Greenhouse gases are gases in Earth’s atmosphere that absorb and release radiation in the atmosphere. The main greenhouse gases on Earth are Nitrogen, which makes up 78% of Earth’s air, and Oxygen, which makes up 21% of Earth’s air. Methane is also a major greenhouse gas and it is emitted from both human and natural activity. Naturally, Methane is released from some activity such as wetlands, oceans, fresh water bodies, and wildfires. Human activities also releases a large amount of Methane into Earth’s atmosphere. Some of these human activities include fossil fuel burning, چاول cultivation, biomass burning, and waste management. Another abundant greenhouse gas is nitrous oxide, which comes from burning biomass and fertilizers. Water and Carbon Dioxide are also greenhouse gases, even though they are critical to life.
I think that the world should find better ways of using our resources and completely get rid of the outputs of greenhouse gases. I think this is something we need to start now because even if we stopped putting out greenhouse gases today, they still wouldn’t leave Earth’s atmosphere for a really long time, because some of the gases have a lifetime of up to one hundred years. If we wait until the situation gets even worse, we are risking possible global warming in the اگلے few centuries.
Even if countries can’t completely get rid of their outputs right away, I think our world should at least cut back on the production of greenhouse gases, to slow the progression of the greenhouse effect and global warming.
There are many ways to cut back greenhouse gas emissions, آپ can buy fruits and vegetables that are grown locally instead of ones that are shipped from distant countries, which burns a lot of fossil fuels, and doing this can save oil. When repainting a room, آپ can use latex paint, which releases less harmful gases then oil based paint. آپ can also do things that won’t cost any money and will prevent the unnecessary burning of fossil fuels. Waiting until the dishwasher یا washing machine are full to run them will save money and fossil fuels. Also, hang drying your clothes instead of putting them in the dryer will help decrease emissions and clothes last longer that way.
Greenhouse gases are what keep the Earth at livable temperatures and aren’t all bad. As light from the sun enters Earth’s atmosphere, about 6% of that light is scattered سے طرف کی the atmosphere and reflected back into space, about 20% is scattered and reflected سے طرف کی clouds, then about 19% is absorbed سے طرف کی the atmosphere and clouds. Around 51% is actually absorbed سے طرف کی earth to warm the surface, and 4% is reflected back toward space سے طرف کی the surface. The greenhouse gases keep the reflected heat from the sun inside the Earth’s atmosphere, otherwise the Earth would be extremely hot during the دن and extremely cold at night, making Earth unlivable. So, obviously, we need some greenhouse gases to live, but human activity is increasing the amount significantly. There are too many greenhouse gases in Earth’s atmosphere, the thermal energy released from the sun is being held in Earth’s atmosphere, increasing the greenhouse effect. This is causing Earth to heat up, which is also known as Global Warming, and in theory, this will cause the glaciers to melt, flooding the oceans.
If countries would stop their emissions of greenhouse gases, eventually they will be able to leave the Earth’s atmosphere, and only the natural greenhouse gases will remain. This would stop Global Warming from ruining the Earth and would be a lot healthier for everyone. Excessive greenhouse gases can have a large effect on human heath, in cities for example, stagnant weather conditions can trap warm air and pollutants, which can cause دل and respiratory issues. Removing greenhouse gas outputs would not only help atmosphere conditions but also heath conditions in the world.

*The ذریعہ I used for percentages: