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One Morning in destiny Islands
Kairi:wow!! i had a good sleep Hmmmmmm...i wonder what riku and sora are up to?
Sora:oh ارے kairi!! Did ya have a good sleep??
Kairi:Yeah i feel great thanks for asking
Sora:(Sora smiles) i'ts no prob
Kairi:(kairi smiles back and gigles)
Riku:Hey guys!!
Kairi:Well me and sora were just talking i just woke up..
Riku:Cool ^-^
Sora:So...............................what do آپ guys want to do now??
Riku:I dont know but im bored...
Sora:Me to!!
Kairi:Oh come on آپ guys we will find something to do (She smile)
Sora:Yeah i guess your right آپ are...
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Chapter 1:A New Dawn of Darkness

Disney Castle......

"Gawrsh Donald, so whaddya think the kings been do'in this whole time?" Goofy said, scratching his head as him and Donald, tredded toward the قلعہ library. the dark corridors made the قلعہ feel engulfed with a deep silence. King Mickey had been working on something in the لائبریری since the end of battle between Xemnas and the Nobodies, and still had yet to have come out. Today, many years later, was one of the few times The king had called on Goofy and Donald, which seemed to only worry them more.

"Oh I'm sure this is just da king telling...
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posted by KHluver101
As Sora walked to Destiny Islands Mall , he thought if his younger sister Krista was alright at ہوم with Riku. "I hope he isn't teaching her how to fly سے طرف کی jumping off of the fridge. I'll never forgive him." Sora mumbled. His parents were on a trip to Twilight Town, so Kairi, him, and Riku were in charge. " They shouldn't have too much trouble because Krista, Garret, Trinitee, ( Riku's twin brother and sister) and Tricha get along just fine.As long as Garret doesn't throw a crayon at Tricha, یا she'll kick his ass." Sora said. A kid with a giant gourd came walking towrd Sora and his freinds....
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