Finally the girls arrived at the castle. They had come every سال and yet they were still amazed about how truly magnificent it was.
Note: This is a fanfic written سے طرف کی me & Aline! The idea came from those Hogwarts picks of mine & the actresses & the houses were chosen here based on that. All of the girls will have love interests, too, some even multiple ones. We hope آپ like this fic & the chapters to come! Reviews are love! :D
OH! and this fic takes place post-Harry Potter era & let's just pretend the school starts at age 15. And we're all 19-20. Why? Because no one wants little kids playing them.
Amber Brooks (Alexis Bledel)
Rachel Gilbert (Sophie Turner)
ہولی Rosebird (Emilia Clarke)
Moosh Monroe (Julianne Hough)
Celine Howard (Bethany Joy Lenz)
Margot Stevens (Ashley Benson)
آل, علیہ السّلام Roberts (Troian Bellisario)
Laura Summers (Zooey Deschanel)
Albie Tyler (Chyler Leigh)
Ade Matthews (Blake Lively)
Aline Johnson (Karen Gillan)
Atie Anderson (Leighton Meester)
Zoe Woods (Amanda Seyfried)


Jess Mariano (Milo Ventimiglia)
Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale)
Clark Kent (Henry Cavill)
Sawyer Ford (Josh Holloway)
Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin)
Alex Karev (Justin Chambers)
Robb Stark (Richard Madden)
Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley)
Castiel (Misha Collins)
Toby Cavanaugh (Keegan Allen)
Klaus Mikaelson (Joseph Morgan)
Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer)
Isaac Lahey (Aaron Johnson)
Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder)
Steve Rogers (Chris Evans)
Meg Masters (Rachel Miner)
Seth Cohen (Adam Brody)
Caroline Forbes (Candice Accola)
Lydia Martin (Holland Roden)
Emily تخت (Emily VanCamp)
Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki)

Chapter 1 - Dusk and Summer

It was September the 1st of 2011. The weather was nice although a bit cold and the leaves had already started falling from the trees. The King's پار, صلیب station, as usual, was buzzing with traffic and filled with people anxiously waiting for their train. However اگلے to the seventh platform, was a girl running with a chariot filled with luggage and a cat. As her long red hair was blowing in the wind, it was hard to not notice her.
"Argh, why can I never be on time?" Aline thought for herself while running through the station at 10:45 AM. She hoped that she wasn't too late. She knew that the girls would wait for her in the platform and yet she feared that the barrier would close and that she would miss the train. She passed سے طرف کی the platform 9 and finally recognized the دیوار that she'll have to pass through. Not bothering slowing down she run right at it and reached the platform 9 ¾ where the famous Hogwarts Express was waiting for the last منٹ students. After putting her things in the luggage section, Aline started running alongside the platform until she saw the girls. They were eleven of them and they seemed to wait for someone.

"Guys she's here!" cried Moosh after she spotted Aline. She was wearing a white summer dress that looked absolutely amazing with her long wavy blonde hair.
"Oh my God" کہا Rachel "How can آپ manage to be always late?" Rachel was known to be quite impatient but the girls loved her anyways. She had this big lovely green eyes that had the power to melt anyone's heart. She also had long red hair that made her eyes stand out even more.
"Sorry" says Aline while trying to catch her breath and keep her red hair out of her face "I must look like such a mess."
"Oh don't worry." کہا Albie, a petite brunette with brown eyes. She gave a sweet smile while looking at her friend "You always look amazing. It must be the perks of being a redhead."
"Oh come on," کہا Aline "You guys are way مزید beautiful than me!" and she meant it. Aline always thought that her hair was too messy to look good but her دوستوں always assured her that she had this "hairporn" thing going on that made her look great. Even though she loved the color, she always felt out of place because of it. She was the only redhead in the group after all, well, besides Rachel. Yet, it matched with her hazel eyes perfectly.
"No way!" کہا Atie, another lovely brunette. "With those legs, آپ and Ade are the hot ones here. I mean look at us, we're like midgets compared to آپ both"

“Everyone gather around”

"Well, being tall is not always a good thing." interrupted Adeline, the tallest blonde of the group. "Remember when I used to تاریخ this short guy back in 3rd year? It was awful. I couldn't even wear small heels!"

The girls started to laugh at the memory. They actually became a group سے طرف کی the end of their 2nd year. Even though they were not in the same houses, they managed to be this bonded as they practically spend all the time they could together.
“I agree, I like being short” کہا Zoe another blonde one with gorgeous big blue eyes. “thanks to that, I can wear high heels whenever I want” She was known to have quite an addiction to shoes.
“That's because you're gorgeous, Z” کہا Margot “Look at me, we're the same height and yet I don't look as half as good as you.” The other girls nodded their heads in disagreement. Margot was beautiful as well, she had long blonde hair that she had stylized in a side braid and had beautiful blue eyes.
“Margot. How many times should we say that you're beautiful before we kick you. Seriously?” کہا Holly, another petite brunette with green eyes. She was the fierce one of the group and she was always the most آگے out of the girls. She was like an hurricane.
“Anyway girls, now that we've found Aline, do آپ know where are Amber and Laura?” asked Celine, a lovely brunette who was always patient and kind. She was the “mother” of the group.
“Not since they went to look for clumsy one here with Callie a while ago” replied Ale, the beautiful Slytherin brunette. Since she was the only one in this house, she had trouble to fit in the group at first but now she felt comfortable around the girls. She liked to tease the girls about their little flaws but this showed how much she loved them.
“Hey! That's not my fault, آپ guys know how I'm like.” کہا Aline. “But because of that, I didn't had the time to properly say goodbye to dad though.”
“He'll be fine, Lovely-Allie” کہا Celine while hugging her friend “We know how much آپ worry about him the first دن of school”
“Who's fine? “ asked Laura who appeared alongside Amber اگلے to the girls. Both of them had long brown hair with bangs and the most beautiful blue eyes you'll ever seen. Because of that, people usually assumed that they were sisters.
“You know, like usual” replied Rachel while looking at her friend with a concerned look.
“Girls, I hate to be the buzz kill here but the train is about to take off.” interrupted Callie, Rachel's big sister. She had insisted to drive her sister to King's پار, صلیب because since she had started working at St Mungo's, she didn't had proper time with her family.

It was almost 11 o'clock and the girls started getting on the train and waving goodbye to Callie. They were about to start their 5thyear at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Yes, they were witches and they were lucky enough to attend the best school of wizardry. None of the girls would want to attend Beauxbatons.
آل, علیہ السّلام disliked the fact that they were called “witches” because to her, the word meant “ugly”or “bad”.She always kinda pictured the Wicked Witch from Oz when thinking about witches and these girls were far from these clichés. They were living in the 21stcentury for Merlin's sake! They didn't have verrucas یا ugly nails. However they did fly on brooms.

The girls, during the first سال at Hogwarts, were placed in the four different houses: Rachel, Holly, Margot and Z went to Gryffindor. Moosh, Aline and Atie went to Ravenclaw while Amber, Celine, Bee, Laura and Ade were in Hufflepuff. آل, علیہ السّلام ended up in Slytherin. Because of that, she was the most detached from the group so as soon as the girls took place in one of the biggest compartments of the train, she left in order to find her Slytherin friends: Klaus Mikaelson, Neal Caffrey, Damon Salvatore and Derek Hale. They were like brothers to her and she couldn't imagine to spend a سال without them.
When the remaining girls were settled, they started talking about their summer vacation: the place they had been, the parties they attended, clothes they bought. To summarize, all the things nineteen سال old girls small talk about.
“I bought these adorable yellow shoes and with the dress it looked perfect” کہا Bee while describing this تاریخ she had during the summer.
“What size do آپ wear, Bee? I might want to borrow them” کہا Atie.
“Who cares?” کہا Laura “What about the guy?!”
“Oh I almost forgot!” cried suddenly Celine. “I'm a prefect this سال and I reckon that there's a prefect meeting planned while where on the train right?”
“Yep there is” replied Moosh.
“So come on then” کہا Celine taking both Moosh's and Rachel's hands and heading for the door.
“Actually Celine, Aline was named prefect not me.” کہا Moosh.

“So are آپ suggesting that we should kill one of us?”

