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 "Before anyone could answer her question, they heard noises coming from the castle."
"Before anyone could answer her question, they heard noises coming from the castle."
Amber Brooks (Alexis Bledel)
Rachel Gilbert (Sophie Turner)
ہولی Rosebird (Emilia Clarke)
Moosh Monroe (Julianne Hough)
Celine Howard (Bethany Joy Lenz)
Margot Stevens (Ashley Benson)
آل, علیہ السّلام Roberts (Troian Bellisario)
Laura Summers (Zooey Deschanel)
Albie Tyler (Chyler Leigh)
Ade Matthews (Blake Lively)
Aline Johnson (Karen Gillan)
Atie Anderson (Leighton Meester)
Zoe Woods (Amanda Seyfried)
Nicolas Gordon (Topher Grace)


Jess Mariano (Milo Ventimiglia)
Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale)
Clark Kent (Henry Cavill)
Sawyer Ford (Josh Holloway)
Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin)
Alex Karev (Justin Chambers)
Robb Stark (Richard Madden)
Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley)
Castiel (Misha Collins)
Toby Cavanaugh (Keegan Allen)
Klaus Mikaelson (Joseph Morgan)
Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer)
Isaac Lahey (Aaron Johnson)
Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder)
Steve Rogers (Chris Evans)
Meg Masters (Rachel Miner)
Seth Cohen (Adam Brody)
Caroline Forbes (Candice Accola)
Lydia Martin (Holland Roden)
Emily تخت (Emily VanCamp)
Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki)
Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley)

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the مصنف of this story. The مصنف is in no way associated with the owners, creators, یا producers of any previously copyrighted material. No copyright infringement is intended.

Chapter 3 - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

“You've got to be kidding me” cried Aline
“Oh come on, did آپ really expect that boys wouldn't crash our party?” asked Moosh in disbelief.
“No. But I thought they would wait a little. We just got here” pouted Aline
“Anyway, who do آپ think it is?” asked Amber, intrigued.
“I don't know, I can't see” کہا Laura
“Me neither” added ہولی while trying to see into the darkness.
“It seems to be a large group” کہا Ade.
“And a loud one” chuckled Ale.
Indeed the boys were messing around and laughing loudly.
Suddenly they heard Sam's voice shouting “Guys, I've found them!” and the Gryffindors boys started running towards the girls.
“Hey there, lovely ladies” کہا Sam while seating near Laura and Moosh “How is it going? Oh سے طرف کی the way, کرن, رے invited us” he added, looking at Aline.
“The fu-” started Aline but she was interrupted سے طرف کی Sam who spoke once again “Well, she only invited me and Stefan, but I thought I could bring the other guys as well”
“Come on, we won't bite” کہا Clark with a smile.
“Fine” کہا Aline with an exasperated tone but آپ could see she was also amused “You guys are the worst” she added chuckling while Isaac sat اگلے to her, smiling.
At that, the other boys seated wherever they wanted. Bruce however, stand awkwardly behind Rachel.
“Can I talk to آپ somewhere private?” he asked. As he saw that she won't even turn her head to him, he added “Please?”
Rachel took a deep breath and stand up “Sure.”
They started walking towards the other side of the lake, where the Forbidden Forest was beginning.
Clark, who was previously seated اگلے to Rachel, watch them go away.

 "Well, it's basically just the dare part."
"Well, it's basically just the dare part."

“So. What were آپ doing?” asked Alex after everyone was seated.
“Playing Truth یا Dare” کہا Holly. “Do آپ want to join?”she asked with a devilish smirk.
“Okay” کہا Stefan.
“Your turn then” کہا ہولی “Truth یا dare?”
“Truth” کہا Stefan, he preferred to stick to security. He couldn't imagine what ہولی would have planned if he had chosen “dare”.
“Oh you're not funny.” complained ہولی “Anyway, tell us what you're looking for in a girl.”
“Hum. She has to be kind, compassionate, trustworthy, funny and hum... she has to like me I guess” he finished awkwardly as he looked briefly at Celine.
“Okay. Now Sam!” کہا Laura “Tell us about your first crush.”
“Oh that's not fair. I didn't choose!” he کہا loudly. Laura just glared at him “Fine” he continued “Her name was Rosalee Woodhouse and I was ten. She went to my school and we were kinda friends. When I told her I liked her, she run away from me and told her دوستوں that I was weird.”
“Oh poor Sammy” کہا Clark while trying not to laugh “She must have broke your heart.”
“She did” answered Sam while pretending to wipe a tear “My first heartbreak.”
“Clark's turn” کہا Moosh enthusiastically. “Truth یا dare?”
“Dare” he answered with a smile.
“You have to kiss one of the girls” intervened Holly. “But it doesn't have to be one that is seating with us right now” she added with a smirk.

