Leyton Family<3 Some of my "unpopular" opinions in several fandoms ; which do آپ agree with?

Pick one:
I prefer Harry over Hermione and Ron {Harry Potter}
I don't like Severus Snape (much) {Harry Potter}
I don't like Draco Malfoy {Harry Potter}
I ship Harry&Hermione {Harry Potter}
I prefer Harry&Ginny over Ron&Hermione {Harry Potter}
Donna Noble isn't my پسندیدہ companion {Doctor Who}
Chuck&Bryce is my پسندیدہ Chuck friendship
I love Stefan&Elena, not Damon&Elena {the Vampire Diaries}
Stefan Salvatore is my پسندیدہ character (in the show) {the Vampire Diaries}
I don't ship Caroline with Tyler {the Vampire Diaries}
Lucas Scott is my پسندیدہ character (in the show) {One درخت Hill}
Season 5 is one of my پسندیدہ seasons (in the show) {One درخت Hill}
Zack Addy is my پسندیدہ character (in the show)
Susan Mayer is my پسندیدہ desperate housewife {Desperate Housewives}
I prefer Logan&Rory over Jess&Rory {Gilmore Girls}
I don't agree with any!
 XxXrachellXxX posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
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