Celine looked at her, shocked. “What?” she managed to say.
“What the hell?” کہا Rachel “No offense Aline, but we all thought it would be Moosh”
“So did I” replied Aline “I was as shocked as آپ two are right now.”
“Guys! It's fine. I never wanted to be a prefect! And I'll be able to focus entirely on Quidditch this سال and since I've been elected Captain last year, it helps. I'm glad Aline got it, seriously. She's going to kick ass”
“Oh I wouldn't count on that” کہا Aline, twitching her hands nervously.
“No, you're going to be brilliant” added Rachel with a smile.
“Not if we're a late for that meeting, so come on!” shouted Celine from the corridor.
“Well at least they would know right away that Aline is always late” کہا Rachel with a smirk while heading for the exit.
“Oh آپ shut up” chuckled Aline while pushing her friend through the door.
“This is going to be a hell of a year” sighed dramatically Holly. And at that, the other girls laughed.

“This is going to be a hell of a year."

آل, علیہ السّلام entered the carriage where she knew she'd find her friends, but when she opened the door, she saw that one of them was missing.
"Where's Klaus?" she asked as she took the نشست اگلے to Damon.
"Our boy's prefect now", Derek replied. "Didn't figure it'd be Klaus, though. He's so-"
"Annoying, smug, idiotic", آل, علیہ السّلام smirked. "But he's a good leader."

آل, علیہ السّلام disliked the fact that they were called “witches” because to her, the word meant “ugly”or “bad”.

"True", Neal said. "So, Ale, how was your summer?"
"Met a few guys, hung out with دوستوں and almost broke the rule to not use magic", آل, علیہ السّلام said. "There was this drunken idiot at a bar downtown and he was basically harrassing a 16-year old girl."
"Her own fault for being there, she was a minor", Damon said.
"Yeah, well, nevertheless, I used a few other methods to.. دکھائیں him what I thought about the situation."
"You punched him", Neal کہا knowingly. "Good girl."
"What else was I supposed to do?" آل, علیہ السّلام smiled a little.
"Where are the rest of the princesses?" Derek asked.
"Down in another corridor. I suppose some of them got prefect. I'm guessing Moosh, at least", آل, علیہ السّلام کہا as she grabbed a candy bar from her pocket, which Damon took from her immediately, eating it quickly.
"So, we decided", Derek said. "This سال we have to win the Quidditch cup."
"And we will", آل, علیہ السّلام said. "It's our turn again. Gryffindor and Hufflepuff have actually won a lot in the past few years."
"I hear all the teams are good this year", Neal said.
"How can آپ be hearing anything? The سال hasn't even started yet. The teams might be different."
"Or not", آل, علیہ السّلام said. "Anyway, yeah, we'll win."
That's what every team said. Every year.


Celine, Rachel and Aline were in their way to the meeting when they bumped into Clark Kent and Toby Cavanaugh walking towards their carriage.
“Hey careful there” کہا Clark while grabbing Rachel سے طرف کی the waist in order to steady her. “You're okay?”
“Yeah sure. I'm good, great actually! Never been better!” started rambling Rachel.
“Okay” Clark continued with a smirk “Don't hurt yourself while falling over my good looks then” and after that he was gone.
“What just happened?” asked Celine in awe.
“Oooh I think our little Rachey has a little crush on playboy Clark Kent!” کہا Aline with a smirk.
“He's not a playboy!” کہا annoyingly Rachel “He is good looking though.” she added while trying to sound casual.
“So you're admitting” replied Aline triumphantly.
“No I am not. And you're the one to talk. Don't آپ have a not so secret crush on Jess Mariano, who's like the biggest playboy ever?”
“Ouch” replied Aline while laughing “whatever آپ say Rachel.”
“Well, he seems to like آپ Rachel” added Celine nicely.
“Whatever.” کہا Rachel “Let's get this meeting done. I wonder who are the other prefects.”

“God, how I hate this thing."

"So, Bee, the guy", Laura turned back to look at her, who smiled.
"He was nice. But he's a muggle, so I don't think it can work.."
"Oh, come on", Atie کہا in disbelief. "Half of our parents are muggles. What was his name?"
"Jackson", Bee said. "Jackson Avery."
"Sounds rich", ہولی کہا immediately. "I bet he's rich."
"Even if he is, can we just drop the subject?" Bee snapped a little. "I don't want to talk about something that will never happen."