Meanwhile Rachel and Bruce reached the rock zone of the lake. Bruce kept walking towards the rocks, while Rachel stopped سے طرف کی the water. He turned around to look at her.
“What do آپ want to talk about?” asked Rachel “I think we both have کہا what we wanted earlier” she added coldly.
“It's actually why I wanted to talk to you. I acted like a jerk and I'm sorry.” کہا Bruce honestly.
Rachel was a bit surprised سے طرف کی his apology but she was determined to not forgive him that easily.
“Why did آپ act like one then?”
“I honestly don't know.” sighed Bruce “I was having a bad day, I guess.”
“That doesn't make آپ the right to say those things”
“I know.”
“And that doesn't mean that I'll forgive آپ right away” she added
“I know.” he repeated with a sad expression.
“Good” کہا Rachel “Now let's go back to the group.” and she started walking back to the others.
“Wait!” cried Bruce while grabbing her hand so she would face him. “Are we... okay?” he asked while looking deeply into her eyes.
Rachel sighed and teared her eyes away from him. “Yeah. Now come on” she replied while pulling her hand out of his grip, and Bruce followed her.

“So what did I miss?” asked Rachel when they reached the group once again. She walked towards her گزشتہ spot, hoping she would be seating far away from Bruce. Luckily, Clark was occupying the space اگلے to her.
“We just continued the game” answered Z
“And it's Clark's turn” added Bee with a smile.
“Yeah, he has to kiss one of us” کہا Aline while smiling knowingly at her friend.
Rachel started blushing at her friend's hint. “Who did he choose?” she asked, wishing that she sounded casual.

 "But it doesn't have to be one that is seating with us right now"
"But it doesn't have to be one that is seating with us right now"

Before anyone could answer her question, they heard noises coming from the castle. This time, it was a even larger group of boys coming out of the school and towards the girls. Indeed the boys from Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff had decided to come at the same time.
“Oh boy” کہا Meg while realizing how many people were actually gathered now.
“Hey Bee, I was bored in the common room so I thought we could come here and see you” کہا Seth while pointing to himself and the two other Hufflepuffs, Dan Humphrey and Steve Rogers. “We know that we are not supposed to be here but-”
“No. It's fine.” کہا Bee “Join us. The مزید the merrier right?” she added with a smile.
“Well I thought that guys weren't invited” interrupted Jess while reaching the group as well.
“Actually, the boys crashed the party” answered Aline “so I کہا what the hell. It's much مزید fun this way, anyway” she smiled when she caught Isaac's gaze.
“I can see that” کہا Jess. When Aline noticed that he looked a bit angry, she tried to change the subject but unfortunately Atie spoke before her “Join us as well, it will be fun.”
Jess sat اگلے to Laura and started talking to her.
“Well I guess it's a bit pointless to continue the game. What should we do next?” asked Margot.
“We could do some challenge stuff” replied ہولی but Margot wasn't listening anymore as she started to talk to Castiel.
“Well, it's basically just the dare part” pointed out Moosh.
“Well it's the most fun part” smirked Alex.
“Yeah but we should start from the beginning so everyone is included” کہا Z while looking at Steve.
“Too bad, I actually liked mine” whispered Clark into Rachel's ear. This send shivers down to her spine.
“Let's start then” کہا Amber enthusiastically.

They played this game a while until they got bored of it. Now they were all chatting quietly and having fun. However some people isolated themselves a bit from the group.

Ade and Dan were sitting سے طرف کی the lake and quietly talking about the day's events.
“So what did آپ thought of the classes today?” he asked
“I actually liked the History of Magic class. I must be the only one – out of the girls, that likes it though” she said, chuckling a bit.
“It's not that bad, but a bit boring I guess” he added.
“The professors is a ghost, it can't get really exciting” she replied, laughing this time.
Dan didn't answered as he just stared at her in awe. He always thought, that she was beautiful when she was laughing.
Ade noticing that he was just staring at her, felt a bit uncomfortable.
“Stop staring at me” she کہا laughing still.
“Why?” he asked her “You're beautiful when you're laughing”
She started blushing at his تبصرہ “No, I'm not” she replied, lowering her head so he couldn't see that she was blushing.
“Trust me, آپ are.” he said, taking her hand in his.

