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10:00 in the morning:

J: *Coughs 9 times* mmmmm........*coughs again*
K: Sweetie are آپ sick?
S: *pushes Kowalski away and looks concerningly at Jenn*
J: Your not my Kowalikins!
S: *lays flippers on Jennibella's face* I'm going to cure آپ love.
K: *Gasps* hands off my girl!
S: She doesn't belong with you!
J: *Voice becomes distorted when calling out Kowalskis name*
A: Whats all the comotion?
K: Jenn was right! Skipper does like just her!
A: We must do something!!!
K: Have no fear science is here!

Back with Jennibella..........and Skipper!

S: Jenn, your so pretty, آپ must be my wife!
J: Skipper I am engaged...
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1:00 @ night!

J: *keeps tossing and turning.....*

A: *wakes up and notices Jenn slowly waking up*.

K: *wakes up finally and quickly turns to Jenn* Sweetie, wake up!

J: Ah!

K: *alarmingly looks at skipper to make sure he didnt wake*

S: *turns around and keeps warm in his bed*

K: Phewph! *wipes sweat off forehead*

J: I can't stop thinking about what happened yesterday.

A: آپ mean what Skipper was trying to do? Yeah I know what آپ mean.

J: I think he likes me! *looks away and frowns*

A: Um, Jenn he does remember? Both of us?

J: No! not both! *Gives the worried look* Just me!

K: *Gasps* Jenn, do آپ think...
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A: Calm down Kowalski.........I think Skipper is motioning for us to come and play.

J: Play? I wouldn't mind a game.

K: I'm not letting Skip take آپ both from me *holds onto Jenn and Ally closely*

J: Oh Kowalski darling, Skipper isn't THAT harmful, right Ally?

A: Indeed!

J: So shall we?

S: *gazes at Jenn lovingly*

J: *Puts flipper to lower lip, and narrows eyes* Hmmmmm........Something's not right. Alright. Let's go!

*All three start waddling together*

@ the HQ!

S: *tries to sit closely to Jenn*

*The other two پینگوئن, پیںگان boys including Jenn, Ally and Kowalski look at Skipper suspiciously*

........To be continued!
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*3 weeks later*

K: Honey? do آپ feel better? Ally and I have been worried sick!

J: Geez..............what happened to me.....

*weakly gets up*

*Kowalski and Ally help Jenn drink water*

*Skipper enters*

S: ارے dolls, wanna go out later?

J: Gasp!

A & J: *slaps skipper on both cheeks*

A:I'm sorry I know your Kowalski's friend, but we're not in love with you.

*Skipper's head hangs and his eyes water.

*While Ally goes back to stand with Kowalski Jenn calmly rejects Skipper*

J: I'm sorry but we're not your type...

S: Yes آپ are! I loved آپ both the moment I first saw you...... *tries to lay flippers on...
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A & K: Jenn?

*Kowalski runs around desperately looking everywhere in the HQ*

A: Jenn? Where are you?...You think she went for a walk?

K: She would have left a note.

*In the closet Jenn makes choking sounds*

K: Angel? Angel is that you? Ally! I think I found her!

A: Where is she?

*Jenn starts knocking on the closet doors and tries to speak but only chokes longer*

K: I think she's choking!!!

*Kowalski waddles quickly over to the closet, and grabs piece سے طرف کی piece of jewellery off Jenn*
Please Ally! Help!

*Ally rushes over and helps*

J: Kowalikins..........I don't think I feel good....

A & K: *both eyes...
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K: Jennibella! Ally, my sweet pretty darlings!!!!

A: What is it handsome?

K: I was hoping آپ and Jenn would like to run away with me.

*Jenn and Ally exchange looks and gasps*

J: Are آپ serious honey?

A: Yeah, what about Skipper? Your his best friend...

K: He knows how to handle things alone.

*Kowalski puts flippers around each girl, and gazes into eyes*

K: Will آپ two.....marry me?

*Jenn and Ally exchange looks again, and faint*

*Kowalski picks them up and lay them both in seperate bunks*

*Jenn awakes, and stands اگلے to Kowalski*

J: I can't believe it, آپ want both of us to marry YOU?

K: Yes Jenn, آپ and Ally, forever in my life....

A: *BOING!* Of course I'll marry آپ Kowalski!!!!

*The three walk off

To be continued.............
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*Jenn and Ally wait for Kowalski to come back*

J: Oh gosh Ally, I'm so tired....... *Gazes over at Kowalski's bunk*

A: Jenn I know what your thinking, don't do it.

J: Oh come on Ally, I'm just kidding.

*Runs over to the door of Kowalski's lab*

J: OMG, Ally, look!!!

*Ally and Jenn peer through the window*

A: OMG OMG OMG!!!!! Jenn, I think we've fallen for a well educated guy!

*Kowalski knocks on the door*

K: Honey's I'm home!

*Jenn and Ally run to the door and welcome Kowalski lovingly*

J: We missed آپ so bad....

K: Hugs Ally and Jenn tightly and goes on knees*

A: when آپ leave اگلے time, can آپ leave us a note when you'll be back?

k: I will for sure my darlings....

*Kowalski walks over to the bunk and falls asleep sitting with the girls laying their heads on his shoulder*
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J: OMG Ally, look, its that guy آپ were talking about!!!!

*Ally and Jenn start squealing*

K: Hey, I don't think I've seen آپ around here before.

J: Oh well, we just arrived here today so thats probably why.

A: Me and my friend really think your handsome.

K: Really?

J: Yeah! My name is Jenn and she's Ally.

K: What pretty names!
*Hears Skipper calling*

K: I'd better go....I've been asked to go on a mission.

J: Good luck handsome!

*Ally and Jenn blow kisses to him*

J: Wait before آپ go.......we were wondering what your name was.

K: It's Kowalski.

*Jenn and Ally let their jaws drop and then start fainting*...
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