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 LEGO Ninjago White High سب, سب سے اوپر Converse Canvas Hand Painted Shoe
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This Lego Ninjago تصویر contains چلانے جوتے and دوڑ جوتا. There might also be بولنگ جوتا and گیند بازی کرنے والی جوتا.

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it is morning at ninjago city and..

sensei wu: Ok ninjas get up its morning

Kai: but sensei it's still 4 AM

sensei wu: a good training starts early in the morning

Kai: ok sensei

the ninjas train till 9 AM

Kai: Ohhh that was tiring

Jay: Yeah i know

Zane: I agree kai

Cole: uhh and its not even lunchtime

Kai: yeah

Jay: ارے wanna get somewhere with our vehicles?

Kai: Ok but where?

Jay: well i think we'll go to the پیزا place

Kai: sure i'm hungry

so the ninjas traveled to the پیزا place and eat as much as they want

Kai: ohh that was awesome

Jay: oh its lunch time

Kai: great we get to eat more

so the ninjas got...
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Cole POV

I picked up her lifeless body. I knew I would have to take her to the dojo. I began the long walk home. What are the others gonna think? Will they blame me? I kept trying to block these سوالات from my head. About a گھنٹہ later, I made it to the dojo. یا rather what was left of the dojo. The other ninja, other then Zane, sat around a fire. I fought back tears as I walked towards them. جے looked over at me. He waved. I wordlessy walked over and layed Carisa on the ground اگلے to Kai.
"Cole?" Asked Kai. I was to upset about Carisa to answer normally.
"I-I'm sorry." I managed to force...
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Zane POV

My head pounded. Carisa's head had most likely collided with mine, as she now was asleep in my arms. "Now what?" Kai asked.
'' I will carry her. It would be to dangerous to leave her here." Kai began to run off.
"Come on!" He shouted.
"Do آپ even know where we need to go?" Cole asked. Kai stopped in his tracks.
"Er, no." He answered. Cole pointed to where we were to go. Kai nodded, and began to run in the right direction. We followed. Carisa stirred.
"Guys!" I shouted quietly. They turned around. ''She's waking up!" I watched as her eyes opened.
"Huh? Z-Zane?" I nodded, and smiled. I lightly...
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Carisa POV

I Woke up, for the one hundredth time that night. I looked around. I was surprised. What I saw was Kai, running off. Suddenly I sensed it was a trap. I got up and ran after him. "Kai, Its a trap!" I shouted. He payed no attention. I saw him chasing after the girl from the shop. I knew it was Nya. Kai had described her to the rest of us. He should know, if was really Nya, she wouldn't be running. I ran faster. Kai chased Nya into what I presume was the آگ کے, آگ temple. We stood on a rock, suronded سے طرف کی lava.
"Hello, brother." Nya greeted him. As she spoke, her voice grew deeper. She formed...
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Carisa POV

We arrived at the base of the mountain. Without hesitation we began the long climb. Cole made it to the سب, سب سے اوپر first. I heard a yelp from below. I looked, and Kai was hanging off Jay's hand. جے swung him back up. " Thanks." I made it to the top, and Cole helped me up. I looked, and saw a gigantic chain, leading higher up then my eyes could reach. The others got to the top, we began to climb up the chain. When we got to the سب, سب سے اوپر we looked down the chain. Skeletons were coming up, and fast. The nunchucks floated in the center of the lost city.
''Jay hurry up!" I shouted. He grabbed the...
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Carisa POV

Slowly I opened my eyes. The lights were off. I felt some thing cold on my head. I reached up. It was a ice pack. I looked to my side. Zane was asleep in the بستر beside me. If I remembered correctly, I had failed spinjitzu. I don't know what had happened after that. I quietly got to my feet. I woundered what happened to Zane. I left the room, and found my self in a hall. It was دن time. I walked to the kitchen. Cole, Jay, Kai, and Sensei sat there. "Morning Carisa, How's your head?" جے asked.
"Fine, fine. What happened to Zane?" I asked.
"Well, after آپ spun into the wall, Zane protected...
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