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For آپ to try on an SNSD-like look, آپ must first know each members’ fashion style.

Though they wear uniform costumes on stage, آپ can catch a glimpse of their individuality during awards night, press conference and shows.

Let’s start off with the one and only Jessica, fashion analyst کہا that Jessica has this “trendy” style wherein she can pull off unusual and non-complimentary patterns creating a new fashion statement.

To look like Yoona and Seohyun, آپ must learn how to create their “minimal and romantic” look. These two girls have the innocent and youthful looks, so for...
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When MC Yoo Jae Suk asked Sulli if there was anyone out of the guests who were awkward to be around, she answered Yunho, and said, “Yunho always greets the other f(x) members kindly سے طرف کی saying things like, ‘Our cute Luna, hello! Charming Krystal, hello!’, but to me he just says, ‘Sulli, hi’, which makes me a little disappointed.”

Yunho explained, “Out of the f(x) members, I’ve known Sulli the longest and always thought I talked the most with her, so I didn’t know Sulli thought things like that.” Onew then went on to improvise a three-second time of reconciliation for just the two, making the studio crack up in laughter.
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