Whatever happens, ہولی will always belong right here with us.
I think we all can agree that our FP experience and our family would NOT be the same without Holly. Apparently, certain people don't understand that their words have weight and I have no idea how someone can justify their actions when they do things like what these people did to Holly. All I know, is that it proves that they aren't even worth the time. They can say mean things all day, but Holly, the people that REALLY, TRULY matter, love آپ so much. And to prove it, these are a few things we (I'm proud to say LPers AND BLers) have to say about you:

She is ALWAYS there for us! No matter how rough times get, ہولی has got our back!

Her kindness, cheerfulness, energy, AND open-mindedness is contagious. I can honestly say that I am a better person because of her, and she inspires me to keep being a better person every day. To me, she IS Fanpop, and I can't imagine this place without her :)

I love her courage. She will defend آپ in a heartbeat! After all she is our HBIC. = ] She's also so respectful of others opinions. :)

ہولی آپ are a great person,with big heart!Sweet and talented and funny and the biggest Skater EVER ♥

I love how she is never just BL shipper یا LP shipper, but someone that see boths sides the story. She reached out to the LP girls, and I am so glad to have met her. She is amazing and she stands for what is right. Plus together she and I will destroy Finchel and make Puckleberry endgame.

ہولی can see past the "LP" and "BL" label and just loves us for who we are. Which is exactly how we feel about her ♥

First of all, I have SO MUCH respect for ہولی ! Because of this girl, fanpop has changed for the better. She was the first person out the LP & BL fanbases who stepped آگے and took an effort to get to know the other side. She didn't care about any of the criticism she might get, she just went for it! And today, many others have followed her lead and LP & BL شائقین have actually become friends! I admire Holly's strength & courage & honesty soooo much! I wish I was مزید like her. And مزید people should be!! Haters gonna hate. Besides, if they do, they'll be dead meat! Because messing with one of us, is messing with all of us! And Holly, no matter what, know that we believe in آپ and we will always have your back. This family wouldn't be the same without آپ sweetheart! <3333

I love how honest, funny and open to everyone ہولی is <3 She's nice to everyone even if she doesn't know them.
ہولی is a total badass <33 and whoever is saying bad things about her, clearly doesn't know her at all! I don't know what the LF would be like, without her <3 :)

- she always straight up honest, but without hurting someone's feelings!
- she's always there for any of us
- she's caring & funny
- she makes gorgeous شبیہیں + banners
- she's a very understanding person
- she has such a cute voice ;D
- she was the first crossing the lp vs bl side
- she's a very strong person
- she LOVES to compliment other people & let them know that they are special
- she is special <3
- she's always stands up for the things she believes in

ہولی is strong and is able to make the best of any situation she is thrown into, and comes out of it with her head held high. She never backs down because she knows what is right and never lets anyone intimidate her.

Holly, you're such an amazing & wonderful person that just the thought of fanpop without آپ made me incredibly sad & wanting to strangle that کتیا, کتيا for saying those awful stuff to you. I know how آپ felt when آپ read those messages cause I went through the same stuff a سال پہلے and I want آپ to just forget that pain & anger and just know that we all love آپ & want آپ here with us. SO SMILE, ہولی & DON'T LET THAT FREAK GET WHAT SHE WANTS.

ہولی is sweet amazing kind! and she's the most openminded person I've ever met. She's always there for everyone and she stands up for what she believes in! Haters can just STFU because this girl is amazing!!!!

Holly's got a pair of steel ovaries. She's brave and isn't afraid to be herself, say what's on her mind یا call people out when they're being unreasonable. I'm convinced that the world would be a better place if مزید people were like Holly.

Steph's side note: seeing everyone's reactions to what happened and seeing آپ all rise to defend one of our own, made me see, once again, how great آپ all are and how lucky I am to truly KNOW all of you. FP is so much مزید than it used to be because we all came together and got to know each other on a personal level. We perservered the shit out of this horrible event and came out stronger and better than before. It's really hitting me now that that's exactly what real families do...which just redemonstrates the fact that although they're over the Internet, our bonds are as true and profound as any real-life friendships'. I just love آپ all.

Image Credit: Maham<3