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posted by Heroine999
Yeah you.
Do آپ remember me?
آپ were the head surgent that ordered the other surgents not to operate on me because آپ found out i was transexual.I then died of a slow painful death.,
ارے you.
Your the president who banned homosexuality.I'm the dead body hanging from a rope from a tree.
ارے you.
Your the the one who bullied me.Who beat me up.Who verbally attacked me too.Why was the reason i commited suicide.
ارے you.
Your the priest who preached that i'm an abomination.And now i"m on the floor suffcating because آپ کہا i'm better off dead.
ارے you.
Do آپ remember who i once was?Now that i'm in the cold ground?
Do آپ know what آپ are now?
آپ are the devil.
posted by SouthParkSmart
Lately on Fanpop, I've been noticing a lot of people wondering if they are gay یا bisexual, in particular. They ask if certain behaviors یا feelings they have make them gay یا bi.

But really, asking other people to tell آپ whether یا not آپ are gay یا straight is nearly impossible. They can't be inside your head and go through what آپ do every day. It's up to آپ to figure that out on your own!

If that leaves آپ feeling overwhelmed, don't panic! Sexuality is an exciting and often confusing journey, only to be uncovered سے طرف کی you! If I've learned anything from going through years feeling straight,...
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posted by Heroine999
The قوس قزح is our symbol.Our flag.When showning it means lgbt.But what does it really mean?

The قوس قزح respresents our lives.Each color means something in our lives.

The bright colors represent the ups.Like our friends.They could be lgbt یا they're accepting of us.Or our family accept us for who we are.The colors also represent no discrimination.That there's no bullying like verbal یا physical attacks.

The dark colors represent our downs.There are very few dark colors the قوس قزح so downs can be rare.They represent verbal and physical attacks.Also respresent discrimination and no acceptense.And دوستوں and family disowning you.

Bright colors could not always be in our lives as well as dark colors.The colors might change very quickly یا they might change very slowly.The color might just stay at that stage for good.
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Short and sweet :3
anti homophobic
anti bullying
stand up
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