 "You've got to be kidding me"
"You've got to be kidding me"

Meanwhile, everyone was still gathered around and having fun when suddenly, they heard once again noises coming from the castle.
“I'm guessing that must be the Slytherin boys” کہا Holly
Indeed she was right. Klaus, Damon, Derek and Neal were walking towards them with boxes in their arms but also with a fifth boy that nobody knew about.
“Hey, Ale. What's up?” asked Damon sitting in front of Atie.
“What are آپ doing here?” asked Ale, surprised. “You told me earlier that آپ didn't want to come. Not that I don't mind, you're here” she added happily.
“We changed our minds” کہا Neal while dropping his box on the ground and winking at her friend “We brought Butterbeer and some Muggle بیئر as well. So let's get this party started!”
“Wait. Who's that?”said Ale, pointing towards the fifth boy.
“It's the newest addition in our pack” کہا Derek “Everyone, this is Nicolas. Nic, this is almost every students in our year. Well the ones that matter anyway” he added.
“Hi, everyone! I'm Nicolas. I got transferred from Durmstrang, a school with only boys. Anyway, I hope آپ don't mind that I came as well” کہا Nicolas quickly.
“No problem. آپ can all sit down” کہا Celine, nicely.
At this point, there was a weird pause where anyone remained silent.
Suddenly Albie asked “Where's Aline anyway?”
“Hum. I think she went walking سے طرف کی the lake”replied Rachel.
“I'll get her” کہا Jess, standing up quickly before anyone could make a move.

Jess found Aline right سے طرف کی the lake, a bit further from everyone else. She was staring at the surface, thinking about her life and the future school year. It had started fine, and it was definitely an improvement that they were getting along with the Slytherins a bit better, but Aline still felt like there was something bad yet to happen.
Her thoughts were interrupted when Jess walked over to her from behind, causing her to turn to look at him quickly.
"Hey", she کہا awkwardly. "What's up?"
"Oh, we're just gonna start a new game and everyone wondered where آپ were", Jess کہا almost as awkwardly as he walked closer to her. Aline suddenly felt herself get alarmed. What was he doing?
"What are آپ doing?" she voiced her suspects as he stepped even closer.
"Nothing", Jess looked amused, suddenly. "You wanna know who I would have kissed, if it would have been my dare instead of Clark's?" he asked.
Aline raised her eyebrows. She had no idea where he was going with this.
"I don't know. Amber?"
Jess didn't give a reply, just leaned forwards and pulled her in for a kiss. It was light at first, the kiss, but soon both of them deepend the kiss, wrapping their arms around each other. And then it happened. An odd thought came to Aline's mind. What was she doing? Why was she doing this? She didn't even know Jess that well, and he was just a womanizer, anyway.
She pulled back, looking at him in confusion. "And what was that for?"
"What?" Jess asked, confused of her reaction. "What do you-"
"You don't even know me that well", Aline کہا in disbelief. "I'm.. Why? آپ know, Jess, I suggest آپ find someone who had enough time and interest to deal with your games", with that she walked back to the rest of the group, leaving Jess alone, shocked of the sudden rejection.

 "You have no idea."
"You have no idea."

Rachel and Celine were sitting سے طرف کی a rock, eating candy when Rachel spotted Stefan eyeing Celine.
"You should go talk to him", she کہا quietly. "Stefan."
Celine looked at her in surprise. "And since when do آپ give love advice?"
"I'm not giving آپ advice", Rachel کہا in annoyance. "I'm telling آپ to go and talk to him."
Celine smiled in amusement before standing up and walking over to Stefan, who was sitting اگلے to Robb of all people.
"Hey", she کہا casually as she sat down. She gave Robb a kind smile as well.
Robb, however, did not return it. He merely nodded and stood up, leaving Stefan and Celine alone.
Celine, unfortunately, didn't really realize why he had done what he did, so she just turned to look at Stefan.
"Hi", she said.
"Hey", he said. "Enjoying the slumber party?"
"Well, it was a lot مزید fun before all of آپ guys crashed it", Celine gave him a crooked smile.
Stefan smirked. "Yeah, sorry. But in all fairness, Rachel did invite us."
"Yeah, she always does that, invites some of you. And no one stops her because why not? مزید the merrier, right?"
Stefan nodded. "So, listen, on the first weekend when we are allowed to go to Hogsmeade, do آپ want to go with me?"
Celine looked at him in confusion. She had no idea why he was asking her, but she didn't mind at all.
"Yes, I'd love that."
"Brilliant", Stefan smiled.

