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Michael had many close دوستوں but he ahd one close fiend that is dead now. Her name is Elizabeth Taylor. She was very close to michael. She felt his pain and suffering. They both ahd abusive fathers. Elizabeth started the whole king of pop thing. Since then michael was called the king of pop. Michael was truly an amazing person. He has no idea how much I love him now. He will always be my friend no matter what. Doctor conrad murry will go to jail for murdering michael jackson. Michael is an angel now he can rest in peace for once. We will never forget آپ mj آپ truly are the king of pop, rock, and soul. He touched my دل with his موسیقی and made me believe in reaching for my dreams. I will continue to love آپ and dream about آپ michael. آپ will always be in my دل rest in peace buddy everyine will اقدام on and continue to listen to your music.
posted by thrillergirl18
OK I made this club for people to talk about their true feelings. If your in love, if your upset and need a friend, for anything. I want to make آپ feel better about yourself. آپ shouldn't let other people to get the best out of you.

This is not a place to be rude and to make people feel worse then they already are if they are upset. No fighting one rude thing then آپ will be banned from this club.

I hate it when people is rude on line یا anywhere. There's people out there who could get hut really easy they might be just misunderstood آپ should take time and get to know this person who's being rude to you.