"I don't want to talk about something that will never happen."

Atie understood what she meant and nodded. Bee and Atie were basically best friends, and one of the closest duos in the group.
"Are آپ sure you're ok with not becoming prefect, Moosh?" Amber asked, and Moosh turned to look at her.
"Yeah, seriously. I wouldn't say I was if I wasn't. The Quidditch cup is what I'm aiming for this year, anyway. We have to win."
"No, actually, we're going to win", Z کہا and ہولی nodded.
"Definitely. I'm not playing یا anything, but we're gonna win. We spent the whole summer training کرن, رے to become the best seeker ever, so..", she smirked at Moosh. "Prepare to lose."
"It's not all down to the seeker", Laura said. "If the rest of the team sucks, there isn't much the seeker can do. And just FYI", she turned to look at Amber. "This is our turn to win."

"That doesn't change the fact that we're still hungry.”

"Yeah", Amber said. "I've been training as well."
"Ok, let's not get into sports talk", Margot said. "It always created conflict between us."
"That's what sports is for", Moosh کہا knowingly, and the rest of the girls nodded.

Finally the prefect girls reached the carriage where the meeting was taking place. The others were already there in دائرے, حلقہ waiting for them. There was Klaus Mikaelson and Meg Masters from Slytherin in the left corner. As Rachel saw her best friend, she went to hug her. Klaus rolled his eyes at this. It was well known that a certain rivalry existed between Gryffindors and Slytherins as they constantly tried to challenge each other. Aline spotted her best friend Robb Stark and seated اگلے to him. She was so glad that she got to be partnered up with someone that she was so close to, it will make her patrols so much مزید fun. Celine looked at who was her partner and she was pleased. Steve Rogers was a nice boy that would take this role seriously and that will help her out. She didn't made a اقدام towards her fellow Hufflepuff friend though. She stopped walking as she saw who was the other Gryffindor prefect. It was Stefan Salvatore. She had been in love with him ever since he helped her in Charms class during their first year. She started blushing but couldn't tear her eyes away from Stefan's smile.
As Rachel walked to her نشست اگلے to Stefan, she called her friend. “Celine, what are آپ doing?”

"You think everyone's lovely."

“Huh? No. What? Me? Not-Nothing” blurt out Celine as she took a نشست between Steve and Stefan.
“Okay so let's begin this meeting, shall we?” کہا Stefan smiling to everyone.

The lunch کی ٹوکری, رکن کی نمائندہ had come and gone and the girls in the compartment were eating chocolate frogs and Bertie Bott's every flavour beans.
"I hate this candy!" ہولی announced as she'd just eaten one that tasted like dirt. "We always eat this on the train and every سال I say-"
"That آپ hate it, yes", Atie said. "We know. We're here, every year."

"Promise me that آپ won't tell anyone.”

"Not all of us are here now", Laura said. "Hey, do آپ think there'll be any new teachers?"
"I doubt it", ہولی said. "No one died یا got fired at the end of last year, if I recall correctly."
"There's always a first. And I think this was indeed the first year, for a while anyway", Amber کہا as she took a bite of a کدو, لوکی pie. "We'll be taking our OWLS this year."
"Don't remind me", Z sighed. "I hate tests."
"We all do", Margot said. "Should we go and see what's the hold up with the mighty and amazing prefects?"
"Yeah, it is taking them forever, and the کدو, لوکی pies we saved for the gang", Moosh turned around to look at the spot اگلے to her and rolled her eyes. "Are all gone."

After the meeting was done, everyone separated in order to regain their own compartments. The three girls started walking towards theirs.
“Oh my God, this was like the longest meeting I've never been on” complained Aline while massaging her temples with her fingertips.
“Yeah but we did a good job, planning the patrols and stuff” added Celine enthusiastically.
“Well, we could have decided later.” replied Rachel “We're almost at the castle, we've barely enjoyed the trip.”
“I agree. We should hurry though because we have to put our robes before getting there.” کہا Aline.
“Oh, I've been wanted to ask آپ Celine, what the hell happened at the beginning of the meeting?”asked Rachel to her friend.
“Hum. Well...” started Celine “You guys know that I like Stefan right?”
“Huh-uh” replied the two other girls.
“I think that I like him - like him. Like مزید than that” کہا Celine with a sigh.
“Oh!” کہا Rachel “Good for you! You'll make a terrific couple” she added with a smile.
“I'm glad for آپ Celine” کہا Aline. She was indeed happy for her friend but she also felt a little twinge as she thought of her best friend, Robb. She had noticed how he was looking at Celine during the meeting and she was sure that it was a bit مزید than a crush. Finally they reached their compartment and entered where the other girls were waiting for them.

