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When joy was a cute baby she was all adorable and her parents will able to take good care of her

After that

Joy is sitting down she see's Amy and says

" hello I'm joy and آپ are? "

And Amy looks at joy and said

"im Amy ,Amy rose "

And joy gets up and said

"let me interduce myself I'm joy the Hedgehog"

Amy کہا with a happy sound

"glad to meet u joy "

And sonic ran سے طرف کی and joy fell and کہا angry


Sonic stoped and کہا

"sorry ^^'"

Joy کہا it nicely

"its ok ^^"

Sonic was shocked

So joy کہا

"Hi I'm joy and آپ are?"

Sonic کہا

"im sonic sonic the Hedgehog"

And joy got up and کہا

"cool nice name"

Sonic blushed alittle and said


And joy said


And joy left
added by kesha759
added by kesha759