Kingdom Hearts Kingdom hearts rp: The Long Journey

hikari_hiwatari posted on Dec 19, 2012 at 05:32AM
There seems to be some trouble going on in different worlds when all people though that the heartless and nobodies are finished some how they were all released

Please no god modding
Cursing is allowed
Mature references are also allowed (but please no details)
Don't kill each other without permission
Enjoy the rp!

Character Info

Type of Keyblade: (also you can make it up)
Appearance: (you can also use a pic)
Home Island or town: (you can make it up if you want too)
What are you looking for in this journey?:
Other info:

So have fun do whatever you want in this rp oh an yes te main characters are gonna be in this rp here are some open characters in the rp

Leon: (open)
Yuffie: (open)
Goofy: (open)
Donald: (Taken: hikari_hiwatari)
Kairi: (Taken: hikari_hiwatari)
Riku: (Taken: Riku114)
Sora: (taken: emoboycry01)
Roxas: (Taken: emoboycry01)
Namine: (open)
Xion: (open)
Ansem: (taken: hikari_hiwatari)
And also all of the other characters that for some reason I can't remember I've taken two of the characters but you don't haft to if you don't want too play as them
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