I am a big پرستار of Jennifer Aniston and the truth.I will be writting a blog of the latest news of Jen. For those who are her شائقین whos parents wount let the سے طرف کی the latest magazines read my blog. JENS SHOCKING TWIST Jennifer Aniston is the سٹار, ستارہ all people wondering how she got over her hot ex husband BRAD PITT. Im here to tell آپ that story is false.If it were ture and she was over him why would she have secret dates with him,text him nonstop, video chat just to see each others faces. Sounds like love to me. In Angelinas head the saying is stuck in their like glue,"What goes around comes around." An insider states he still Loves her. I wouldnt be supprise if she felt the same way Brad. آپ all heard of Gerald Butler was he used as a jelous toy to win back Brad. If so her plan could be off like a plane یا electricity against rubber backfired.So all lets arange a سروے i will set it up so all celebrates she what we the شائقین think of Bradnifer. None of this information could have been here without Intouch all research was provided سے طرف کی Intouch magazine tittled Jen and Brad Caught Kissing pick up your copie at any newspaper stand. Bloger MermerFine