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If yes.Does it depended on where آپ live?

Does he just love american girls only?

Any one outside of the states ever had a reply,or autograph تصویر یا something?
Does he give a crap about anyone?
Maybe he just loves himself does he?

He shakes hands sometimes,that really pays back for all them dvd's bought and cinema tickets paid for does it?What about them posters?What about the expensive autograph تصویر i purchashed,because he was too mean to reply to پرستار mail.
Can a magical bird use a pen?Can he speak say.
Does he love me!!!!!

When he is going to appeciate شائقین a bit more.
The شائقین love does n't feed his شائقین stomach.

Does he love?
How much does he love?
Is there price on love?
How does he prove his love.
He was very brave to try something new and different for a movie star.
Very raw.
Very interesting.
دکھانا opinions of media people.
He has alot of inner strength.
He is capable of many things.
Such many talents.
Not just moving pictures artist.
A presenter.
A interviewer.

He is kind as a person.
He is not just a pretty face.

This is shown clearly.

He "is" musical,far greater than what meets the eye.

He would be a wonderful art for Woody Allen.
I would love to see him in a Woody Allen movie one day.