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 Vampire Knight
Vampire Knight
I call it... *dramatic music* THE عملی حکمت CENSORSHIP!!!!!


You may want to note: This is primarily about the Pureblood vampire, Kaname Kuran (so no haters please)


Well, okay, maybe not, but regaurdless I will first say that one of my پسندیدہ manga of all times would be Vampire Knight. (Note: I did not say anime)
Now, I have heard that many people who have not read the manga often rave about the amazing graphics in the VK عملی حکمت (Vampire Knight for short; incase آپ didn't notice...) however,...
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posted by ky-chan
 Kiba and Akamaru [younger]
Kiba and Akamaru [younger]
We're all familar to Naruto, right? The story of the blonde haired boy with destructive powers inside of him. Well, I am going to rant about one of the characters from Naruto, the brown haired, red fang tattooed dog-boy, Kiba Inuzuka!

First, let me say, I LOVE KIBA!!!
He's my پسندیدہ in Naruto but I've found that his being is not really original. Let me explain;
'Kiba' means 'fang', which relates to dogs and wolves. It can also be divided up into 'Ki-ba' which means 'spiritual place' as indicated in the عملی حکمت Kiba. It's a wolf-y term that is مقبول with dog-akin characters, not to mention that...
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ugh...the worst ماہ and a half starting September 15th 2010 and ending November 15th.
this will be a boring مضمون for anyone who doesn't like despressing stuff...


September 15th ~ broke my collarbone in Martial Arts. broken clean through in two places, shattered around the arm joint, and destroyed nerves. it was my right shoulder - meaning i couldn't write...or draw.

September 16th ~ found out my mother has some sort of colon disease.

September 30th ~ my 16th birthday (i do not celebrate my birthdays, as they are merely just another...
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 (Trick and Treat)
(Trick and Treat)
Yes, the *dramatic music* Evil Series, a series of songs sung سے طرف کی the famous j-pop/j-rock group of holographic artists known as the Vocaloids. Of course, they have many other songs, but this was one of many types of songs that incorporate love, war and tears.
However great these songs may be, they get a little confusing and سے طرف کی a little, I mean a lot.
Let me explain; *ahem* The story start with just two basic songs: Daughter of Evil and Servant of Evil سے طرف کی Rin and Len Kagamine, but quickly excalates into a much bigger picture.

So, in order;
Daughter of Evil ~ Rin
Servant of Evil ~ Len
Message of Regret...
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posted by Victoria121212
i made an oopsie. XD
gaara's height: 166.1 cm weight: 50.9 kg

bloodtype : ab

Registration ID: 56-001
Hidden Village: Sand
Rank: Kazekage
Team: Temari, Kankurou, Baki
First Manga Appearance: Chapter 35
First عملی حکمت Appearance: Episode 20

Missions Completed
D-Rank: 0
C-Rank: 9
B-Rank: 8
A-Rank: 14
S-Rank: 3

OKAY..............i believe we left off where his dad tried to kill him?
Gaara, also known as "Gaara of the Desert", is the fifth and current Kazekage of Hidden Sand Village in the Wind Country. He is younger brother to Temari and Kankurou, the son of the Fourth Kazekage, a student of Baki and former...
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posted by Victoria121212, yah. i got permission to rant about gaara, so here i go:
height:119cm age:16
weight:73.9 kg. birthday: jan. 19.
fave. food: gizzards.....(chicken liver)
yeah i know that part's creepy, but....
gaara's a ninja of the sand whose village decided to put the one-tailed jinchuuriki inside him- ichibi the shukaku.
so, as he grew up, no one liked him- they all thought he was creepy and weird.
he tried to interact...
and one دن , the other kids' ball got stuck on the roof.
gaara got it down..........with the sand of his mother's blood.(the other ppl didn't know that)
and they all ran screaming.
later in his childhood, he tried cutting himself.
don't think ,'EMOOOO!' yet-
he'd never felt pain.
he'd never been touched.

even later, his own father tried to kill him.

he grew up believing that all he could be was a bloodthirsty monster.
i have to leave for school, so there'll be a part 2 to this.
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