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My sifu,
You're my baby;
Your kungfu
Keeps آپ shapely;
When elements get toasty,
You're in the mood to boogie!
If company
Gets shady,
Our moves
Are ever ready
And our grooves are

We stepped and slid on the dance floor,
Your every اقدام I did so adore;
Your hands drew water from the air;
Soft light filtered through your hair;
The rhythm in your body captured,
You closed your eyes in music, enraptured;
A lovely smile shone through your lips,
As آپ moved your feet and swayed your hips;
Passion burned us as we danced--
Action returned for action enhanced;
Every اقدام آپ made a complement
To the steps...
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posted by wordbender
 Ooooh-la-la: Katara!
Ooooh-la-la: Katara!
If we met not long ago
Why do I want آپ so?
If آپ are my friend,
Why do آپ make me dream no end?
If آپ are my teacher,
Why do I see آپ as my peach—err …
If آپ are my sifu,
Why does my دل race for you?
If آپ are a couple of years older,
Why does my passion smoulder
Inside me—
Drive me krazy?
Why, why, why, Katara?
What kind of Avatar
Am I, I, I, Katara?
If آپ are but a waterbender,
Why does my دل feel so tender,
As if آپ bent it with your eyes,
Your touch, your kiss?
When will آپ realize
That I feel such painful bliss
For you, the one I miss,
Even if آپ stepped away like this
Every second, every hour,
I wish آپ would shower
Me with your affection,
‘Cos yours is my undivided attention!
 Drop dead, Aang!
Drop dead, Aang!
Aang woke up with a quick start. He looked around the tiny camp آگ کے, آگ at all his freind sleeping, and slowly his دل began to slow. He slid down Apaas side a stretched, trying his hardest not to wake anyone up, he tiptoed past Sokka, who was moaning in his sleep, " Please mister chicken i promise ill go vegie..". Smiling to himself he carried on his silent walk, he stopped a few metres from Tophs tent, and lightly as possible he jump from the ground and landed in a tree. Jumping from branch to branch he reached his destination, the edge of the cliff. he sat wide eyed waiting for the moment...
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posted by MaggiLove94
I have got جوابات from peaople who hate zutara

Seriously...why do people like Zutara?

Zuko seems awfully old for Katara, some say Aang is 112, but actually he is 12 and was frozen in an iceberg for 100 years so technically he's ten. I don't think Katara will ever be with Zuko anyway, I mean they're enemies and she really likes Aang, she kissed him for crying out loud and people still say she will go to Zuko! I mean SERIOUSLY!

I can't understand it either.

It's nice with the whole water-fire opposites thing... but آپ can have that with a Sokka/Ty Lee یا Sokka/Azula pairing.

Aang needs Katara,...
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posted by wordbender
A lonely whisper from a forgotten time
A tired whimper, a silent chime....
The voice of my spirit calls out to you--
Can آپ not hear it, so pure, so true?

I am shadowless wine
Waiting for your lips to taste me,
To drink me and shine
With the glow of my spirit set free--

Let me not stare through this cold wineglass,
یا evaporate into nothingness--
Oh, let us share our lives or--alas!
We would be entrapped in emptiness...

So breathe me, taste me, drink me until
The very corners of your soul I fill;
Let the glow of this wine most deeply impart
The warmth of my love to fill your sweet heart!
posted by wordbender

Always سے طرف کی my side,
As in آپ I can confide
My innermost state of being,
With you, beyond just seeing
You; though ever we are
Locked in a gaze,
Steady as a shining star,
Through Time’s ephemeral haze….

Always in my mind, seeing
Beyond our eye-to-eye
Contact, beyond even touching,
Beyond tasting your sweetness, I ….
Am engulfed by
Your affection
Like the ocean does my reflection
In your eyes I see the connection
That brings our souls to integration…

Always in my heart,
Together یا apart;
Our union transcends space,
Events, Time and place;
For ever are we,
In ways we cannot see,
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posted by wordbender
The colour of your charm:
Your energy, in quiet and calm
That emanates from your fingertips
And quenches the آگ کے, آگ on my lips;
The soothing balm that melts my pain:
Your tenderness that removes all strain;
Your loving touch that heals
My wounds, your boundless دل that reveals
All your beauty and warmth to me,
Dissolving every painful memory,
Rebuilding my shattered soul
Of glass, into a jewel whole….