"I knew it! I knew they'd eat everything", Rachel snapped as she sat اگلے to Moosh, glaring at her angrily.

“So are آپ suggesting that we should kill one of us?”

Moosh gave her an innoncent smile before shoving the last chocolate frog into her hands. "There آپ go."
"So, what happened?" ہولی asked. "Anything interesting?"
"Boy-wise یا school-wise?" Aline asked as she closed the compartment door.
"Boy-wise, of course!" Amber said.
"Nothing happened, stop being idiots", Rachel snapped before shoving the chocolate frog in her mouth.
Aline knew Rachel didn't like talking about her feelings, so she decided to turn the attention to Celine. "Celine?"
"Well.. I..", Celine sighed and then smiled a little. "I think I like Stefan. I mean, I know I do."
"We knew that already", Moosh said. "I mean, I did."
"Yeah, I kind of did, too", Margot smiled.
Rachel smiled as she watched her friends. She wasn't really the type of girl to gossip یا giggle over boys, and neither were her friends, really, but a lot مزید boy-related stuff did happen to them rather than to her.
The hours went سے طرف کی and at some point آل, علیہ السّلام came back to their compartment. The boys did not follow, however. Most of the Slytherins basically hated the Gryffindors, and since the compartment was full of Gryffindors..
The only exceptions that the girls knew were آل, علیہ السّلام and Rachel's best friend, Meg.
When the sky had darkened, it was time to put the Hogwarts robes on. The Gryffindor girls has red on theirs, the Ravenclaw ones blue, the Hufflepuffs yellow and آل, علیہ السّلام put on her black & green Slytherin robes.
"I feel like it was only yesterday when we came here the first time, on our first year", Amber کہا as she gazed out of the window.
No one کہا anything to this, for they were all remembering their first school day. They had all been so little, and so nervous. And somehow, in their سیکنڈ year, they'd all become دوستوں and formed their little group that had held pretty well so far.
Soon the train was at the station and it was time to get to the school.
As Celine stumbled up the ہل, لندن towards the carriages that were supposed to take them to the castle, Robb Stark walked up to her and smiled. "How was your summer?"
"It was fine", Celine smiled back. "Yours?"
"Good. Spent time with the family."
"Aww, yes. I love your parents, they're lovely", Celine کہا as she waited for the rest of the girls to catch up with her.
"You think everyone's lovely", Robb smiled. "That's why I like you", with that he walked off to find the rest of his friends.
Celine watched in awe, wondering what exactly that had been about.
As Aline walked up the ہل, لندن with Rachel, she spotted Isaac Lahey a few feet away, walking towards her with a smile on his face.
"Bye", Rachel کہا before walking off, wanting to give them privacy.
"Hey", Isaac said.
"Hi", Aline blinked, wondering what exactly he had to say to her. "How was your.. summer?"
"Good", Isaac smiled, but suddenly he probably realized he wasn't even sure himself why he'd gone up to talk to her. "I just.. Did آپ notice that your.. shoelaces are untied?" She could have sworn she saw Isaac blush a little.
"Oh, rats", Aline muttered, and as she bent to tie her shoes, after she looked up, Isaac had walked back to his friends.

"Why can I never be on time?"

Finally the girls arrived at the castle. They had come every سال and yet they were still amazed about how truly magnificent it was. As everyone entered the Great Hall, the twelve girls waited سے طرف کی the Entrance Hall for the remaining girl.

