I shook his hand.
“Are آپ ready to know the sex of your baby” he said.
“Yeah, I can’t wait to find out” I said.
“Well get yourself comfortable” he کہا as he prepped the ultra sound. He placed some of that cold gel on me again; I hated that part of it. He then gently searched for my baby. “There’s the head” he کہا as he pointed at the monitor. “And there’s the legs” he continued. I watched the monitor, I was amazed سے طرف کی how big my baby was getting “Are آپ ready to know what you’re...
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Here's Part 24, Im surprised how well its doing....thanks for the support everyone!!! Hope آپ enjoy....plz rate :)

I sat on my sofa, Keila sat اگلے to me. “Wow, I’m going to be a dad” I کہا as I held her hand.
“Yeah, were going to be parent’s” she said.
“A family” I said. I couldn’t help but kiss her.
“I have to call everyone and let them know” she got up and ran to the kitchen. I sat there and changed the channels of my TV.

I saw a shadowy figure pass سے طرف کی my window, I watched in horror, I sat up I called out for Jake to wake up, I finally turned to his بستر side not...
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Part 23 continues from part 22.

“Give me those” I snatched them out of her and went into the bathroom, I followed the instructions on the box. I placed it on the bathroom sink. “Okay it says to wait 5 minutes” I کہا as I opened the bathroom door. Those 5 منٹ felt like forever. “Okay it’s time” کہا Bella. I slowly walked to the sink. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath; I opened my eyes slowly and saw 2 lines on the stick. “OH MY GOD” I shouted.
“What does it say” کہا Leah, they gathered around me. “I’m………..I’m…..pregnant” I said.
Emily’s eyes...
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Part 22 continues from part 21
Hope آپ enjoy.

Two months pass
Everything was going great, Jake opened up his own mechanic shop. He named it K&J Auto Shop; it was very مقبول everyone seemed to go to him when it came to car troubles; even the Cullen’s seem to like his work. Today is Saturday and it was girl’s night out, Emily, Leah, Bella and I went to Worrier’s.
“How’s Renesmee doing?” I asked Bella.
“She is doing great” she responded.
“How’s everything at ہوم being a newlywed?” Bella asked me
“It’s fantastic” I said.
“Hi welcome to Worrier’s my name is Janet...
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Part 21 contiunes from part 20

“Yep” I کہا as I kissed her. Just then I heard a truck nose pulling up to our house, I rushed to the window to see the guys starting to clean up the backyard. I turned back to Keila. “Those guys are out there cleaning up, get dress and meet me back there” I kissed her forehead and headed outside.
“Hey, hey, hey….go back in that house and enjoy your honeymoon” کہا Sam.
I placed my hand on my hips. I watched as they placed the tables and chairs into the truck.
“Embry, I bet آپ that I could break this chair over your back with one hit” کہا Quil
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