Your smile is the sun سے طرف کی day,
The moon سے طرف کی night;
Your hair billowing as the trees that play
In the wind, the flight
Of your spirit, so close to mine,
Engulfing my being, making me shine;
Your voice, the موسیقی that lifts my heart;
Your embrace that holds me from tearing apart….

Your eyes meet mine—
A moment,
    A lifetime—
        An eternity…
And I am made complete in thee!
posted by wordbender
Immersed in her love,
I am weightless as a dove
In an airbender’s wake;
My very soul does shake,
As molecules of life
From the ashes of old strife,
Cradled as in Mother’s womb,
Yet freed from death’s icy tomb;
As I am drawn into Katara’s kiss,
As if drinking shadowless water, bliss-
Ful, after a century of thirst
Unquenched; the first
Drop alone sufficient for my being to burst
Forth to the fullest,
In the fullness of her embrace,
Transcending Time and Space…

So deep within the mantle of Avatar
Springs the life-giving water of Katara.
When آپ look at me,
A tinkle, a chime
Fills my mind's ear;
Then آپ smile, so enchantingly,
To freeze the very wheels of Time
And make this cruel world disappear....

When آپ call my name,
I forget where I am,
Because I'm lost in you.
This can't be a game--
Oh, say it's no sham!
Please tell me that it's true:

That آپ feel the way I feel
When I touch your face;
That آپ hear the موسیقی too.
My hurt آپ heal--
At this time and place,
I'm falling in love with you....

And when آپ hold me tight
To give me a kiss,
آپ unlock my heart's sealed door:
My soul's free in flight,
My whole being's in bliss,
And I need آپ مزید and more!
posted by wordbender
 "Please....sleep--for me."
"Please....sleep--for me."
Let your consciousness be dissolved
In the night’s warm embrace;
Let all fears be resolved,
All tears wiped from your face….

Let the moon and the stars
Watch over your bedplace;
Let the wars of گزشتہ avatars
Fade out without trace....

Let the blanket of darkness
Put your weary eyes to rest,
Rid your mind of the madness
That puts آپ to the test—

Let the water of my love
Be, to you, the balm
Of healing, to lift your spirit above
And immerse your دل with calm….

Let the sweetness of sleep
Free your soul from dominion;
Let your whole being sink deep
Into blissful oblivion!
The 28th annual Licensing International Expo kicked off this morning in New York City with director M Night Shyamalan previewing his اگلے big project The Last Airbender Based on the مقبول Nickelodeon toon Avatar the live-action film is set to open July 2 2010 Shyamalan showed concept art to the audience and کہا that he will be using CGI for the first time It always scared me he admitted but added that the movie wont just be about CGI Its an extension of the storytellingThe script is written and production will begin later this سال in Greenland and Vietnam The lead role has been cast though Shymalan wouldnt name the actor who will play Aang a mystically powered airbender who seeks to bring peace to the Four Nations Earth Air آگ کے, آگ Water I believe weve found the اگلے superstar that the world is going to fall in love with Shymalan saidShymalan who rarely lacks for confidence has typically high hopes for the movie The Monday after we open every
posted by wordbender
 "How do I I look?"
"How do I I look?"
My Dear Aang...

Look into my eyes
And see your face reflected in their gleam;
The whispers and the sighs
Of love embrace us in this dream....

Reach out and touch me,
And feel my skin melt under your caress;
As I dissolve into thee,
Your soul becomes my soul's new dress....