“Didn't Z کہا that there's no need to wait for her?” asked Laura “I'm hungry.”
“How can آپ be hungry?” asked Aline in disbelief “You guys ate everything on this train! We should be the ones complaining here” she added while pointing at Celine and Rachel اگلے to her.
“True. But that doesn't change the fact that we're still hungry.” replied Amber.
“How long until the other carriage arrives?” asked Bee.
“Five to ten منٹ I think” answered Rachel “It really depends on what time the other carriage reaches them.”
“Every سال it's the same. There's only twelve places on the carriage and thirteen of us.” declared Ale
“So are آپ suggesting that we should kill one of us?” joked Moosh while pretending to look scandalized.
“Anyway, Z seemed مزید than happy to stay behind with some Hufflepuffs” کہا ہولی knowingly.
“Do آپ think she still has this crush on Steve Rogers?” asked Ade.
“I wouldn't be surprised” کہا Celine with a smile.
As they remained silent, they heard a group of people approaching. Z finally entered the Entrance Hall alongside Steve Rogers. She was surprised when she saw the girls waiting for her. As she waved goodbye to Steve, she reached the group.
“Guys, I've told آپ not to wait for me. I was with other students, it was totally fine.” کہا Z happily.
“We weren't sure” replied Atie “Anyway it was only a few minutes, it's not a big deal”
“Okay guys. Now that we're all together, let's go eat!” announced Moosh enthusiastically.
As the girls entered the Great Hall, the group تقسیم, الگ کریں up in three smaller groups as they made their way to their tables: On the far left was the Slytherin table, followed سے طرف کی the Hufflepuff one, then Ravenclaw's and finally on the far right, there was Gryffindor.
Ade, Celine and Amber directly went to take seats in the میز, جدول and continued talking about what classes they couldn't wait for. Albie and Laura however stayed behind talking to Ale. Suddenly Neal and Klaus bumped into them.
“Sorry” کہا Bee immediately, not even knowing who she was speaking to.
“Watch out” replied Neal Caffrey harshly.
“Excuse me?” کہا Bee shocked.
“I کہا watch out.”
Albie couldn't believe this guy's nerve. Normally she would have ignored this but there was something about him that triggered anger in her. Maybe it was the fact that it proved that there was only a few decent guys like Jackson on Earth.
“and آپ are rude.” she answered back. “I was only saying 'sorry' because I'm polite but clearly you're not familiar with this”
They stared at each other for a while. Suddenly Neal smirked.
“You know that you're cute when you're angry?” replied Neal
Albie was taken aback. She was yelling at him and he was flirting? This made her even angrier.
“What? Ugh.. Just shut up.” and with that she walked to her best friend Seth Cohen and sat اگلے to him.
While Neal was talking to Albie, Klaus was harassing Laura.
“Hey beautiful, how was your summer?”
“It was fine Klaus. Now leave me alone.” کہا Laura while rolling her eyes.

“It was fine Klaus. Now leave me alone.”

“Oh come on, I'm just doing small talk, what's the harm?” asked Klaus seductively.
“Okay” کہا Laura “My summer was great, how was yours?”
“See, I told آپ I don't bite.” smirked Klaus “As for my summer, I've spent all my time thinking about your lovely eyes.”
“Okay, that's enough” replied Laura and she started walking away from him.
“Oh come on love, don't be like that” shouted Klaus in the Great Hall.
آل, علیہ السّلام looked at her دوستوں angrily. “Seriously guys?! These are my friends, آپ can't talk to them like that. آپ know what? Just fuck off. I'll be with the ones who don't piss me off” And she walked towards her دوستوں Derek and Damon, whom were already at the Slytherin table.

Meanwhile, the Ravenclaw girls were reaching their table. Aline sat in front of Robb and Castiel and start talking about their summer. Moosh and Atie however set a bit far from Aline.
“Hey” started Moosh “Is everything okay Atie? آپ seemed a little off earlier...”
“Oh no. I'm fine” replied Atie while avoiding to look at her friend.
Moosh took her friend's hand. “You know آپ can tell me anything right?”
“I know. Okay. Promise me that آپ won't tell anyone.” کہا Atie suddenly.
“I promise.” کہا Moosh “What is it?” she started to worry.
“It's not a big deal. I just... like Damon Salvatore” کہا Atie quickly “and آپ know since کرن, رے and the girls doesn't like him all that much I...”
“Are آپ serious? Damon Salvatore?” interrupted Moosh loudly.
“Shhh, not so loud!” whispered Atie “Someone could hear you”
“Well, too late for that” کہا Alex Karev amusingly.
Both girls jumped out. Alex sat beside Moosh even though he's a Gryffindor.
“So آپ like Damon Salvatore huh?” asked Alex “Well he's okay. I mean for a Slytherin bloke” he added, shrugging his shoulders.
“Do آپ mind?” کہا Moosh with amusement.“I don't think Atie wants to talk to آپ about that.”
“Too bad because I wanted to talk to you” Alex winked and left in order to sit at his table.
The two girls look at each other in disbelief and then started laughing.

