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posted by noahwfan
Julian Lennon was born on April 8, 1963 in Liverpool, England. His birth was kept secret from the public. John Lennon didn't see his son until a week later because he was touring with The Beatles. When he first saw his son, he picked him up and said, "Who's going to be a little rocker like his dad?
Julian saw very little of his father. John was rarely ہوم during Julian's early childhood because he was constantly touring with The Beatles. In 1966, John met a Japanese artist named Yoko Ono. In 1968, he abandoned his first family and divorced his first wife Cynthia. John and Yoko married on...
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posted by noahwfan
1. On his first tour, Julian and his band wore one red جراب and one blue جراب for good luck.
2. Julian has a half aunt who was named Victoria Elizabeth. She was adopted after she was born and her adoptive parents took her to Norway and changed her name to Ingrid.
3. His great grandfather who's name was the same as his father's was one of the Kentucky Minstrels.
4. He has two half uncles named Robin and David.
5. His full name is John Charles Julian Lennon. He was named John after his father, Charles after Cynthia's father and Julian after John's mother.
6. If the baby had been a girl, she would have been named Julia after John's mother.
7. He was nominated best new artist in 1985 but he lost to Sade.
8. He has two half aunts named Julia and Jackie. Julia mentions him a lot in her book about John.
9. His first album Vallote when platinum in 1985.
10. Julian lost his father when he was 17. His mother Cynthia lost her father when she was 17. John lost his mother when he was 17.
posted by noahwfan

1. Valotte
2. O.K. For You
3. On The Phone
4. Space
5. Well I Don't Know
6. Too Late For Goodbyes
7. Lonely
8. Say You're Wrong
9. Jesse
10. Let Me Be


1. Stick Around
2. آپ Get What آپ Want
3. Let Me Tell You
4. I've Seen Your Face
5. Coward Till The End
6. This Is My Day
7. آپ Don't Have To Tell Me
8. Everyday
9. Always Think Twice
10. Want Your Body

Mr. Jordan

1. Now You're In Heaven
2. You're The One
3. I Get Up
4. Mother Mary
5. Angillete
6. Open Your Eyes
7. Make It Up To You
8. Sunday Morning
9. سیکنڈ Time
10. I Want آپ To Know
Bonus song: remastered version only Johnny B....
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I became a پرستار of Julian Lennon in November 1994 after seeing تصاویر of him when he was little on The Beatles Anthology. The first cd of his I bought was Help Yourself which I couldn't let my then fiance know I had because he was jealous of him. I decided to look Julian up on line and found two پرستار sites, Revolutions and Valotte. Revolutions was better than Valotte and it was مزید informative. I always liked Too Late For Goodbye from his cd Valotte and I love his version of Ruby Tuesday from The Wonder Years soundtrack. Unfortunately, he was a one hit wonder here in America. I heard about Valotte when I was 13 but I didn't hear about The Secret Value of Daydreaming, Mr. Jordan and Help Yourself until I became a fan. Now, I'm divorced so I can be into Julian as much as I want.