Okay, I like Brooke. She has substance and I think she's a great character. But that having been said, she is not the one for Lucas.
For starters, Lucas has always been in love with Peyton. Every سال his predictions were about her and he used to always say she deserved better than Nathan.
Also, even when Lucas was dating Brooke, he always had a thing for Peyton. That's pretty clear because how many ever times Brooke told him to stay away from her, he couldn't. If he really loved Brooke then he would have been able to let go of Peyton.
And yeah, Peyton screwed up the first time when she kissed Lucas and yeah she lied to Brooke about it but then they stopped. And she never did that again. The lying, I mean. The اگلے time she had feelings for Lucas she was completely up front about it and she apologized too. But Brooke was never honest with Peyton. She slept with Nathan and آپ can give me the whole "they were broken up" crap but everyone knows what she did was wrong. Even she knew. Why else would she have kept it a secret for 2 years? And yeah I guess it was because she was a کتیا, کتيا back then and now she's changed. But if she really did change and believed being honest would help then she could have told Peyton anytime after. And the only reason Peyton was so pissed about her and Nathan was because she was completely honest with Brooke and for that Brooke made her feel like crap.
Also, the whole time Lucas and Brooke were dating all she could do was doubt him. She made such a big deal out of little things and that was not fair to him. آپ didn't see Lucas constantly bringing the thing with Chris Keller up. When he کہا he let it go, he did. But Brooke never did.
She also put a lot of pressure on him after Keith died. I mean, Luke's uncle had just DIED and she managed to make it about her. She didn't understand that all he needed was space and she was completely suffocating him, which was not fair to him either.
In season 4, she broke up with him, so why should she care if he was hanging out with Peyton یا not? And yet, she was a total کتیا, کتيا about it.
She also told Lucas, at the end of season 3, that she was going through a lot. I'm sorry, but I really don't quite understand what she was talking about. It was Peyton who got shot, Luke's uncle who died, Lucas who has the دل condition and Peyton who has two dead moms. What was so painful and tough in Brooke's life then? She had a great boyfriend, great friends, a newly started clothing line and what did she have to complain about? Also, she made a big deal about Lucas walking out on the PARTY she threw for him after Keith died. A party. I get that she wanted it to be some sort of healing thing but seriously? If my uncle had just died then I wouldn't want to party either.
Brooke and Lucas were cute but Lucas and Peyton were always meant to be together.
Leyton all the way.