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In my school everyone hates Justin Bieber ..But I dont understand why?If there is any Justin hater here please tell me why do آپ hate him...In my school when I ask my دوستوں why do آپ hate him?
here are the reasons:-
1:-He has a squeaky voice
2:-He has a stupid Haircut
3:-He Showoffs all the time.
and I think he never does these things..Okay are they jealous of him that he is just 16 and is a big Pop singer..and everybody loves him.Well I dont know
and besides these are not the reasons to hate someone.If he is a Dork why are his songs big hits?
Do u have a answer for that?and when I say I love him..They dont talk to me for دن and are making this a big issue.
Well I will Keep loving him..Do u have any problem with that?
Lets Shutout for Justin!
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