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موسیقی flowed through my ears as I wrote a verse of the song; I paused and glanced at a picture of Jacob, Sam, Seth, Leah, Quil, Embry, Paul and Jared they was bunched together but the only person I couldn’t keep my eye off of was Jacob. I whipped a tear as I continued to write.
Baby I loved آپ from the very start even though I knew that آپ break my heart.
I quickly changed the song searching for another song that could help me express myself. I couldn’t find the words on my own, I rarely could, I would always either write down lyrics یا say them if I knew them سے طرف کی memory, my bad habit gotten...
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***New Life


The house construction moved so fast at this point. Sam led the guys through the whole process. Week two came to an end and the new باورچی خانے, باورچی خانہ was finished. Week three the upstairs floor and bare walls went up. Week four…the stairs, new roof, siding for the house, upstairs bathroom, and sheetrock walls came together. سے طرف کی week five the new electric and paint. Sam had been right. The whole renovation had taken just over a ماہ to complete. Alice had been funded سے طرف کی Edward and bought all new furniture for the house. Sam and I stood اگلے to each other now and marveled at our handy...
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"We may consider that It's almost Impossible to get what we are asking from God Since Long.. But Its NOT always Impossible.. آپ got to Believe it, آپ Never know that آپ can Actually get what آپ desire.."

It was a Typical Sunday Morning for Me.. though It was the Valentine's دن for all Others. I was still in my بستر as always as I was working late last night.. My Alarm rang so Loud & I stretched in My Bed. I knew I got to Endure this دن because we may say all the Time that We're Happy for our دوستوں & everyone that they are so Truly in Love, But somewhere Deep inside ourself, We'll...
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