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posted by green-art-ac-pj
I have been getting مزید and مزید notices of this guy named Joseph Kony. He is from Uganda. He abducts little children in their sleep and gives them a gun to kill their parents and others. He takes the girls and turns them into his sex slaves. He uses the boys as a soldier to build an army. He is making his army grow.

He has torn the lives of many. His army is the Lord's Resistance Army. I felt horrible سے طرف کی just hearing the name. Now, a man Jason Russell is trying to make this known. Kony is invisible with all these children being harrassed.

Now we must make him famous! KONY IS THERE! MAKE HIM...
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posted by anthonyg123abc
me and my friend Emma whatched the video of kony and it was really sad.Me and Emma are trying to do whatever we can.also on april 20 آپ can hang posters.me and Emma were very sad to see this and,we might donate money from back sales and selling food and drinks.you can to if آپ see in the video آپ could see how they slepp on floors maybe 30 یا 40 people would imagne آپ wwent trough this im actually on my moms پرستار pop and im really like it.so help raise money and free these inasant kids and knock down that army that kony has raise money and donate thank آپ آپ could make a big diffrence