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 Kingdom Hearts!<3
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This Kingdom Hearts پیپر وال contains سائن ان کریں, پوسٹر, متن, چاکبورڈ, نشانی, تختۂ چاک, داغ گلاس ونڈو, and داغ گلاس دریچہ. There might also be fleur de lis کے ہوں, fleur ڈی لیس, فلیور ڈی لیِس, فلیور ڈی لس, پار, صلیب, lectern, پڑھنے کی میز, لیکٹیرن, and ریڈنگ ڈیسک.

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Sorry to take so long to update this...

last episode sora got a letter from queen minnie lets see how things are going before sora goes to help queen minnie...

Riku:Hey guys
Riku:So...............You guys talk everything out??
Sora:Yep everything's fine now.
Riku:That's good
Kairi:Yep!!(She smiles)
Riku:Hey Sora How are آپ getting to Disney Castle??
Sora:oh...umm.....Donald and Goofy are coming and pick me up in the gummi ship
Riku:oh....ok when are آپ going??
Sora:Sometime today i think
Kairi:Come on Sora lets go and spend sometime together before آپ leave.
Sora:(he smiles)OK...
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