Kuroko no Basuke Kuroko No Basuke Contest (Post a pic of Akashi یا his team)

Nalu-love posted on Mar 13, 2013 at 02:19AM
How bout we make this One fun Minna
I will be judging

After all the contestants post their pic
There will be poll so everyone could vote the winners with the best pic
The poll will last for 7 days so u have enough time to vote.
Ganbatte ne!!!


- do not post inappropriate stuff
- don't copy other people's pictures
- do not post links unless needed
- Gifs and cosplay is allowed as well.

1st: 15 props
2nd: 10 props
3rd: 5 props
<Tie: 10 props each>

Round-1: Post a pic of the Generation of Miracles(closed)

Round- 2: Post a pic of Kise(closed)

Round- 3: Post a of Team Seirin.
1st: 15 props( HeartfulStitch, strawberry99, Skaterboy619)
2nd: 10 props(lawliet5097, kakukun)
3rd: 5 props( xXxAngelessxXx and to0ota111)                       
Round- 4: Post a Pic Of your Fave Knb character and list the reason why.
Everyone gets 15 props for their awesome pics and wonderful
list of reasons why they love them.

Round- 5: Post a pic of Riko (it can be a gif as well)-closed

Round- 6: Post a pic of Akashi or his team.

 How bout we make this One fun Minna
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