A few feet away Robb was looking at them in sadness when Aline sat اگلے to him.
"Don't mind them, Celine will realize what's right in front of her soon enough", she کہا when she noticed his glare.
"Will she?" Robb asked in sarcasm. "You have too much faith in me, Aline."
"I think I have just enough of faith in you", Aline grabbed his hand and smiled. "You're a catch, Robb."
Robb snorted at this. "Oh my God, you're making me cry."
At this Aline hit him lightly on the arm.
Rachel was watching them a few feet away, playing with her long, red hair. She was tying it in a braid when Aline shouted over to her:
"Rachel, come tell Robb he's a catch."
Rachel snorted and stood up, walking over to the other two. "What, you?" she joked. "You're not a catch at all. No wonder Celine doesn't pay attention to you."
Aline glared at her angrily.
Robb looked at Rachel, unsure if she was lying یا not.
Rachel groaned, sitting down اگلے to him. "I was kidding", she کہا calmly. "Celine would be lucky to have you. Any girl would."
"And you're not saying that just because Aline is basically forcing you?" Robb asked.
Rachel glared at him angrily in turn. "I don't lie, Stark."
"That's true, she doesn't", Aline said.
"Fair enough", Robb smiled.
"It is very, very true. Honestly, you're too hot to even look at", Rachel کہا in a matter-of-fact tone.
At this both Aline and Robb laughed.

 "You should have just let me hit him. At least once"
"You should have just let me hit him. At least once"

Damon found Atie reading one of the schoolbooks they'd be reading that year.
"What are آپ doing with that?" he asked as he sat down. "It's the first week of school."
Atie looked at him in surprise. "Well, we were really supposed to read this stuff during the summer."
Damon rolled his eyes. "What's the point when we're gonna go through it all again once the سال starts?"
Atie snorted. "And that is why آپ came to talk to me? To lecture me about being too dedicated at school?"
Damon shook his head. "No, sorry. I just wanted to say that maybe I've been kind of wrong about آپ people."
"Well, Slytherins don't often get along with the other houses, mostly Gryffindors, but I think that it doesn't necessarily have to go for everyone."
Damon smiled at this and sat اگلے to her on the ground. "So, what are آپ reading?"

Nic was sitting اگلے to Moosh and Holly, drinking مکھن beer.
"So, Nic, are آپ one of those Slytherins who hate Gryffindors with a burning passion?" ہولی asked casually.
Nic snorted. "No. I think that's totally-"
"Stereotyping", Moosh said. "It's not like we're all like that."
"Yes", Nic smiled. "That's what I was gonna say."
ہولی nodded. "Yeah, well, hopefully things will start changing around now. You'd think that a war at Hogwarts would change things, but no."
Moosh nodded, remembering what she'd heard about the Battle of Hogwarts where Harry Potter killed Voldemort. "It's a messed up world."
Nic blinked, staring at the two girls. They weren't exactly the light of the party, were they?
He cleared his throat and stood up. "I think we should play Quidditch. The field is empty and I'm sure we can all play even though we're not all in the teams."
ہولی smirked. "That is an awesome idea! Let's tell the others!"

 "You have too much faith in me, Aline."
"You have too much faith in me, Aline."

Ten منٹ later they were walking to the Quidditch fields and Celine was shaking her head in disapprovement. "We're breaking into the lockerrooms."
"Sometimes آپ gotta break the rules", Rachel کہا as they walked. She saw Celine looking at Stefan, who was talking to his brother Damon a bit further away. Then she looked at Robb, who was walking with Aline.
"Robb is handsome", she said. And she meant it. She realized she wasn't even saying it to Celine. She was saying it to herself.
"What?" Celine asked in confusion.

"What about the ones of us who don't play Quidditch?" Nic asked as they reached the field.
"You can cheer", Damon smirked, and so they opened the doors to the lockerrooms and storage rooms and got the brooms.
"So, how do we do this?" Moosh asked. "Gryffindor and Ravenclaw versus Slytherin and Hufflepuff?"
"Sounds good to me", Laura said, getting on her broom.

