Leyton Family<3 Spotify on shuffle + LPF member // Which song fits the member best?

Pick one:
Aline- Natural // Imagine Dragons
Amber- آپ Should See Me In A Crown // Billie Ellish
Atie- High Hopes // Panic! At The Disco
Bee- In My Blood // Shawn Mendes
Celine- Run To آپ // Lea Michele
Elle- Growing Pains // Alessia Cara
Fatemeh- Mona Lisa // Lil Wayne ft. Kendrick Lamar
Holly- Nothing Breaks Like A دل // Miley Cyrus
Ines- Without Me // Halsey
Jess- Happier // Bastille ft. Marshmello
Kir- Girls Like Girls // Hayley Kiyoko
Maria- Shallow // Lady Gaga ft. Bradley Cooper
Nic- Hallelujah // Panic! At The Disco
Rana- Thank U, اگلے // Ariana Grande
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