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posted by foxlovesangel
Thumb: According to Roman literature, the ring can help in this case آپ fulfilled, the road to success.

Index finger: the direction of the fingers, and put a ring in this case will become bright and independent personality, the most suitable for free trade wore.

Middle finger: inferior to the most suitable to wear wedding ring ring finger, ring on their most hearty atmosphere to create a free, allowing آپ inspiration emerge and become مزید attractive.

Ring finger: from the Roman era accustomed to wearing the ring on it , according to legend this refers to the connected to the heart, the most...
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posted by Bluesky2000
The method of wearing the ring has much consideration as it has had strong symbolized meaning from ancient times, so we can’t wear it casually. According to the traditions of China, the engagement ring is usually worn on the long finger of the left hand and the wedding ring is on the ring finger of the left hand; if آپ are an unmarried lady, it should be worn on the long یا ring finger of the right hand یا it will step back many chasers.

According to the traditions and customs of the western countries, the left hand is the luck the God blesses to آپ and it connects with the heart, so wearing...
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