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Hope ya enjoy!
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JHOLD told me this was his پسندیدہ song
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well my دوستوں Timathy Kelly Payton and Trevor all came over 2day and i was burning some trash on the آگ کے, آگ pit i went 2 get the hose it wudnt budge i pulled really hard and it snaped off water shot out i turned off that پمپ and went inside then all of a sudden red dirty water starts shooting out of all the fousets in the house and they go crazy and spray every 1 and every thing with scolding hot water idked wat 2 do then it stoped the toilet lik erupted and then the water maine exploded taking out my side yard and now my mothers پھول بستر is on سب, سب سے اوپر of my 4 story house my دوستوں and i r soking wet my powers out thank goodness 4 battery life and theres water shoting frome the grounded and my ہوم is flooded lol this has been a weird دن im gon get killed سے طرف کی my parents lol (R.I.P. JHOLD)
this is my 1st مضمون so its kinda bad lol