Draw near and kiss me;
Unlock the secret chakra
That hides your heart
From me, and set it free
Beyond the millionth mantra;
To let آپ become a part
Of me, and آپ will see
That as my eyes frame your face,
At this time and place;
As your soul clothes my soul,
We have made each other whole--
آپ will live inside my heart
And nothing can keep us apart!
 "Look into my eyes...."
"Look into my eyes...."
posted by wordbender
Where consciousness meets consciousness,
Where destinies intertwine,
My soul in all its restlessness
Is called سے طرف کی voice divine--

To a place I've never seen,
A time in which I've never been;
A reality, new and promising,
Where آپ await me beckoning....

And the all-pervasive fabric
Of endless time and space
Conducts ripples of electric
Energy as we meet face to face....

Although we are like strangers, it truly seems
Like I've met آپ before in a million dreams;
As I drown in the in the gaze of your lovely eyes,
It doesn't take long to realize
That you've been longing for me so passionately,
Even as I searched...
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posted by wordbender
My Dear Katara,
Each night آپ are
Deep within my dream....
Your soft caress,
Your tenderness,
Your smile of moonlight gleam--
Enchanting eyes
That hypnotize
Electrify my soul;
Lips of passion--
Chain reaction--
آپ make my half-being whole!

Let the sun's warm touch in each new day,
And birdsong around آپ in its own way;
Let the tender caress of this airbender's breeze
That tinkles through the leaves of the trees;
Let your dreams that come with the moon's pearl light
And Ba Sing Se's lights that beam through the night;
Let the far-flung light of every star
Remind you: "How beautiful, how wonderful آپ are!"
posted by wordbender
Some people wait a lifetime for the one they truly love
But never find an answer to their prayers sent above.
How often can a boy receive his سیکنڈ chance,
Frozen for a century till time again advance?
Had I not run away
To awaken on another day,
Would our eyes ever meet?
Would our souls ever be complete?

My sweet Aang, it was meant to be:
If not for you, there would be no me….
The world may have lost آپ for a century
But it seems I’ve waited an eternity!
Had آپ not come to stay,
To awaken on this very day,
Would our lips ever meet?
Would my دل ever be complete?

I don’t want to...
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She bends my water;
Her eyes as bright as the moon that lifts the tide
Like a dance partner
From whom I cannot hide….

She lifts my spirit
To disinhibit
That landlocked part of me
That’s longing to be free…

She flows within me:
Be it little stream meandering
And branching, permeating
Every corner of my soul;
یا waterfall quaking and crashing,
Ever-gently breaking and smashing
Every chain around my دل she stole…

She mends every hole
The battle doth impale in me,
Except the one that Cupid’s dart
Made her a part
Of me; her loving hands repair
All that is frail in me;
Completing me,
Reviving me,
Who knows no greater care….

For Destiny is never done
Even سے طرف کی the so-called “One”;
The Journey incomplete
When he is all alone;
An entity unreplete
When he is on his own….

For without my sweet Katara,
I am just another avatar.
Toph juped up from the patch of ground she was lying on with a start," Guys..."when no one answered she shouted "guys get up there a large group of people coming this way!" Aang, Sukki and katara junped up and prepared for a fight but Sokka just lay there, veryone lokked at him thinking if he had finnally went death with his on woice but eventuallly he spoke," So what it doesnt mean they are going to attack us, i maen come on we won, the wars over," he finished سے طرف کی falling back asleep. The rest of the gang stoog sharp looking at the place Toph pointed. Waiting in silence.
"Theyve stopped!" Toph...
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right so basically we are staring from the point aang and katara kiss............

"Come with me, Katara," Aang whispered to Katara. Ktara looked blank and confused when she replied, " Go? Go where?". Aang smiled and grabbed her hand dragging her back to where Sokka, Sukie and Toph stood. "Guys, i think we shoud go on another trip, this time a funner one, this time maybe we can really see it and not be hiding," Aang didnt understand he thought everyone would be happy but instead they just looked at the groud, eventually Katara said," Aang, we cant we have to go ہوم we havent seen our family...
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