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This Jemi آرٹ پرستار contains کنسرٹ. There might also be کاروبار سوٹ and بزنس سوٹ.

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another دن at school. i dont like to go to school guess why? yeah im the loser. i dont know how i became one maybe because i was so ugly?. i stond infront of me locker,when i suddenly got pushed into it. "ooow" they started to laughin'hard. " poor loser " i heard him say. i just stared at him i couldnt say anything to him..i was just hurt he choose the مقبول insteand of me. i used to be his only friend back in the years...but now he doesnt need me anymore. everytime i thought about it my eyes got teary..He stond there with his so called amazing دوستوں laughin'while the other bitches of...
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He one کہا we'd be together forever and always,but I guess that was just another lie.You wanna know what happened?Okay,I'll tell آپ what happened.
I was on my way ہوم from work on a Saturday night.I went into my house and heard moaning.I went upstairs to my bedroom to find my boyfriend ,Joe,and my bestfriend having sex.So,here I am at my bestfriend and ex-boyfriend's wedding.
My thoughts were interuppted when the priest کہا "Do آپ Selena Marie Gomez take Joseph Adam Jonas to be your husband.""I do," Selena said."DO آپ Joseph Adam Jonas take Selena Marie Jonas?" "No.' Joe replyed."Sorry Selena ,but I love Demi," He said. Joe ran over to me and kissed me passionaly.Since that دن Joe and I have been happily married.
They’re both talented, good-looking, and famous, but Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato don’t exactly have the world on a string: Simpler pleasures, of the sort afforded to other kids their age, sometimes elude them. Earlier this year, when the Camp Rock 2: The Final جام costars decided to test the romantic possibilities of their rock-solid friendship, they felt compelled to do so in public; when they broke up just a few months later, Joe announced it سے طرف کی issuing a statement, and Demi—always true to her loyal fans—decided to کریں تصدیق the details on Twitter. “I kind of learned throughout this...
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