Wanna know a few things about the georgeous Liam ?

Here :

1) Liam first sang in public at the age of 5. ♥

2) Liam کہا if he could interview anyone it would be Usher ♥

3) ''I try to be cool but I'm not very good at it '' :) - Liam -

4) Liam has had a phobia of spoons for about 10 years

5) ''I'm an old fashioned romantic'' - Liam -

6) Liam gave a پرستار his number once.

7) Liam discribes his self as ''the clumsy one''

8) When Liam was younger he used to have to have 32 injections to stay alive.

9) Liam used to skip school to avoid being bullied سے طرف کی his classmates

10) Liam loves anything related to Disney.

11) Liam is the only one who calls Harry ''Hazza''

12) Liam likes neck kisses

13) Liam makes weird faces when make-up is being put on his face

14) He tried Nutella on a spoon when he was little and he vomited

15) Liam asked a girl out 22 times, each time she کہا no. When she did say yes, she dumped him the اگلے day

16) Hearing the X factor theme songs makes Liam nervous now.

17) Liam doesn't like when girls make the first move.

18) Liam use to straighten his hair every دن since he was 12.

19) Liam's پسندیدہ color is purple.

20) The youngest Liam would تاریخ is 14.