After every student was at the right table, the Headmistress Minerva McGonagall, started the usual speech about the new سال to come.
“I'm not really one for speeches and I'm certainly not as eccentric as other other headmasters in the past were” she کہا tenderly. “But before the first years' Sorting and our banquet, let me tell آپ that it is once again an honor to be at the head of this magnificent school. Work hard, stay out of trouble and آپ should be fine. Now let me introduce to all of you, your new professor of Defence Against the Dark Arts: Professor Sawyer Ford.”
As the professor stand up to wave to everyone, the students started to clap at the news. The girls however were مزید enthusiast than the boys. The fact that this new professor was a hottie had surely something to do with that.
As the first years' Sorting started, Robb was looking at his father Eddard Stark (but everyone called him Ned), who was seating at the High میز, جدول with the other professors. Ever since McGonagall had been chosen to be Headmistress, they had to find someone to teach the kids Transfiguration. Eddard was an animagus (he was a wolf) and a talented wizard so naturally, he was asked to fill the spot. Robb remembered how in his first سال he thought it was odd to see his father being a teacher but then after a while he became okay with that.

“So” Aline cleared her throat and therefore interrupting Robb's thoughts “I've wanted to ask you. Do آپ like Celine?”
“Is that so obvious?” asked Robb with a smile.
“Well... yeah” کہا Aline while breaking a smile.
“What about آپ though?”
Aline turned her head and caught Jess' stare. Noticing she saw him, he waved at her. Aline replied with a smile.
“What was that about with Isaac Lahey on the hill?” continued Robb
“Huh? Sorry I didn't hear your question” کہا Aline while nervously putting a lock of her hair behind her ears and tearing her eyes away from Jess, trying to focus on her friend.
“I was talking about آپ and Isaac. What did he کہا to آپ on that hill?”
“Oh. I don't know really. Something about my shoes... I guess he was just mocking me like I'm always raggedy یا something.” She then pointed to her hair “They are to blame”
“Oh come on. I'm sure he wasn't laughing at you” chuckled Robb. “and stop being so dramatic about your hair. It looks amazing. آپ know, some girls would kill to have your hair. Like they could scalp آپ and then wear it.” he joked.
“Eww. Gross” laughed Aline “Anyway let's eat!” she added while food started to appear out of nowhere and landed on the table.

At the same time, at the Gryffindor table, the girls were enjoying themselves. ہولی was talking to Margot about the new DADA teacher.
“He is so hot!” declared ہولی “The guys here look like little boys compared to him! I wouldn't mind if he gives me detention” smiled devilishly Holly
“Sure” sighed Margot as she was looking over her friend's shoulder.

"Ok, let's not get into sports talk. It always created conflict between us."

“What?” asked Holly
“Castiel” کہا Margot and ہولی understood immediately. “I mean come on” continued her friend “He barely talks to anyone. There's no way he's going to notice me”
ہولی knew her friend liked Castiel since the first دن she saw him. But he was a bit special. He always seemed to be in his own world. He usually sat with Robb and Aline at the Ravenclaw میز, جدول but didn't talk that much to them. ہولی turned around to look at him. She noticed آل, علیہ السّلام at the Slytherin میز, جدول though where she seemed really pissed.
“Oh آل, علیہ السّلام doesn't seem really happy over there” کہا ہولی to Margot. “Let's cheer her up.” She hoped this would distract her friend from thinking about Castiel.
She turned around again and noticed Derek looking strangely at her. Ignoring him, she started waving at آل, علیہ السّلام who was on the opposite side of the room. When آل, علیہ السّلام saw her friend, she smiled a little. She was really glad that she had the group. She started to wave back but then she noticed Toby Cavanaugh seating with his دوستوں Isaac and Clark. He was waving back at her.
She stopped immediately and glanced at him. He then understood that it wasn't meant for him and lowered his head so he could avoid her gaze.
Damon laughed at this. “Why are آپ دوستوں with these girls anyway?” he asked Ale.
“Shut up Damon.” snapped آل, علیہ السّلام “They are great okay? Better than آپ all. I hate how sometimes آپ can be an ass.” she sighed.
“Come on Alessandra! I was just asking” smirked Damon.
“Don't call me that. آپ know I don't like it” she answered “And stop making fun of my friends. I mean it. آپ don't even know them!”
“She's right Damon.” interrupted Derek “If you'll get to know the girls, آپ could even fancy one of them” He liked to tease Damon, it was like his hobby یا something.
“Haha. Very funny” replied Damon. He didn't understand why آل, علیہ السّلام liked to hang out with these girls. They were all dull for him. As he was thinking that, he spotted Atie at the Ravenclaw table. She was laughing with Moosh. “Well maybe not all of them” he thought.

