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added by brown-eyed-girl
This means war trailer. Robin and Kidflash are both dating Artemis
“WHAT the HECK is going on?!!?!”
Artemis quickly jumped off of her teammate, crawling farther away. Unfortunatley the teammate she'd been caught kissing happened to be the Boy Wonder himself. And he looked a little intimidated سے طرف کی the very pissed off Kid Flash standing in the doorway.
Robin started to explain, but was swiftly cut off.
“What do آپ think آپ were doing?! He's my best friend and آپ were KISSING him?!?!”
“Hey I heard no objection from the receiving line,” Artemis shot back with a smirk.
Robin blinked behind his mask when feirce green eyes shot to him. What...
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posted by Robin_Love
Robin locked the door to his room; too close. it had been too close. He pulled his cell phone out and typed out a message. All going according to plan. Almost caught but nothing I can't handle.
He sent it and waited. Five منٹ later, another message beamed in.
Good. We're so close. I can feel it! They'll never know what hit them!
Robin thought about it and hit reply.
Are آپ sure this is the way to do it? It feels wrong.
of course. this is the only way!
Robin sighed and shook his head. This wasn't going to turn out well at all. But he still responded.
Alright. If you're sure. But I...
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posted by Robin_Love
Something was off. The whole team had expected it to wear off in a couple of days but it wasn't gone within a week. Wally seemed kinda depressed, walking around like a zombie and not talking. Artemis seemed happier. She chatted non stop all دن and was always nice; to EVERYONE!!! Robin seemed torn. He never کہا anything. But he was only around on missions یا when Batman forced him over. This was not normal, even for Young Justice.
"What do آپ think is wrong?" Megan asked on those not so rare occasions alone with Connor and kaldur.
"I do not know," Kaldur answered. "But we must find out. Things...
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