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Fashion Earrings are also the beautiful accessory for women. Wearing earrings you should also pay attention to some matching knowledge. To choose earrings, you must know the following knowledge.
a. To choose a large earring can cover some imperfect of the ear. Shell earring is the perfect choice.
b. Droop-style earrings are the best choice for the people who have a beautiful ear. And they will not be overwhelmed by the perfect ear-type.
c. Wear large earrings or triangular faces can make people seem larger thin;
d. Wear large shape or triangle shape earrings can make your moderate size face be smaller, such as pearl earrings.
e. Oval face more suitable for the person close to the circular earrings ear Tsai;
f. Square face, had better wear button-shaped, circular or spiral-shaped hoop earrings;
g. Heart-shaped face can be worn on the narrow width of the triangle under the pear-shaped earrings and beads hanging earrings, you can consider crystal earrings and turquoise earrings if you are heart-shapes face.
Notation to wear earrings:
Earrings with other costume jewelry, like the language of symbols of human culture, you can clearly show a person's status, culture, and taste.
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So wear earrings, in particular, is to attend some formal occasions, we should pay more attention to the matching earrings and other jewelry, reflecting a person's temperament and aesthetic, giving a refreshing feeling.
To attend formal occasions, should pay attention to earrings and evening wear, dresses and other clothing with the coordination. If the color is bright clothing, they should match the same color or elegant earrings, to keep the same style. Can also use a special texture or materials of some special earrings, or even originality to pick a number of ethnic style earrings to make your own rich come to the fore, but it must grasp the scale in order to avoid self-defeating.
Matching earrings and hair color
a. Gold jewelry almost suitable for everyone to wear;
b. Color, the best choice for those who faint white, silver, sky blue, pink earrings, avoid wearing too much color earrings; Pearl earring is the right option.
c. Complexion fair and clear are suitable for wearing red, purple and other dark earrings;
d. Long-haired woman with a chain for wearing earrings, you can show itself to be;
e. Short hair and women can wear diamond earrings or a delicate earrings;
f. Fashion hair bun or a plate made of a large female suitable for wearing earrings, you can
g. hoose discount earrings , then you can look classic and generous;
h. To remain asymmetric hair girls, if only to wear large earrings, you can play a balancing role, appears unique charm.
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