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posted by jdrs
آپ see
آپ see me
but no one does
آپ dont know me
am a stranger
i will look
i will see
آپ dont know
but am a ghost
my life is gone
my soul is gone
never thought i would be
am dead inside
am dead outside
never wanted to be dead again
آپ see me
آپ dont see me
am gone forever
am gone for life
but am still here
never want to be here
آپ tell me to stay
i ask
i plead
i want to be free
i want to be free for life
آپ just wont let me go
let me go
just do let me
am here
am not
آپ see that am forever young
but am a ghost
am a ghost for life
but theres a clue
but not simple
not neat
آپ saw that am gone
i cry
it rains
but آپ no longer have fear
because am there