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 Xion's reverse harem
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posted by roxasismine23
If آپ had told me a ماہ پہلے that I would sacrifice myself for a woman I barely know... a woman I for some unfathomable reason love... I would have laughed in your face. I'm a member of Organization XIII after all. We've spent our whole lives training to دکھائیں no emotion... heartless in every way. There is no way I would allow some little blonde to worm her way past my wall, the دیوار I carefully built up after years of training, and into my cold, unused heart. It was impossible, simple as that.

However that was a ماہ ago. Now, I hear the distant cries of that little blonde- that beautiful,...
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posted by chocopockyninja
In Marluxia's Down Time
Part 1
by chocopockyninja

    My name is Murluxia, the thinks I have to put up with my be the death of me. But before I commit suicide mabye it would be best to دکھائیں آپ what I mean.
I am alone. Every other Organization member has someone! Xigbar has Demyx, Axel has Roxas, and Siax, he has Xemnas.
    So at the momment In locked up in a closet of قلعہ Oblivian because I refuesed to do it with Xigbar. Wait a minute, I think I can for once have a nice little quite chat with mister Tumnes in dream Land! With that thought, I got into...
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