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How i meet the kesha آپ love and know today.
kesha was just a small town girl she didn't want all the jewelry and the fame and all that stuff she was simple. so one دن i see this girl i thought she was cute i asked her her name she کہا kesha. I was like in my mind this girl is hot so i was like are آپ new around here she کہا no i lived here for most of my life i was like why have i never seen آپ around she کہا i work in my dad's bakery but آپ could tell she did not like doing it she was like i wanna be a pop singer one دن i was like can آپ even sing she proved me wrong her singing...
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posted by trentgwenfan1

i have a دل i swaer i do
but jst not baby when it comes to you
i get so hungry when آپ say آپ love me
an آپ know whats good for you

i think your hot i think آپ cool your that kind of guy i stalk in school
but now that i'm fanous آپ up my anus
now i'm ganna eat آپ fool

i eat boys up breakfast and lunch then when i'm dersty i drink their blood
carnets for animals i am a cannable i eat boys up آپ interup

i am cannable
cannable i am
i am cannable
i'll eat آپ up I AM
i am cannable cannable cannable i am i am cannable cannable i'll eat آپ up

you never tell me that i am pretty thats...
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posted by goatfacewwe
 Ke$ha's new boss
Ke$ha's new boss
One دن while sitting at ہوم with her mom in Nashville Ke$ha receives a phone call.
(Phone Rings)
Ke$ha: hello?
voice on other end: Hello, this is Vince McMahon
Ke$ha(screams out in excitement) No way!
Vince: Indeed, i've noticed that you've come to embrace some of our former wrestlers style, which is the reason why I'm calling.
K$: really? why's that?
Vince: i was wondering if u were willing to embrace those styles in becoming a diva.
K$: r u for real? Hell yeah I do, I've been dreaming of this forever.
Vince: Wonderful, I'll set up a meeting here in Stamford so we can sign u.
K$: OK, I can';t believe...
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posted by KITTYGIRL54
wake up in the morning feeling like p didddy (hey,what up girl) grab my glasses, I'm out the door- i'm gonna hit this city before i leave, brush my teeth with a bottle of jack cause when i leave for the night i ain't coming back i'm talking pedicure on my toes,toes trying on all our cloths,cloths boys blowing up our phones,phones drop-toping, playing our پسندیدہ song cds pulling up to parties to get s little bit tipsy

Don't stop, make it pop dj ,blow my speakers up tonight ,Imma fight 'til we see the sunlight tik tok, on the clock but the party don't stop no whoa- oh oh oh whoa- oh oh oh

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