Leyton Family<3 ♡ and now the party continues ♡ QUOTES : which REMINDS آپ OF NIC THE MOST?

Pick one:
i'm one in a million
people are gonna label you, it's how u overcome those labels, that's what matters
that's what i'm afraid of, not being enough
i used to be a کتیا, کتيا just for the sake of being one ...
... but now i'm a کتیا, کتيا for the sake of my friends&family
i'm proud to be different, it's the best thing about me
it doesn't matter if they're whispering behind my back, they can't touch me
i'm basically an insecure, control freak on crack
i'm not very good at the advice, can i interest آپ in a sarcastic comment?
i'm fine, i have magic beans
i like my money where i can see it, hanging in my closet
shoping is my cardio
i don't mean to be a bitch, wait, yeah actually i do
i love آپ but i love me مزید
 marakii posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
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