St. Louis, Missouri
BLOG "New Wheels" 23/10/09

"yo yo"

"What's the Craic with everyone?"

"Today I'm in Indiana and the sun is shining so all isn't bad! We done our 1st ever matinee and it was great fun, also the venue was class "the fabulous لومڑی Theater" in Detroit, (some pixs up on myspace if آپ want a look!) it was the سیکنڈ time we played there, so it was nice to be asked back!"

"I got a new set of Wheels in the mall of America earlier in the week, i actually just got the same board as i had before only i now have one in America to keep on tour and one to enjoy at ہوم for when ever it is dry (not that often)."

"Its only roughly 3 weeks now till the end of tour and it has flew in yet again! It seems like no time when the lads and I where at QVC, but in saying that its been a long haul and i cant wait for the well deserved holiday that i have planned for the end of tour CALIFORNIA and HAWAII, HERE I COME! "

"I havnt been writing much this tour but have started recently so its always good to get the juices flowing! Wrote a song with young Damian during the week and we're gonna do a few demos after christmas, so it will be interesting to see how that goes!"

"Hope آپ all had a great halloween, I went to the MGM Grand Casino in Detroit Dressed as the one and only Michael Jackson, had a proper laugh but never won no money!"

"Sorry about all the سوالات that have been building up on the فورم the internet has been broke on the bus and i will do my best to get them all answered ASAP! i enjoy hearing from آپ all and seeing people getting enjoyment from the website... makes it worthwhile."

Going to try and get the board page up soon toooooooo....

Well guys go and have a look at the new Merchandise shop, and don't forget to drop سے طرف کی the FREE فورم and chat about what ever آپ want to who ever آپ want!

P.S. this is the new weekly BLOG that will be up EVERY WEEK... hope آپ like it!

Well, I'm off here - take care and keep 'er lit! " :)