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After Enter the briefing room آپ are moments away from the Airlock, but first, a little health and safety
An amazing competiton سے طرف کی all who joined in. Six games were played with a different winner nearly each time.

The first game was a SOLO, It was all versus all with only one object get the most points. Avoid getting shot and shoot others was the general message. In this match the usual 4 سیکنڈ downtime applied. It was a valient effort سے طرف کی all nine contenders. After the first 20 منٹ game The winner of this round was declared جے Jay, with Bad بھیڑیا coming in a close سیکنڈ and Random in third. (All points and places will be at the end of the article)

The اگلے game to be thrusted upon us was the...
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