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Live The Legend: Jurassic Park RP


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JPTRex said:
This RPG is unlike any other you've seen- There are few of it's kind left, with such originality and fun. However, what is LtL?

Jurassic Park is a classic movie. Fans are still out there, looking to keep the fandom alive and kicking. Join JPLegacy and our 300 active forum users in the quest to keep Jurassic Park alive!

Jurassic Park Legacy alone is the Web's LARGEST Jurassic Park information resource- in fact, Paleontologist Dinosaur George even mentioned the site in one of his Youtube videos and checked the site out for himself. The Staff have worked 15 hard years to keep the site alive. However, we want more. We want more people. We want more activity than we already have with our 300 members.

Though, as large as the Encylopedia is, we have an RPG. Live The Legend.

Live The Legend currently has MANY new projects going on. Jurassic Trackers, Cenozoic Islands, Jurassic Park: Chaos Effect RP, Paleozoic Islands, Isla Nublar, Azores Park. Currently, we have a Star System, which allows people to take up numerous characters. We have character slots open NOW, such as Tyrannosaurus, Spinosaurus, and Velociraptors- however, this is not all! The Bestiary for Isla Sorna is large, and varies from Compsognathus to Dilophosaurus!

However, what are these new additions?

BrachioInGen, a Webmaster on the forum, is working on a new and improved updated version of the Isla Sorna map. We are revealing the coming attractions to current forum members-

- Jurassic Trackers. The "JT Plot" is a complex storyline, consisting of both pros and cons for a research team coming to Isla Sorna. This enables people to have Dinosaur-Human interaction, and to also RP a human- some from the original trilogy themselves, and some being YOUR original characters.

- Cenozoic Islands. Imagine a world with Hipparions and Smilodons, taking place on Isla Muerta. Everything from Andrewsarchus and Hipparion is available. BrachioInGen is currently also working on a map for this island as well, using Photoshop.

- Paleozoic islands. Many people consider Dimetrodon a dinosaur- it, in fact, is not a dinosaur at all. You can find this creature on the Paleozoic island to play as.

- Jurassic Park: Chaos Effect. JP: CE is based off the Chaos Effect toyline. Our Bestiary consists of everything from Ultimasaurus, the unreleased toy, to Amargospinus and Velociraptoryx. You can take up a character from the popular toyline!

- Isla Nublar. Some animals will be taken from the main island, Isla Sorna, and back to Nublar. Isla Nublar will again be turned into a park. You can take up a human on the island, as well as more dinosaur characters.

Overall, the JPLegacy RP Live The Legend is a complex RP. You can find it at
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