Back at the Hufflepuff table, Bee was bored. None of her دوستوں were talking to her. Seth was eating as much as he could while Amber was staring at Jess longingly. She tried to talk to Celine earlier but her friend was staring at Stefan Salvatore who was seating with Bruce, Sam and Rachel at the Gryffindor table. Every once in a while Celine caught Robb's stare and she would blush and keep staring at her plate.
Bee couldn't talk to Ade as well because the latter was talking with Dan since the beginning of the feast. But she couldn't be mad at her friend because she shipped them so much. They weren't dating though because both were too shy to make the first move. She looked over Rachel's spot and saw her friend laughing with her friends. How she wanted to be there with her.

Rachel was indeed having a good time with her best friends: Sam and Stefan. They were telling her about the trip they had been on during the summer and were telling her some stupid jokes that they had prepared for the سال to come. She was sitting beside Bruce but she's didn't know what to say to him.
“This is stupid. Seriously. I should ask him something” thought Rachel “Pull yourself together damn it!”
“So” began Rachel, turning her head towards Bruce “How was your summer?”
“It was good.” Bruce replied while looking deeply into her eyes.
“Oh good. Hum... What did آپ do?” asked Rachel uncomfortably.
“Mostly reading but I traveled a little, mostly in Europe. What about آپ though?” He was really close to Rachel and she had trouble thinking because of that. She always had found him perfect. He was kind, smart, strong, always trying to defend people. And to not spoil anything, he was also really attractive.
“Wow that's amazing. Well, I mostly practiced Quidditch all summer long with the girls. آپ know, so we can win this year.”
“Well we're a better team this year, especially since I've convinced Sam to شامل میں the team. I'd say that this سال we have our chances.” replied Bruce, smiling.
Rachel loved his smile. Yet while she was staring at him, she was unsure about what to say to him. At this moment she noticed Clark a few meters away, looking right in her direction. When he noticed her gaze, he winked at her and turned his head back to his friends. Bruce seemed to notice their exchange because before Rachel could say anything, he had turned away from her and resumed his conversation with his friends. She stayed there, extremely confused, wondering what the hell just happened. Bruce continued to ignore her until the end of the feast.

After the feast, the girls waited each other in the corridor so they could say goodbye. Bee was so tired that she was leaning on Atie. All of them were longing for a rest well deserved.
“Okay everyone, time to go to bed.” announced ہولی and the girls started walking towards the different dormitories.
“Wait. Group hug” commanded Z “It's our ritual. We always do that on the first day, we can't skip it.”

“Guys, I've told آپ not to wait for me. I was with other students, it was totally fine.”

“She's right” added Ade. “Everyone gather around”
“God, how I hate this thing” sighed Rachel
“No, آپ don't” replied Aline, while sticking her tongue out. “You secretly love it”
All the girls hold on to each other in a big برداشت, ریچھ hug. After breaking it, Aline reminded them of another tradition.
“Guys, remember that tomorrow we'll throw our special slumber party سے طرف کی the lake, so get a lot of sleep tonight okay?” They used to do that every سال since they weren't in the same dormitories. Since it wasn't too cold at the beginning of the year, they usually did that at the end of the first دن of classes.
“Sure” replied Laura “See آپ tomorrow girls”
“Bye! Sleep tight” added Margot.
And at that the girls walked away towards their own dormitories.