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posted by thrillergirl18
Fight for world peace to be like John Lennon. Throughout his life, he was a proponent of peace and was against war and violence. His song "Imagine" is about world peace.

Stand for equal rights for all people to be like John Lennon. In his life, Lennon always stood up for minorities and people groups who may not have had equal rights, such as the gay and lesbian demographic.

Be a trend-setter and pioneer in your field to be like Lennon. He was without a doubt one of the great pioneers of entertainment, music, film and art. He set the trends and did not follow them.

Overcome difficulties and problems to be like John Lennon. He faced many difficulties in his childhood, yet he kept his resilience through it all. His father was nonexistent in his childhood, and his mother died when Lennon was only 17. He was mainly raised سے طرف کی relatives, not his mother.

Be great at what آپ do to be like Lennon. He is considered one of the greatest musicians, songwriters, performers and artists in history.

Develop deep friendships and relationships to be like Lennon. Obviously, as founding member and leader of the Beatles, the most famous rock group ever, Lennon had many deep and dynamic relationships. John, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr were best of دوستوں and iconic musical شخصیات مشہور for the whole of their lives.

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Ok a دن late for the 29th anniversary of Lennon's death. But still a great song.
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Trailer for the John Lennon biopic based on the biography written سے طرف کی his sister. Filmed in Liverpool, due out Christmas دن in the UK.
nowhere boy
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Heartbreaking تصاویر in this video.
john lennon
happy christmas
john lennon
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john lennon
stand سے طرف کی me
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posted by thrillergirl18
On the 8th draw peace symbol saying Give Peace A Chance. Listen to John Lennon read کتابیں about The Beatles یا about John Lennon. It's been 31 years since Lennon's death do a few منٹ of silence at school, at home, at anywhere آپ are. Give Peace A Chance and spread Peace and Love♥

There are so many ways that آپ could do to GIVE PEACE A CHANCE.
1. Don't eat meat
2. Giving people the peace sighn
3. Forgive others
3. Donate things to homeless shelters and other places
4. Listen to 1960's music
5. Tie Dye shirts

That's somethings that I do آپ could do anything that آپ want to do for peace.
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