 "You should go talk to him"
"You should go talk to him"

It had been half an گھنٹہ since the game started, and now those seated in the bleachers weren't paying attention to it anymore. Instead they were chatting and having fun.
"So, Nic", started ہولی “How is it like to be in a school with only guys?” she asked smirking
“Not like what you're implying” replied Nic laughing “But I have to say, it's nice to see girls other than during vacations. I usually prefer female friends”
“Hey, come on we're fun too” کہا Toby
“I reckon that Durmstrang boys are not very nice” کہا Bee.
“You have no idea.” replied Nic.
At this moment, Moosh stopped a Quaffle sent سے طرف کی Laura.
“Whooo! آپ go Moosh!” screamed Alex standing up from the bleachers. At that, Moosh winked at him before throwing the ball as far away as she could.
“You're such a cheer whore” کہا Aline smirking
“What can I say, my girl has some talent” smiled Alex
“Your girl huh?” کہا Holly, smirking now as well.
Realizing what he just said, Alex started blushing. Trying to hide his discomfort, he pointed at Celine and Stefan, seated a bit far from the group, and کہا “So, what are these lovebirds up to?”

At the end of the groups' row, Stefan was talking to Celine about his passion for writing.
“You know, this idea that anything can happen is just what I love the most about writing. آپ can be totally free because you're the one to put limits to your universe and آپ get to make all the decision. It's just so liberating آپ know like...”
As Celine looked at Stefan talking with such honesty and passion, she knew she felt something for him. She couldn't called this love yet, but she knew that somehow nothing could make her forget how she felt about him in this moment. Without even thinking about what she was doing, she hold his hand and smiled at him. Surprised, Stefan stopped talking and smiled back at her. They couldn't even hear the noises coming from the game anymore, the only thing that mattered was each other. As they were slowly leaning towards each other, a big noise echoed in the field.
At that, Celine and Stefan jumped and moved away from each other. Looking around they saw people screaming at each other on the field.

 "Join us. The مزید the merrier right?"
"Join us. The مزید the merrier right?"

“WHAT THE FUCK آپ THINK YOU'RE DOING?” screamed Klaus at Robb as he land on the field. “You had no right to come after me like that.” he added pointing his finger right at Robb's face.
“I didn't mean to. I just wasn't looking at where I was going.” replied angrily Robb. The truth is that he was what was happening between Celine and Stefan. Because of that he forgot for a moment where he was and bumped into Klaus' broom.
“Yeah, right.” کہا Klaus sarcastically.
Now, almost every player has landed on the field and was staring at the altercation in front of them.
“The truth is that آپ people never meant let us fit in your group” کہا angrily Klaus, clinching his fist. “So let's settle this right now.” he added, taking a step towards Robb as if he was prepared to hit him.
“Hey relax dude, okay?” intervened Isaac, pushing Klaus back. “He کہا he didn't do it on purpose, so back off.”
“I'm not your mate, got it?” کہا Klaus, pushing now Isaac too. “You don't get to tell me what to do!” he added raising his fist.
“THAT'S ENOUGH!” yelled Aline, as she interposed herself between Isaac, Robb and Klaus. At this point everyone was gathered in the field, whether wondering if they should شامل میں the fight یا just stare.
“Just stop okay?!” rolling her eyes she added “Let's just call it a night everyone.”
The guys were still looking at each other with angry glares and not moving one muscle. Seeing they would not give in to the other, Aline pushed Isaac away from Klaus.
A few منٹ later, the Slytherins boys were gone and everyone started walking towards the castle.
As they were reaching the entrance, Isaac walked over to Aline as they climb the stairs.
"You should have just let me hit him. At least once", he کہا through gritted teeth. "That's what they're always like, the Slytherins. They think they can just do and say whatever they want-"
"He was embarrased that Robb almost knocked him down", Aline said. "It's understandable."
"Understandable?" Isaac asked in disbelief.
"Oh, Isaac", Aline rolled her eyes. "You don't need to take this so seriously-"
"And آپ don't need to be such a damn peacemaker", with that he walked off, leaving Aline frustrated.
As the girls reached the main hall, they all wished each other good night and yearn for a few hours of sleep. After all, tomorrow was another day.
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