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*At پینگوئن, پیںگان Hq*
Skipper:Hey Jhordan How it go With Your Date?
Jhordan:Great,and cool
Skipper:That's good to Hear That Solider
Private:So Are آپ going to See her Again?
Jhordan:Yep she told Last Night..
Marlene:I'll See آپ Tomorrow
*End Flashback*
Private:Aww a پینگوئن, پیںگان And وٹر, اوٹار
Jhordan:So anyways I'm gonna Meet Her Again tonight
Skipper:Should we Come With You?
Jhordan:Nah it's cool i Don't Need Any Backup
Skipper:Ok Jhordan
*It Was 9:00 P.M And i was Going to See Marlene*
Jhordan:(Enters in The Habitat) Hello?? Marlene??
Marlene:Hello Jhoman My Baby
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 Me &Marlene Kissing At The End of The Story
Me &Marlene Kissing At The End of The Story
*It Was Morning at The central Park zoo And i Was in Marlene's Place*
Jhordan:*Yawns) Marlene? Marlene? Where Are You?
*See s Blowhole on a TV Screen*
Blowhole:Well,Well,Well Jhordan
Jhordan:O_o blowhole >:( What آپ do with Marlene?!?
Blowhole:Right Here
Jhordan:*Gasp* Marlene!!
Marlene:Jhordan Help me Please!!
Jhordan:Don't Worry I'll Protect And i'll Come Get آپ Baby
Blowhole:You Want Her come Get Her
Jhordan:Oh You've See blowhole >:(
*I go to پینگوئن, پیںگان HQ*
Jhordan:Guys I have Bad News!
Skipper:What is it?
Jhordan:It's Blowhole Again
Skipper:O_O Blowhole >:( Boys Operation:Blowhole
*Skipper and...
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 Me&Marlene After The تاریخ Kissing
Me&Marlene After The Date Kissing
First دن i Met Marlene Part 2
*i Walk Out پینگوئن, پیںگان HQ and go to Marlene's Habitat*
Jhordan:Hi Marlene
Marlene:Hi Jhordan glad To See آپ
Jhordan:*blushes* Really?
Marlene:Yep so Uh.. آپ Wanna Go Out آپ And Me?
Jhordan::D Yes!! Yes!!!
Marlene:Cool i'll See آپ Tonight
Jhordan:Ok *whispers-Yes!!*
*It Was 8:00 P.M And Marlene Comes See Me*
Marlene:Hi Jhor..Woah آپ look hot
Jhordan:Thanks Baby آپ Looks Sexy Like Yourself
Marlene:*blushes* oh Uh thanks :)
Jhordan:Your Welcome.shall we go?
Marlene:Yeah Let's go
*Me And Marlene Was on Are 1st تاریخ And i Was Nervous of Marlene Cause iDk What to say On Are Date...
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 Me&Marlene Toghter
Me&Marlene Toghter
*Penguins See Whats in The Create then*
Private:yay Another Penguin
Kowaski:Is he wearing Shades?
Skipper:hmm sure looks like it
Penguins Walks away
then i come out the crate
Jhordan(Penguin form):Wow its Great to be here i Feel cool lookin
Well i'm gonna take a look around the habitat
*My OC پینگوئن, پیںگان Walks Around*
Jhordan:I'll go the the وٹر, اوٹار Habitat
*sees Marlene And O_O*
Jhordan:Wow she looks pretty
Marlene:hi there What's your name
Jhordan:uhh..Jhordan And آپ are
Jhordan:Oh Nice name
Jhordan:I'll Talk to آپ later ok
Marlene:ok sure Bye
Jhordan:Bye Sexy..I Mean Marlene *Walks Away*
 Jhordan The Oc Cool lokkin پینگوئن, پیںگان
Jhordan The Oc Cool lokkin Penguin